3 Digital Multi-Effects Pedal That Could Be An Option For Guitarists


3 Digital Multi-Effects Pedal That Could Be An Option For Guitarists

Digital multi-effects for electric guitar – For a guitarist, the guitar effect becomes a device that strongly supports both stage and studio performances.

Every year, well-known brands offer digital effects with quite tempting features. In addition to offering the latest technology with a sound that almost resembles the original amplifier, this tool offers practicality that will not be obtained if using analog devices.

Amid advances in information technology and digitization, many guitarists are switching to using digital effects. One of the advantages of digital effects is flexibility and multifunction.

There are different types of amplifiers and effects that can be used in a single device. Meanwhile, the most frequently reviewed shortcomings are sounds that are considered less natural, or easily damaged to their electronic components as well as the difficulty in operating digital effects for guitars.

Then, ‘Why choose digital multi-effects? The simplest answer is “practicality” which can be obtained without compromising the quality of sound characters needed. In terms of cost, it can be considered comparable to amplifiers and analog effects.

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Below Mobilintec Team has crawled 3 digital multi-effects for electric guitars that can certainly be an option for you guitarists.

3 Digital multi-effects for electric guitars that can be a recommendation for guitarists

1. Line 6 Helix LT Digital Multi-Effects Pedal

Line 6 Helix LT Digital Multi-Effects Pedal

Line 6 Helix LT is the next choice. Line 6 can be called an affordable amplifier hardware pioneer. With this effect, you’ll get 62 amplifier models, 37 cabinets, 16 microphones, and 104 sound effects. Lately, effects with amplifier modeling features have become the center of attention for guitarists.

Later, Line 6 released the Helix LT by combining amp models and effects in a fairly sturdy pedalboard. Just like fractal AX8, which is made of aluminum, Line 6 Helix LT has excellent durability when taken on tour.

2. Mooer GE-200 Digital Multi-Effects Pedal

Mooer GE-200 Digital Multi-Effects Pedal

This digital effect promises very complete features when compared to the price. Interestingly, this effect can be operated easily and can be used as an audio interface.

You can save 200 presets with a mix of 55 amplifier models, 36 cabinet models, 70 different sound effects, loopers, and drum machines. You can upload your own IRs.

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For those of you who like to do sound experiments, this small multi-effect comes with an expression pedal and a metal case. The GE 200 can be used directly via an amplifier or direct input while adjusting output as needed.

The digital effects for this guitar may have the design to be customized in a variety of setups. GE-200 becomes a multi-effect product that is quite competitive with the famous brands above because at a low price you can get similar benefits.

 3. Ax8 Audio Fractal Digital Multi-Effects Pedal

Ax8 Audio Fractal Digital Multi-Effects Pedal

The AX8 Audio Fractal is one of the best multi-effect pedals in its class. These pedals can be upgraded, and offer a large selection of sound effects. In terms of features, this pedal is also classified as a multi-effect that is made sturdy with a modern design.

Besides, this effect is also quite portable, with a weight that is not too heavy for a digital effect for an electric guitar so that we can carry it using a backpack.

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The choice of cabinet, amplifier, and speaker models here is overwhelming and includes almost the kind of classic amplifiers of the 50s to the present day. The internal memory can store 512 presets, while additionally it can be saved with USB AX8 when connected to a computer.

With all its advantages and disadvantages, many of the world’s guitarists such as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Guthrie Govan, began to switch to using Fractal Audio AX-8.


It seems quite logical if the three brands can be a reference for you guitarists who want to upgrade to a higher level in the use of digital multi-effects for guitars.

With the rapidly evolving dual signal processor capabilities of modern processors, these three digital multi-effect pedals have also been able to provide a single sound character solution and blend them with available amplifiers and sound effects. Both are complete with classic to modern guitar amplifier modeling and some impulse response.

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