Don’t Get Duped! How to Identify Genuine PS3 Controller Sticks Like a Pro! Insider Tips!


Difference The Original Or Fake PS3 Controller Stick

The difference between the original and fake PS3 controller stick-playing games on a PlayStation console device is certainly very fun, you can play with your friends and relatives at a time of leisure. Stick controllers are one of the important things in a PS3 console device. Because with the stick controller, we can play the game and activate all the features of the game. 

But don’t get me wrong, you have to stay clear in choosing or buying a stick controller for PlayStation because quite a lot of naughty sellers sell fake stick Controller products, and surely the quality will be very different from the original stick. 

Do not be involved with a cheap price if you want to buy a stick controller for the PlayStation console, it is likely counterfeit goods, and the quality and durability of the part are not guaranteed, it could be within 1 month of usage This fake stick controller has suffered damage. 

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As a step of anticipation in choosing a quality stick controller product, then in this opportunity, the Mobilintec Team will give you some steps to Difference the original or fake PlayStation PS3 controllers.

Here are a few steps you can take note of to distinguish it:

1. SONY logo Writing

Difference the original or fake PS3 controller stick

The Original Stick has the print logo of SONY’s Silver metallic Glittering and its prints are quite neat. Different from the fake stick controller, only a silver-only do it on the logo SONY, start and select

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Difference the original or fake PS3 controller stick

2. Analog Rubber Pad

The Original Stick has a roughened surface wrinkle on its analog rubber pad. However, the PlayStation fake stick controller has a smaller and smoother rubber pad surface.

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3. Material Quality Body

The original Stick controller has thick body material and the dark black color is not shiny. While the fake stick controller has a thinner material and glossy black color.

4. Barcode labels on the bottom side

Difference the original or fake PS3 controller stick

The Original PlayStation Stick Controller has a neatly pasted Label. The barcode on the sticker label prefix 2 letters followed by 11 digits for the Stick Region Asia OMXXX machine and for Region USA OKXXX (XXX is 11 digits on the barcode code).
As for the fake controller stick PS3 label Barcode only consists of 13 numbers without starting 2 letters as the code region.

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Difference the original or fake PS3 controller stick

5. USB Port Charger

On a stick, the original PORT USB is located more to the inner side. For a fake controller stick the USB PORT more Prominent to the outside.

So how to distinguish between original or fake controller sticks on the PS3 PlayStation. Hopefully, this information can be beneficial to you, so as not to be deceived in buying the right stick controller for your PlayStation game console.

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