Blue Screens and other Common Issues on Surface Pro 7: How do you solve them?


Blue Screens and other Common Issues on Surface Pro 7 How do you solve them

Blue Screens and other Common Issues on Surface Pro 7 – The Surface Pro 7 from Microsoft is among the best performing hybrid laptops. It comes with the latest Windows 10 version and other features to enable a powerful performance. Yet, you might commonly come across certain issues on your Surface Pro 7. 

Now, you can apply some simple solutions to fix them effectively. Also, you probably won’t need any help to apply them. After all, they don’t require you to have any professional skills. So, give them a try to fix various issues, including blue screens on your Surface Pro 7. 

Surface Pro 7 Issues and their Fixes

Usually, you need not rush to a repair center for fixing common issues on your Surface Pro 7. But, do you want an urgent solution? In that case, you must reach out to a certified technician for Microsoft Surface Pro repair Dubai

Here are some common problems you might face and the solutions you must apply to them:

1. Touchscreen doesn’t respond

First, you must check whether your screen is damaged. If it is, then you should find a quality replacement for it as soon as possible. Otherwise, if that’s not the case, you might have an outdated driver on your device. Assuming that you’re using a Windows system, you must go to the Device Manager to update it. Find the touchscreen device under the Human Interface Devices and check for any driver updates for it. 

As an alternative, you can also try reinstalling the driver. After all, that does the trick in many cases. But, what if you find no issues with the touchscreen driver? In such cases, you must calibrate the screen. For that, you can simply search for “calibrate” on the search menu taskbar. 

2.  Not playing the audio

If the sound doesn’t lay on your Surface Pro 7, make sure it isn’t muted. Are you using headphones or Bluetooth speakers? Then check for any problems with the audio output device. Also, in such cases, select your Surface Pro’s speakers for playing the audio. 

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What if the device’s speakers can’t play sound either then you must waste no time and run the Troubleshooter for the audio from the Settings. Now, that will make finding and fixing the issue much easier for you. 

In some cases, reinstalling the audio driver may also do the trick. So, go to your Device Manager, uninstall the driver and restart your device. Your device will then install it again automatically. 

3. Slow performance

Generally, your Surface Pro 7 fulfills all the requirements for providing fast performance. Now, if it runs slow, that might indicate a shortage of device memory. In such a case, you need to close the programs that occupy too much RAM. Also, you must avoid running too many processes at the same time to prevent this issue. The Task Manager should help you identify the programs that you need to stop. 

Apart from that, you must delete all unnecessary or temporary files from your drive. Also, get rid of any apps and software that have become redundant to you. In some cases, this issue might also indicate that you need to update your system. So, you might want to look for updates in your Settings. 

4. Won’t connect to Wi-Fi

Many users often face issues while trying to connect their Surface Pro 7 to a Wi-Fi network. This is quite a common issue in pretty much all devices, regardless of the brand. So, you might come across it at some point as well. 

Does the network require a password to connect with it? Then, you must make sure that you’re using the right one. Apart from that, you must try toggling the Wi-Fi off for a minute, which provides a solution to this issue in many cases. 

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If that doesn’t work, you can opt to forget the network and then connect to it again. You can also use the Troubleshooter in the Settings for network issues for a simpler solution. If nothing else works, you must try reinstalling the network driver from the Device Manager. 

5. Can’t charge the battery

Does your Surface Pro 7 fail to charge when you plug in the charger? Then, there are many possible causes behind this issue. First, you must make sure whether there’s an issue with the charger. Try using a different one that is compatible with your device and see if it charges. If it works, then your Surface Pro needs a new charger. In case the other charger doesn’t work, there might be an issue with the device. 

So, clear the charging port of your Surface Pro properly, and then connect it to the charger. Also, try a different power source this time and remove all peripheral devices. This should provide an effective solution to the problem. But, if nothing else works, you must reinstall the battery driver through the Device Manager. 

6. Blue screen errors

This issue isn’t as common as the others that are listed here. But, you might still face it quite frequently on your Surface Pro 7. Also, it’s quite a concerning error, and you must get on with finding a solution immediately. Here are some solutions you must try for fixing this issue:

Troubleshoot the problem

To save some time, you can let your device fix this issue automatically. How do you do that? In case you’re wondering, you simply have to use the Troubleshooter. Now, you have to reboot into Safe Mode without interruptions. And, for that, you need to open your Settings and go to the “Update and Security” tab. Then, go to the Recovery tab and opt to proceed with an Advanced Startup. 

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Select Safe Mode among the options that you see on the screen. Then, go to the Settings again and run the troubleshooter for network issues. It can find the problem within a fairly short time and then repair it as well. 

Update the video drivers

Using old video drivers can cause various troubles for your Surface Pro. So, you must always keep it up to date. Otherwise, you might see a blue screen error on your device. Therefore, in such situations, you need to look for any updates for the video driver. So, go to the Device Manager and right-click on your video card. Then, opt for updating its driver. It’ll start downloading the latest version if there is one available. 

You might also want to try reinstalling it and see if that does the trick. For that, you have to opt for uninstalling the driver. Once you’re done, you must simply reboot the device to install it again automatically.

Stop Windows Hello

Is Windows Hello enabled on your device? Even though it’s a great security feature, it often causes blue screen errors. Also, disabling it has provided an effective solution to many users in such situations. How do you disable it on your device? For that, you have to go to the Accounts section of your Settings. Then, sign in to Windows Hello and toggle it off. 


Use the solutions mentioned earlier to fix the common issues on your Surface Pro 7. Now, in some cases, they might not provide you with a solution. In such situations, you can try restoring the system to its previous state. If that doesn’t do the trick, you must approach an expert for help. 

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