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How to fix no speaker sound on Android phones

9 Steps To Fix No Speaker Sound On Android Phone

How to fix no speaker sound on android phones – Mobile phones do not produce the sound speaker that will disturb users of mobile phones or Android smartphones.

Because of the notification sound, the ringing tone is a phone or sound from other media such as music and YouTube videos will not come out, as if the voice of the phone disappears suddenly. Many matter the source cause smartphone speakerphones not to produce sound.

Nevertheless, phone speakers are not sound and can also happen for all types of smartphone Android smartphones such as Oppo, Vivo, Realme, Asus Zenfone, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Sony Xperia, Samsung, and many other types of phones.

Then how to move and how tackle the phone that does not sound in the different types of Android smartphones?

Why can there be no sound speaker on the phone?

There are a variety of reasons why mobile loudspeakers do not produce sound. But there are basically two causes in general, which are the problem in the application as well as the hardware. As well as the common ones are:

1. The phone is in silent mode

Phone sounds do not sound can be caused by the volume settings set in silent mode. Whether it’s deliberate or not, but for this, you should check it first. It can be a volume button to amplify the sound of the volume damaged.

2. Bug System

Stacking cache files, installing certain applications, or root failures on an Android smartphone can cause problems with the system.

3. The phone is in Headset mode

This situation occurs when you have removed the headset but the headset icon still pops up on the phone screen. Impact: The system on the phone thinks it is still connected in headset mode so the sound does not exit the speaker.

4. Bluetooth still active

Generally, after listening to music from an Android phone through Bluetooth speakers, we often do not remember to disable the Bluetoothnya. In effect, the phone will not produce sound in the speaker as it is still connected in Bluetooth mode.

5. Damage to internal components of your phone

Component damage can be derived from the audio IC or component line as well as the Speaker buzzer. Basically, the sound triggers of the lost phone are tied up due to damage to the application or hardware. But not forever damage Sura phone that is lost in leave damage on its hardware components.

How To Fix No Speaker Sound On Android Phone


The phone Volume is lowered until the smallest setting definitely makes the sound from the phone’s speakers unheard. Not only does it enable silent mode to make smartphone calls in every phone call and incoming message notifications. The first step you should try is to check the state of the volume settings on your Android smartphone.

Here are 3 ways you can adjust the sound volume on your Android phone:

In the first step, use the Volume key and press the volume up button to raise the sound of your phone ringtone that does not sound.

Step two, adjust the volume through the phone screen. Swipe the screen of your Android phone from the bottom/towards the top, (this depends on the type of phone you have) and then set the HP volume in the settings and usually have an image of a speaker icon.

Step three, enter the ringtone and Notification settings menu on your phone:

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1. Enter the Settings menu

2. Look for sound and vibration options

3. Then slide the volume level so that the sound continues to control the volume of the phone via sound and vibration settings above the bias and also for the alternates to exit the silent mode.

Not only that on smartphone Android phone operating system type 8. 1 and older, but muted phones with “Do Not Disturb” mode can also make the phone sound disappear.


One of the triggers of the Android smartphone does not sound out because there are bugs in the Android system. Definitely like the layman will definitely be confused, what is the bug on the Android system? Why can the Android phone be attacked by bugs?

In essence, the bug is a mistake or a defect in the system that can cause the system to run unreasonably much less so that it cannot be used.

The phone’s sound is lost or unheard of unexpectedly so one example crashes on the app because of a bug in the Android system.

The first step that is very easy to eliminate errors in Android is to restart your Android phone.

The steps to restart the correct phone are as follows:

  • First, switch off the Android smartphone that again faces the problem of the sound disappears or not being heard suddenly.
  • After that unplug the SIM card, external memory Micro SD and battery. Let the phone in such conditions be about 5 to 10 minutes for all the voltage that the motherboard can disappear.
  • Then re-pair the SIM card, SD card, and battery and turn on the Android phone.

Removing the battery will help Android features in resetting the application that error.


What does the cache partition mean in Android smartphones?

The system partition Cache is where the system files are placed, whereas the main (System update) is generally located in the directory and is separate from the application cache.

The unloading of expired files will surely result in the emergence of bugs or problems with damage to the phone system that causes some parts of the phone to not function.

For example, the speaker’s sound does not exist. Clearing the system partition cache through recovery mode can be the solution to overcome such damage.

How to delete cache on an Android phone is as follows:

  • Start off with an Android phone
  • After that go into Recovery mode by pressing the Volume UP + Volume Down + Power keys simultaneously (each type of Android phone has a different method)
  • After successfully getting into recovery mode use the volume up/volume down like navigation
  • Then press the power button as well as the selection Wipe Cache Partition and confirm
  • After that wait until the system partition cache overall erased
  • When it expires, re-use the volume up or down keys to navigate and select reboot the system

The question is, does wipe cache partition can cause deleted data on an Android phone?

He replied: “Doing the cache deletion will not eliminate important data on Android phones”.

Because wipe cache partition just deletes the file cache Android only, different from wipe data/hard reset that removes all information contained in Android features. 

But if this step has not been able to cope with the phone there is no ringtone sound, then it can try the next step.


If you do not activate the feature “Allow notification ” must be notifications such as SMS, WhatsApp, or IG not to sound.

