Make Money Online | 5 Best & Easy Ways To Earn Online With Facebook


Make Money Online  5 Best & Easy Ways To Earn Online With Facebook

Best & Easy Ways To Earn Online With Facebook – Today Facebook is a very strong way of social networking communication platform and has over 2 Billion active users worldwide and these numbers increasing day by day. So Facebook is a very strong platform to make money online.

Facebook is a very strong platform to connect with your family, relatives, and friends and provides an excellent opportunity to earn money online through various direct and indirect ways.

There are various ways to earn money from Facebook. Around 2.2 Billion people have accounts on Facebook. So it is a huge platform to get the attention of the audience.

There are many ways to earn money from Facebook but here are listed below the most popular 5 ways to earn money from it.

1. Facebook Page & Monetization

Facebook Monetization is a very effective way to reach millions of people and get the attention of audiences all over worldwide. Similar to youtube facebook has also launched its Video monetization service. Now you can create videos and upload them on your Facebook page.

As per Facebook monetization policy first, you need to create a Facebook page and then upload your videos on it. Today Digital marketing is a huge industry and almost 85 percent of companies believe in video marketing instead of content marketing. Without video marketing, you cannot expand your business in an effective way worldwide.

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You can choose an intended niche topic and create 5 to 15 minutes of the video very easily with various applications available on android and iOS platforms or on PC.

As per your video views and popularity, you can monetize your Facebook page and Facebook embeds advertisements on it. After publishing ads and as per views you can earn money.

According to Facebook monetization policy, your Facebook page must have 10000 followers and last 60 days 30000 views. In this way, you can earn a huge amount of money by uploading videos on your Facebook page.

2. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is another free service provided by Facebook. This platform allows you to list various products and services. In this way, you can promote your business products & services here and reach millions and billions of peoples in one go.

Facebook Marketplace provides many features to users to make it convenient and easy to use like the location-wise product/ service listing, Notifications feature, products catalog feature, Products Category Wise Listing, etc.

3. Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to earn money nowadays and there are many big affiliate e-commerce businesses available online. In this concept, you need to promote various products, brands, and services on your own platform and you can earn money on a commission base.

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Facebook pages and groups are the best way to promote affiliate products and services. There are many popular affiliate e-commerce and another platform available, some of them are amazon, Flipkart, e-bay, Domain & hosting sites, etc.

In this way you can promote various online business product and services through affiliate program on your Facebook page or group and earn a huge amount of money.

4. Facebook Accounts Management/ Facebook Marketing

If you have deeply knowledge about facebook page Creation, FB Page management, Facebook Account management, and Facebook ad management, then you can showcase your skill by providing these services and earn a huge amount of money on a contract/ Hourly basis or monthly basis.

Today almost all businesses/ companies from small to a big levels, have Facebook professional accounts to promote their products and services. These companies required to manage Facebook accounts through day-to-day business activities like adding, deleting or updating products/ services, Facebook page design, customer comment, and feedback handling, adding new offers, running Facebook ads, etc.

There are many freelancing websites available like fiverr and upwork. You can approach here for your services and can get good clients. Also, you can approach me personally by sending an e mail. In this way you can provide facebook management and marketing services and earn huge amount of money as per your expertise and experience level.

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5. Facebook Group/ Influencer Marketing on Facebook

Facebook group is another way to get the engagement of millions of people. You can create your own group and engage people or can join existing groups which get attention of your products between people of group. In this way, you can promote and sell products. You can also earn here by affiliate marketing.

You can also become an influencer and make money. In this concept first, you need to choose a topic/ niche and post all relevant useful content and videos to the group audience. Build a fan-following network and regular engagement here. After that, you can run paid promotions and Sponsored ads here.

In this way as an influencer you can build your fan following network and gain trust of your followers. you can get engagement and attention of your followers. So you can earn huge money through paid promotions, sponsorship ads, branding etc.

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