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How To Fix No Backlight Display Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

In this article post, Mobilintec Team will discuss the issue of damage no backlight display on Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime. Damage to this no backlight will usually cause symptoms such as LCD panels that do not produce images, light, or LCDs only white light.

No backlight in Samsung Galaxy 2 Prime can occur due to damage to components, LCD panels, phones affected by water spills, or incorrect phone use such as dropping the phone.

Damage to no backlight is quite common in the sharing of various smartphone devices. Surely if this happens it will interfere with your activities when using your mobile phone. This no backlight problem does not mean that the phone is severely damaged or the phone becomes completely dead. You can still hear the tone of the phone call, the notification voice of the incoming message, or email.

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However, since the phone screen cannot produce the display of images and light, it will be difficult for you to decorate the phone.

Some things can happen to a Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime smartphone that has an LCD backlight

  • White Display on screen
  • No Display on the LCD panel
  • Dim light on the Screen
  • No light on the screen

Here are 3 steps to fix no backlight display android Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime G532M/DS

Before repairing the no backlight damage, you can first change the LCD panel on the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime. This can ascertain whether the source of the damage came from the LCD or other parts of the phone.

1. Check the LCD pin connector
This can be done if there is corrosion in the LCD connector. Perform cleaning of the connector if there are corrosion and rust by using alcohol liquid. Also re-solder each connector pin so that it can reconnect normally to the motherboard board.

2. Take measurements on LED lights
You can take measurements on the LEDs located on the LCD. The appearance of no backlight damage can also be caused by LEDs on the LCD panel breaking or damaged. If you come across this, you will change the LED light.

3. Check paths and components
The diagram image that Mobilintec Team provides, can be a guide for you in doing damage analysis with no backlight. Perform voltage measurements as well as supporting components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, and also coils.

If there is damage to the component will certainly result in the voltage generated to turn on the LED on the LCD panel will be disturbed. Then immediately make repairs and component changes if there is damage.

That's 3 steps of damage repair that you can do on a Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime G532M/DS that experiences no backlight LCD display. Hopefully this phone repair information and tutorial can be useful. Thanks.