6 Best Guitar Tuner Options You Must Have


6 Best Guitar Tuner Options You Must Have

Best Guitar Tuner Options You Must Have – Playing the guitar requires not only extensive skills and knowledge of musical techniques. One of the important things to prepare is to tune the guitar strings accurately to produce a melodious and good tone.

Therefore, both professional and novice guitarists need a good guitar tuner. If you are interested in buying this product, you should first look at the various options available in the market. Here are the 10 best guitar tuners that Mobilintec Team has summarized to be a reference for you.

6 Best guitar tuners that can be a recommendation for you

1. Cherub Bass Guitar Tuner WST-711

1. Cherub Tuner Gitar Bass WST-71 productnation

Made from quality materials specially designed for guitar and bass. The design is perfect for rockers because it has a skull shape on the casing and a glossy finish. The indicator light is a fairly clear two-color LED. The tuner is equipped with state-of-the-art software that provides real-time setup support with a response time of 30 ms. Practical and easy to set up.

2. Joyo JT-01

Joyo JT-01 Guitar tuner

Although cheap, accuracy and sensitivity, as well as a range tuner weighing 18 grams, are still guaranteed. It has a range of 0A(27.5Hz)-8C(4186.01Hz), frequency 440 Hz, and tolerance +/-1 cent. The body can be rotated 360 degrees to make it easier to see the screen from a variety of angles. In addition to guitar, you can also use it for tuning bass strings, violin, C, and D sound ukulele.

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3. Rowin LT – 910

Rowin LT - 910 guitar tuner

It is a pedal-shaped chromatic tuner for acoustic, electric, and bass guitars. The bright LED screen helps you easily read tuning information in both dark and light places. Inside there is a bypass circuit to pass the signal from IN to OUT. This product is durable and durable because it is protected by a metal case. It has a tuning range ranging from 12 Hz-4186 Hz(C8) with a DC voltage of 9V.

4. Aroma AT-01A

Aroma AT-01A Guitar Tuner

Aroma’s tuner is equipped with clip clips that make it easier to fit on the guitar steadily. Can be used for guitar, bass, violin, and other musical instruments. To monitor sound conditions, simply look at the small LCD screen that is available and can be rotated up to 360 degrees. Powered by a CR2032 battery to perform a 440 Hz pitch range function and tuning accuracy of approximately ±0.5 cents.

5. D’Addario Planet Waves NS Micro Soundhole

D'Addario Planet Waves NS Micro Soundhole guitar tuner

The tuner with a wave range of 435-445 Hz has a very small size compared to other products, only as big as a thumb. Appropriately used for a variety of acoustic instruments such as ukulele and guitar. Tuning information is presented in a variety of colors on the screen so that it is not monotonous and clearly visible. The clip is very safe because it is softly designed so it does not damage the surface of the guitar.

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6. Nux PT6

Nux PT6 guitar tuner

If you’re performing and playing in a band, then the petal-type tuner is right to use because it won’t interfere with the look of the guitar and can look cool at the same time. To use it, all you have to do is insert a jack cable into the guitar. Nux PT6 features LED display, True Bypass, Chromatic, and Flat Tuning Mode. To save battery, this tuner will turn off automatically if it does not get a signal for 5 minutes.

How to Choose the Best Guitar Tuner?


The first step is to adjust the tuner compatibility with the musical instrument you are using. Products with jack plugs can be selected to accurately adjust electric guitar strings without the influence of ambient sound. Tuners that can be used for guitar, bass, violin, and ukulele are worth choosing if you play more than one instrument.

Tuner type

The second step is to determine the tuner type. Tuners are produced in clip-on, pedal, and polyphonic forms. The clip-on tuner is easy to use and space-saving but interferes with the look of the guitar. If you want to use it while performing, the pedal or handheld tuner can be chosen because it is separate from the guitar. Although sophisticated and usually equipped with more features, the price pedal tuners and handhelds are relatively expensive.

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The tuner feature should also be considered for ease of use. Choose a tuner with state-of-the-art LED technology that can be adjusted in brightness so you can see tuning indicators and information in both bright and dark settings, even from a distance.

In addition, there is also a tuner equipped with an automatic power saver for extra functions as a metronome. Of course, there are many other interesting features offered, the more expensive it will be. Therefore, determine the right features as needed.


Specify the dimensions of the tuner to make it easier to store. The clip-on tuner saves space because it is relatively smaller in size than other types. However, it can be difficult to find if lost. What’s more, a rough clip can damage the surface of the guitar when clamped for too long. Another option is a pedal tuner and a handheld that measures about 10 cm. Although it’s large and relatively heavy, you’ll get a big screen so it’s easy to see.


In choosing a tuner you need to consider its compatibility, type, features, and dimensions. The types of guitar tuners available are clip-on, pedals, and handhelds, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. Simply adjust it to your needs and type of activities to help get the appropriate guitar tuner.

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