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Samsung Galaxy A01 A015F Test Point EDL Mode

In this article, Mobilintec Team will give you a tutorial on how to boot a Samsung Galaxy A01 A015F to download EDL Mode 9008 using a test point. This is especially important in the event of a soft brick or hard brick on a Samsung Galaxy A01 A015F smartphone.

If you are going to flash on the Android Samsung Galaxy A01 A015F should certainly be in the position of downloading Odin mode. But if the mobile device has a hard brick or soft brick, surely the phone can not go into the download mode menu.

So in this position, you need to do a test point step for the Samsung phone data to be detected to the PC or laptop.

If you have an android mobile device with Qualcomm chipset, it certainly comes with a download mode feature or EDL feature.

The EDL feature is an enabled feature on Qualcomm chipset-enabled phones, which is useful for unlocking devices, unlocking bootloaders, or modifying protected device parameters. However, not all Qualcomm-based devices can support this EDL feature.

It could be that when your phone is experiencing a brick or boot loop, but the bootloader has not been opened. Then in this condition can also be done test point method, so that the phone can be repaired and also reinstalled.

What does test point or EDL mode mean on a Samsung A01 A015F?

If you are a beginner in the world of mobile phone repair. Surely the term test point or EDL mode is a new term that exists to be known. Broadly the function of EDL mode is the emergency mode on a mobile phone. Generally, technically every Samsung smartphone does not come with an EDL mode. And if you are going to flash ROM on a phone then you will use download mode or Odin mode.

In addition, using EDL mode will have limitations on stock ROMs. You can only update your version and you can't downgrade your version on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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How to determine the test point of the EDL mode

1. Turn off the mobile device first.
2. Then open the back cover of the Samsung Galaxy A01 slowly, to avoid damage to other hardware.
3. Remove the battery connector, to keep it more secure when determining the test point pinout.
4. After you see the pinout point of the test point according to the image, you can connect the two test points with the jumper cable or tweezers.

Samsung Galaxy A01 A015F Test Point EDL Mode
5. Then connect your phone with a data file to your PC or laptop.
6. Notice if the Qualcomm 9008 driver is installed perfectly on the PC,
7. Then you can then reinstall with the latest ROM for Samsung Galaxy A01 A015F

Benefits of using Samsung A01 A015F EDL test point mode

  • Install ROM on Samsung A01 A015F.
  • Can do reinstall without an opening the bootloader. Open bootloader permissions are not required.
  • Recover a dead Samsung A015F or hard brick.
  • Able to install STOCK ROM easily, if the android smartphone device can not enter download mode or stuck in the Samsung logo only.
  • Can remove or bypass Samsung A01 A015F FRP Lock.

That's the information and tutorial to determine the pinout point test point EDL mode on a Samsung Galaxy A01 A015F smartphone. Of course, each pinout test point will vary in the layout on each mobile phone.

Then you need to find more information for each pinout test point EDL mode on all Qualcomm chipsets android phones. Thanks.