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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime Speaker Not Ringing

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime Speaker Not Ringing

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime speaker not ringing - One of the most widely used Android smartphones and including Android phones that are quite popular in the market is the Samsung galaxy j2 Prime.

With a fairly affordable price and good specifications, it can be one of the choices for those of you who are looking for a mobile phone to support daily activities.

With a screen size of 5 inches, using an internal memory capacity of 8GB and a ram of 1.5 GB it looks like this Samsung galaxy j2 Prime smartphone can run several applications such as WhatsApp Facebook, Instagram, games, and also other supporting applications.

But there is often a damage problem experienced by Samsung J2 Prime SM-G532 smartphones where the buzzer speakers do not work or do not emit ringtones.

Of course, if this happens, it can be troublesome for you when using your phone. Any incoming phone calls or messages or chat notifications can't be heard by you.

Besides, when going to listen to music, watch videos, and also play games buzzer speaker sound is also not audible, it seems quite annoying if this damaging problem occurs on your Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime smartphone.

Some causes of damage Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime not working

  • Incorrect audio profile settings
  • Software errors
  • Damage to buzzer speakers
  • There is damage to components and lines on the mainboard on the mobile phone

After knowing some of the causes of damage to Samsung j2 Prime buzzer speakers, then you can simply do analysis or repair steps first.

Here Mobilintec Team will provide some repair solutions from damaged buzzer speakers not ringing on Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime. See the explanation below.

4 Ways to fix Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime speaker buzzer not ringing

1. Make settings on the audio profile

Make settings on the audio profile

As explained above, one of the causes of the absence of sound on Samsung J2 Prime speakers could be due to an error in the audio settings.

You can check the audio profile settings on your Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532 smartphone. Make sure the level for ringing volume, notifications, and media sounds is not at a low level.

2. Hard reset or reinstall

If the audio profile settings are not the cause of the buzzer speakers not ringing, there could be problems with the software contained on Samsung Android smartphones.

You can overcome the damage of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime speaker not ringing by doing a hard reset. This can restore all the functions and settings on the phone back to its original position.

To access the hard reset feature can be found in the phone's settings menu, and be sure to back up your important files and documents to a memory card or flash drive before performing a hard reset.

Similar to hard reset, you can also wipe data on a Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime phone to fix a software error that causes loss of buzzer speaker sound. For how to wipe the data of Samsung Galaxy smartphones you can check the following article.

The next step is flashing, this way you can do to fix the overall software error on Samsung Android smartphones.

This flashing method can also be used to upgrade the version on your Samsung Android smartphone.

For the necessary tools specify a PC or laptop computer, USB data cable and for supporting software you can use Odin and also the latest firmware or stock ROM for Samsung galaxy j2 Prime.

3. Replace buzzer speakers

If the sound of speakers on Samsung galaxy j2 Prime phones remains problematic, then you can check the hardware parts such as buzzer speakers.

To perform the inspection a Multimeter tool is required to ascertain the condition of the buzzer speaker. If the measurement results show a poor result of the buzzer speaker, then the best step is to change the buzzer speaker.

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4. Check speaker components and paths

Fix Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime Speaker No Sound
Image Source: LAY NI

For the fourth step, you can check the components and path on the mainboard of the Samsung galaxy j2 Prime phone.

To assist you, below is a diagram image of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532 mainboard. You can take measurements on the supporting parts so that the buzzer speakers produce sound.

In the event of damage to the component, it is recommended to immediately replace the components of the same type and value.

If there is a path that has corrosion or rust, then the corrective step is to do the path jumper method. This can restore the track condition on the phone's mainboard back to normal.

Those are 4 ways you can fix the damage of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532 speaker not ringing. It's a good idea to analyze and repair in a simple way first before stepping into a more detailed way of repair. Hopefully, this information can be useful for all of you. Thank you.