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Why can it happen?

Because after the phone is turned off, notifications from the app will not be displayed, and also when the phone is in a cursed state.

So if you want to activate WhatsApp notification tone or another type of application, then the steps can be done as follows:

  • Early in the Phone Settings menu, notification and Status bar
  • Then manage notifications
  • Then find the menu that you want to activate the ringing tone, e.g. WhatsApp
  • After that enable “Allow notification ” along with other sub-notification items

With that step indirectly you just tackle the problem of notification of no sound on an Android phone.


In fact, not only the Mobilintec Team that is facing the problem of the appearance of the headset logo that continuously arises and does not want to disappear intertwined on Xiaomi Redmi 4A smartphone phones. 

The appearance of the headset image logo on the screen makes the phone have no sound on the speaker even though the volume settings have been optimized.

This is because the Android feature system is detecting the phone in headset mode so that the sound cannot be left through the phone’s speaker buzzer. 

Make a wipe the headset logo on the Xiaomi Redmi, we need to implement:

1. Turn off your Android phone first

2. Blow up the audio jack Port and try to wipe it using a Cotton bud

3. When there are water deposits in the headphone jack hole, then it can dry the phone in a warm place in a few minutes.

But if the method has not been able to cope with the Xiaomi phone there is no sound because there is a headset logo on the screen, try to download the Sound About app. The app is so alternative for correcting phone speakers when there is no sound. How to use the Sound About App check here.


Less recall does not turn off the Bluetooth feature after you have the music connected to the active speaker, it can also make the sound not out of your phone’s speaker.

Why can it happen?

Because the smartphone that has been connected to the speaker is active via Bluetooth, all sound from the ringtone, and message notification tones until the music is out through the active speaker. 

Make it try turning off your phone’s Bluetooth first in the following ways:

  • Login Settings
  • Find the Bluetooth menu
  • Tap Create to disable Bluetooth

Or via Android’s home screen, with the following steps:

  • Wipe the smartphone phone screen up/down (every Android phone different way)
  • Tap “Bluetooth ” and Make it Off
  • If the phone sound is still not out even if Bluetooth is turned off, try to make it into the volume settings.

In some of the problems experienced by mobile users, the trigger does not include sound after connecting the HP to the active speaker using the cable Jack 3.5 often causes damage to the internal components such as the audio IC.

Briefly occurs on a Samsung Galaxy phone, the characteristics of the Audio headset IC malfunction are marked with:

  • If you enter the ringtone settings, the color of the media icon will change so the orange color is set at the highest volume.
  • The phone does not have a sound to play videos or music.
  • When used for a phone, the caller’s voice is not heard when not in the many and also on the ear speaker.
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If this has happened, then the best step is to replace the damaged IC audio headset.


If you have a hobby of installing Android apps out of the Play Store, you need to fix or uninstall the apps that are on your current phone.

Applications that you download outside the Google store are vulnerable to viruses Viruses can damage the phone software that has an effect on the phone and can not sound, and it’s one of its damage.

Well if your phone sound disappears because it has such a hobby, immediately check for unusual applications on your phone then delete the application with the following method:

1. Go to Android smartphone settings

2. Find the App Management menu

3. Observe the entire application, then delete the app that you felt suspicious of or the app you last installed on your phone

4. Next step restart the phone

5. After the restart process is complete, check if the phone can produce sound.


Custom ROM is sure to make the beautiful look of the phone we have. However, the use of a ROM that does not fit causes new problems. As with any malfunction or sound problem, the speaker is not audible. Some of the consequences of doing costume ROMS include:

  • The sound does not come out, be it the main speaker, earpiece, or headphones.
  • Cannot record video.
  • When you open the sound settings, there is often an error.

Restore the phone condition by reinstalling the recovery mode using the StockROM original, the best step to solve the problem.


Often the trigger of a damaged phone with no sound speaker is caused by components or parts of smartphone phones facing obstacles, and overfilling dust.

But before doing the component, check first again to justify whether the phone speaker is damaged. You can check the damaged phone speaker status with the following methods:

Try using Create a call

1. Try using your phone to carry out a phone call to another number

2. After that, close the sensor at the top of the phone screen by hand

3. If your smartphone’s phone screen becomes dark and the phone sounds disappear it means destruction is on the speakers

Open Voice Recorder app

1. Log in to the voice recording app

2. Live Sound Recordings

3. Check the recorded results

If the sound does not arise can be confirmed damage contained in the microphone or speakerphone

Secret codes to check speaker conditions

  • For the Samsung Galaxy smartphone press * #0 * #
  • For Sony Xperia phones press * # * #7378423 # * # * (Create type above KitKat 4. 4.2 This code can sometimes not be used)
  • For Asus Zenfone smartphones enter the calculator app and press 12345 + =

By implementing the check with the secret code above, we can recognize the source of damage found on the speakers or audio IC. But once you recognize that the start of the sound triggers the speaker does not come out, it would be better to bring it to the service center for the replacement part.

At the very least, you have identified the source of the problem so it can estimate the cost of mobile phone speaker service payment by looking at how much the speaker part of the phone through an online store.

The step to fix phone damage is that there is no sound speaker. You may have other ways you can share through the comments field. Thanks.

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