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Solution Oppo A37f Touchscreen Not Work

Reunite with Mobilitec Team, in this encounter, we will talk about the untouchable touchscreen damage on the Oppo A37f android smartphone.

Damage to the touch screen can be caused by various factors such as errors in usage, damage to components, or interference to the software system that makes the touchscreen on the phone not working and can not be touched.

If the touchscreen cannot be touched due to the phone falling and causing a rupture or cracking on the touch screen. Then the best solution, you can do a new touchscreen part change. And surely the problem will soon be resolved.

However, it will be different if the touchscreen on the android phone suddenly stops working and cannot be touched. Then you have to do more in-depth analysis and improvement.
Below Mobilintec Team will provide some repair steps on Oppo A37f android touchscreen untouchable. Check out the improvement steps below.

5 Step fix Oppo A37f touchscreen cannot touch 

1. Make changes to the touchscreen
If the touchscreen cannot function due to a rupture on the phone screen. Then you can make changes to the new part. Ruptures or cracks on the phone screen often occur, possibly due to a phone falling or being depressed by a heavy, hard object.

2. Remove the battery
detachable non-removable oppo a37f battery
Interference with the android phone's operating system can cause the phone to become freezes and untouchable at all on its touchscreen. For the repair step, you can try removing the Non-Removable battery on oppo A37f android. 

But before he let go of the Sim Card Tray and also the back cover of his Oppo phone. Then remove the battery socket and let stand for about 5 minutes, then plug it back in and turn the phone on and test its touchscreen function if it can run normally again.

3. Perform a hard reset or reinstall
When the touchscreen function on an Oppo A37f phone stops suddenly and cannot be touched. It will certainly make you confused, then for the step, you can do is to try to reset your phone or re-install it. Because this way it will restore the function of the phone back to the back. But in this way, it will sacrifice all your personal data on your phone to be deleted.

Repair touchscreen by checking internal components 

4. Check the LCD panel and touchscreen connector sockets
check and clean the connector socket oppo a37f
If the above 3 steps of improvement have not provided the best results. Then you have to check the condition of the mainboard as well as all connector sockets, especially on touchscreen connectors. This repair step can be done if the phone is exposed to water making the connector condition corrosive and rusty. 
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So to fix this you can clean the entire connector socket that has corrosion on the motherboard of the Oppo A37f android phone. Cleaning can be by using alcohol liquid and also brush to make the socket condition come back clean. In the event of a faulty connector pin re-solder so that the line is reconnected to the phone's PCB board.

5. Replace damaged or shorted components
Oppo A37f phones exposed to water can cause damage to internal components as well as components being shorted. This can certainly make the touch screen unable to work and also untouchable.

In the diagram image that Mobilintec Team provided below can be a guide for you in doing damage repair, the Oppo a37f touchscreen does not work. 
Solution Oppo A37f Touchscreen Not Work
Perform checks on components marked with the help of the Multimeter tool. If the measurement results show that the capacitor component is damaged, it is recommended to replace the capacitor component with a component of the same type and value.

After the component change, immediately re-assemble the phone to its original position and test the touchscreen. Is it able to function properly without any other obstacles?

Such information and tutorials repair android smartphone Oppo A37f touchscreen can not touch. Hopefully with this information can help you to solve the same damage to oppo Android phone that you have. Thanks.