3 Step Repair PS3 Stick Analog Controller


Repair PS3 stick Analog Controller – Console PlayStation that is PS3 still many interests until now.
And the latest version of the PlayStation console is PS4 is already a lot of the reviewer.

But the Playstation 3 is still there is a fan of his fans, Especially many users who love the ball games and in PS3 console. When we play the game on a PlayStation console is definitely needed a stick controller that can activate all sorts of commands from the game we are playing.

What happens when the stick we use has damage or some Buttons and also analog is not functioning properly. Certainly, it would be difficult to match the games that are in the PS3 console.

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Its common damage often occurs on buttons and analog controllers as mobilizers. Mobilintec Team will share a tutorial on how to repair and change Playstation3 analog sticks.

And surely you can make repairs yourself without having to bring to the place of service, and it can save costs. 

The step can be done for repair PS3 stick Analog Controller:


3 Step Repair PS3 Stick Analog Controller

As a first step can open the stick controller’s lid, remove all attached bolts and gently open the cover. Remove the bolt attached to the board of the controller PCB.

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After it lifts the PCB and observes whether there is damage to the analog stick.


3 Step Repair PS3 Stick Analog Controller

Step in the knee tries to do the examination on the left and right analog.

Usually, there are dirt and dust that accumulate, try to do cleaning, after the net you can shed a little oil on the PS3 analog stick as a lubricant.

Once done you can try to test the stick by playing one of the games on the PS3 console by using the stick.

Whether the condition returns to normal or still problematic.

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3 Step Repair PS3 Stick Analog Controller

3 Step Repair PS3 Stick Analog Controller

If after doing the cleaning on the analog stick but the condition remains no change. Then the best step is to make an analog change controller stick. This way then the problem of damage to the controller will be resolved immediately.

Thus the way and solution repairs damage to the PS3 controller’s analog stick and his usual damage is often the case. And the best way indeed by way of replacing analog parts on the PS3 stick.

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