Apple Will Make a Charger With Gallium Nitride Technology


Apple Will Make a Charger With Gallium Nitride Technology

Charger With Gallium Nitride Technology – Apple is rumored to be using new charger technology in 2021.

Navitas Semiconductor is rumored to receive a charger production order from Apple using gallium nitride technology aka GaN.

MakeMac quotes from MacRumors, TSMC will supply GaN chips for Navitas Semiconductor as a form of cooperation.

The GaN technology that Apple will use is said to focus on chargers aka Power Adapters with USB-C connectors.

With this technology, Apple can make chargers with a smaller size, lighter, and more efficient power.

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In addition, chargers with GaN technology also emit less heat conduction when compared to silicon-tech chargers currently used by Apple.

GaN technology itself has actually been used by several brands of third-party chargers since a few years ago, including Anker and Belkin, who have embedded GaN in their USB-C charger accessories.

It’s worth waiting to see if gan technology can make the charger smaller, and whether Apple will give the charger back in the iPhone sales package. 

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