Causes Of Mobile Phone No Network And How To Fix


Causes Of Mobile Phone No Network And How To Fix

Causes of mobile phone no network and how to fix it – The signal or network on the phone is lost or does not appear due to several factors. Among them is because you are in an area outside the scope of the network that is available.

Besides, network tower repairs are carried out by the operator as well as making the signal weak. Similarly, weather factors can be one source of problems.

Then the phone has no network and can be caused by damage to the hardware of the mobile phone. Apps or software that are experiencing problems or errors will impact your phone’s network.

If the signal does not appear, you can check the phone’s Sign Receiver. There may be problems you don’t know about. If you already know the cause, then the solution to the problem can be solved in various ways.

How To Solve No Network Or Signal On Mobile Phone

The source of the problem of the missing mobile phone signal must be searched to be resolved. In general, the problem comes from two sources. First from the signaling provider and the second from the phone itself.

You can remove the SIM card and attach it to another phone. If the signal still does not appear after it is installed on another phone, then the problem is not on the phone. Try to contact the customer support section of the Sim Card Provider you are using.

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Because your SIM card may be problematic. However, it can be said that your phone is problematic if the SIM card can still be used for SMS or phone service. Here are some ways to deal with smartphones with no network.

1. Airplane Mode

Airplane mode can be one way of coping with mobile phones and no network. This one is relatively simple.

All you have to do is find the airplane mode on your android smartphone, then activate it. After that, leave for a few minutes.

If you think enough is enough, you can turn off airplane mode. In this step, your phone will automatically research the network.

2. Restart Mobile Phone

In addition to airplane mode, phones that do not have a network can be resolved by restarting. Although it sounds trivial, it has proven to be powerful in restoring your phone’s network.

This method is increasingly recommended if the phone you are using has not restarted for a long time. Therefore, it doesn’t make any mistake if you do it this way.

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3. Manual Network Search

How to solve mobile phone no next network is by doing a network search on the phone manually. If all of the above efforts have been made but have not come to fruition, this way is worth trying.

To do so is simple. You can start by going to the Settings menu on your phone. Then select Network.

If you have, you can continue selecting Connections. Then click Cellular network. For the network to be detected, you select Operator and click Automatically.

If you follow the steps correctly, then the smartphone you are using will immediately search for the network. All you have to do is wait for the results in a few seconds.

4. APN Settings

Need to know, incorrect APN settings can cause the network to become an error. Therefore, make sure you check it out.

Solving the phone with no network is quite simple. All you have to do is select the Settings menu. Then click the SIM Card. Then select Mobile Network and click APN.

In this way, you should understand that the settings are influenced by the Sim Card provider you are using. This means that setting up an APN for one provider with another is not the same. To see the exact APN rules you can search the internet.

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5. Hard Reset

Hard reset can be used to overcome lost mobile phone signals. It’s just that this one will make you lose all the personal data and important documents that are on your phone. Start with photos, files, videos, and more.

Therefore, before you try this way, it would be better if you backed up all the important data and documents that are on your phone to an SD Card or a computer hard disk.

That way, you won’t feel lost or lost when your phone has been restored to Factory Settings. When you get to grips with your phone no network has been done, it is guaranteed that the network can be detected.

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Those are some simple steps you can take to solve and fix problems on your mobile phone that have no signal or network. Hopefully, this information and tips can be useful for all of you.

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