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How To Repair Samsung J1 Mini SM-J105F No Backlight

How To Repair Samsung J1 Mini SM-J105F No Backlight

How To Repair Samsung J1 Mini SM-J105F No Backlight - Samsung Galaxy J1 mini SM-J105F Android phone is one of the most popular and widely used smartphones.

Moreover, this Samsung J1 mini phone is already supported with a 4G internet network, although for its specifications it has lagged far behind the current type of smartphone type.

Although it has specifications that are not classified as good, there are still many types of applications that can be supported by Samsung Galaxy J1 mini SM-J105F smartphones.

To install some social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp it looks like this Samsung J1 mini Android phone is still reliable.

However, this time the Mobilintec Team will not discuss the specifications of the J1 mini widely, but we will focus on the problem of the damage that often occurs on an Android smartphone.

Where this damage often occurs on Samsung J1 mini SM-J105F smartphones, and the damage is not light display or no backlight.

Usually, this damage will cause the display on the phone screen to be white with no pictures or absolutely no display as well as a dead phone.

However, you can still listen to the ringtones of incoming phone calls as well as notification tones from messages or chats.

However, because the LCD on the phone does not display the menu, it will be very difficult to operate the Samsung Galaxy J1 mini phone normally.

To analyze the damage to the Samsung J1 mini SM-J105F no backlight or not light display, it is necessary to do some repair steps, the following Mobilintec Team will share it with you.

How to fix Samsung J1 mini SM-J105F No Backlight

1. Check the LCD socket

As a first step, you can check the LCD socket on Samsung j1 mini Android phone.

The occurrence of no display light damage on the LCD of the phone can also be caused by corrosion in the LCD socket. then try to check and clean the LCD socket.

If corrosion occurs on the LCD socket connector pin located on the mainboard, then re-solder on the part so that each connector pin is reconnected properly.

2. Replace LCD Screen

If it turns out that the condition of the LCD socket is fine, then for the next step can try to change the LCD screen on a Samsung Galaxy J1 mini phone.

Damage to Samsung J1 mini SM-J105F no backlight can be caused by the phone falling or falling heavily, causing damage to the LCD Panel.

You can try replacing the LCD with a new part and test its functionality. If the LCD display screen returns to normal then the phone can be assembled back to its original position and ready to use.

However, if the Samsung J1 mini SM-J105F still does not display the image on the LCD panel, further checks are needed.

3. Replace Components And Check The Path In PCB

To assist you in analyzing damage no display, blank LCD, or not backlight on Samsung Galaxy J1 mini smartphones, make Mobilintec Team will provide a diagram image as a guide.

Take measurements on each component and make sure all voltages generated by the components match those in the diagram image.

Way To Fix Samsung J1 Mini SM-J105F No Backlight

Measurements are done on the position of the phone, not in the sleep mode position, you can turn on the phone first in order to get accurate measurement results.

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If there are components that are damaged then immediately make a change with the same type of component.

You can also just remove capacitor components that do not produce voltage. And this way usually works to overcome damage to blank LCD, no display or no backlight on Samsung Galaxy J1 mini SM-J105F phones.

Such is the information and tutorials to repair damage to Android smartphones Samsung J1 mini SM-J105F no backlight or blank LCD. Hopefully, this way can be useful.