Best Mobile Phone Insurance Services 2020


Best Mobile Phone Insurance Services 2020

Mobile Phone Insurance Services – If you have not used insurance services for your mobile phone, then you can currently consider investing in insurance that can protect your phone.

But before making a decision for mobile insurance, you should understand what important factors mobile insurance provides for protection.

As with theft, the handling of damages, and the ease of making claims.

Also, review the list and what types of mobile phones can be submitted for insurance. Once you get enough information. Then you can start investing in mobile phone insurance.

Because the use of a smartphone can be to store documents, important data, and other important files. In the future, we will not know what will happen.

It could be that the phone was lost, stolen, or damaged. Then mobile phone insurance will protect them from all that stuff.

Like mobile insurance providers AT&T, Verizon and Sprint are able to cover all the risks that can occur on your smartphone.

For example, iPhone smartphone users may feel protected with AppleCare+. But in the event of theft of an iPhone smartphone, it will be very difficult to file a theft claim rather than a mobile phone damage claim.

Then it is necessary to choose the right insurance service for mobile phones in order to protect against all the risks that occur.

Below are some of the best mobile insurance lists that can be recommended for you

1. Best for Multiple Devices: Verizon Total Mobile Protection 

If you have an electronic or mobile device that will be covered with insurance. And you want a package that can cover everything without any hassle.

So Verizon’s Total Mobile Protection is able to protect your phone, tablet, and smartwatch from all risks. For a monthly fee, it only takes $12.

You will get protection from the risk of loss, theft, water damage, and even damage not included in the warranty.

Repairs and replacements on cracked phone screens can also be covered with VerizonTotalMobileProtection insurance

Another major advantage is that Verizon also provides you with a faster mobile phone delivery service.

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If you can’t take too long without using a mobile phone. So you can set up a specific plan and Verizon will meet your needs.

2. Best Budget: Square Trade 

Maybe your car is in the right hands, Allstate. But now that a mobile phone can also be in insurance, Square Trade is a subsidiary of the well-known Allstate insurance company.

And it turns out to offer a comprehensive range for all your mobile devices.

The offer for the premium is also very affordable which is a maximum of only about $9. And deductibles are also very low, averaging $25- 150 per claim.

One of the highlights of this insurance plan is that you pay for all coverage instead of per mobile device. That means you don’t have to go through complicated things if you get a new phone.

This can be a great choice for those of you who are professional and also super busy family. Because it is a flexible and affordable option.

3. Best Coverage: Staymobile Protect Plan 

Staymobile’s protection offer includes a comprehensive sharing of different things. Perhaps the phone’s screen is experiencing faulty pixels, so it also includes the coverage offered by Staymobile.

Damage such as the phone overheating, there is dust inside the phone, there is damage due to water, the button is broken, the screen breaks and also the headphone jack hole is damaged.

Minor damages and problems can be solved quickly, you can also order a replacement phone by mail or Staymobile location anywhere. The problems that occur on your phone will be quickly resolved, as the site serves claims support for a full 24hours.

4. Best for Families: AT&T 

If you have a small child with a mobile phone, you can almost guarantee that one of them wants to damage or lose their phone at some point- that’s what the kids are going through.

Fortunately, AT&T offers good coverage options at affordable prices. For $8.99 per month, you can get coverage on a single feature that guarantees against loss, theft, as well as out-of-warranty malfunctions. It also includes screen improvements on the same day depending on your features, which could be the savior when you unplanned drop your phone.

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For $15 per month, you can get the same coverage with bonuses such as full 24-hour technical support, 50GB image storage, and self-proof protection.

Make $40 per month, you can get a signature package that includes 3 features, guarantees against loss as well as theft as well as listed 300GB of image and video storage. ( If you have a laptop or tablet non-AT&T, you can also get it insured sourced on this plan.)

It is possible to obtain the same day revision for most problems or the next day of revision or replacement for others.

You also get self-proof protection like a bonus feature. AT&T also has reliable customer service— technology teams can help you at any time if you need encouragement to dismantle problems or problems.

5. Best for Samsung Devices: Samsung Premium Care

If you have one of the latest Android phones, you can get it covered with a Samsung Premium Care plan for just $12 a month with a reduction of $99 per repair.

All repairs are served with genuine Samsung parts by licensed technicians, so your phone is sure to play a new kind of role. You’ll be required to register at the time of purchase if you have a Galaxy S9, but other phones can be covered at any time.

You can get Samsung Premium treatment by purchasing it through the Samsung+ app. ( Note that you must share the fact that your phone is in good working condition.) When you frequently damage your phone, you want to appreciate the fact that you can get up to 3 replacements per insured feature per year.

However, if you think you’re going to lose your phone or have it stolen, this isn’t a plan for you, because those two risks aren’t covered by the insurance inherited by Samsung Premium Care.

6. Best for Apple devices: AppleCare+ 

If you have an iPhone or other Apple product, you may be familiar with Apple Care.

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Each new iPhone comes with a standard one-year warranty and 3 months of technical support, but you can extend this warranty for up to 2 years by purchasing Apple Care.

It’s worth paying $100 or more plus deductibles, but it’s worth it when you’re very prone to disaster.

7. Best for Improvement: Sprint 

One of the best means of Sprint Sprint Complete’s insurance plan is that it offers a massive discount fix: The cracked screen wants to set you back just $30, and you can get the same day’s service when you arrive at one of Sprint’s more than 450 stores making improvements.

If you only have simple problems, you can usually unpack your own problems using Sprint’s self-service portal. And if your device disappears or is stolen, you’ll also want to be able to get reimbursed the next day and notify you of the theft on sprint’s web website to speed up your service.

Unfortunately, deductions can be huge for anything that goes beyond a small amount: The amount ranges from $50 to nearly $300. Each replacement phone will be covered for 12 months on the basis of a limited warranty.

8. Best for Long-Term Coverage: Geek Squad

Best Buy Geek Squad offers protection for your features for up to 5 years for just $7, 99 per month, or $10,99 per month if you want to be protected for running out and theft.

This guarantees you against the destruction of features and some human error, such as dropping your device or spilling coffee on it. What accessories are also included with your original phone purchase are included.

Geek Squad also offers battery replacement when you’re carrying the load, although that’s limited to one battery replacement that can’t be.

Another big advantage is that you can buy geek squad protection plans for others or transfer your holdings to others.

When you need service, you can call during the day and send your feature to fix it.

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