Differences Cellphone Battery Non-Removable And Removable


Differences Cellphone Battery Non-Removable And Removable

Cellphone battery non-removable and removable – For those of you who are mobile users from 2000 to 2020, you must already know the type of mobile phone battery. There are 2 types of cellphone batteries:

  • Removable Battery
  • Non-Removable Battery

But for those of you who still do not understand about 2 types of cellular phone batteries. It seems very important for you to know because it is quite influential to the user of the phone. Some examples can be described as follows:

  • Mobility, when a cell phone is carried anywhere
  • Flexibility, when removing a card or SD Card
  • And also performance and performance on your phone

In this post-Mobilintec Team will explain a little bit about what it means for mobile phone batteries and non-removable batteries, along with the differences between the two types of cellphone batteries. Let’s discuss one by one the types of mobile batteries

What is the Non-Removable cellphone battery?

When viewed from the term, a non-removable battery is a type of cellphone battery that can not be removed from the phone. So it can be interpreted that this type of phone battery has been fused with parts and components on the phone.

The use of this type of cell phone battery began to become more popular in the range of 2015 until now. Where every mobile phone brand such as Samsung, Sony, Asus, Oppo, and other brands starts using non-removable battery types on each of their smartphone devices.

Until now this type of non-removable cellphone battery is increasingly used on every android or iPhone smartphone device because:

  • Makes your phone lighter
  • The design of the phone will be neater
  • The size of the phone can be thinner
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There are also advantages to the use of non-removable mobile phone batteries, but in certain situations, it will make it difficult.

A simple example is that when your phone hangs and the phone can’t function, it’s usually enough to press the power button and the phone restarts again.

But sometimes it doesn’t work, so it’s recommended that you open the back cover on your phone and release the connector on the batteries with the help of a special tool.

What is a Removable mobile cellphone battery?

A removable battery, type is a removable cellphone battery that can be removed and installed from the phone according to your needs.

Or another sense that this removable battery is separate from the components in the phone.

For this type of removable cellphone, batteries have been around long enough, even before the presence of smartphones like Android or iPhone. And most previous types of phones used this type of removable battery.

For the type and characteristic of mobile phones that still use a removable battery, the type on the back cover of the back of the phone is very easy to open.

And in the event of a battery malfunction or an error, it is very easy to change the battery. It’s easy to fix damage or errors on phones that use removable batteries, such as:

  • If your phone hangs or boot loops, it can be turned off immediately by unmoving the battery
  • It is easy when checking for damage, such as damage to the battery. Then simply replace it with a good battery
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For the most basic differences between the two types of cellphones, batteries are visible from their physical. Where nonremovable batteries are non-removable and removable batteries are the type of batteries that can be removed and installed as needed.

To make you more aware and knowledgeable about the differences and details than can be seen in the information below in

Removable Battery

  1. Removable battery
  2. Phone dimensions look thicker
  3. Heavier mobile phone weight
  4. Easy-to-open battery cover back cover

Non-Removable Batteries

  1. The battery is not removable
  2. The size of the phone will be thinner
  3. Mobile phones are lighter
  4. Backcover is difficult to open and needs special tools to open it

Besides, differences in sim card slot layout and SD Card slots on removable and non-removable cellphone batteries are also in the spotlight

On phones that use removable batteries, the SIM Card slot and SD card are located on the back of the battery.

If you are going to remove the SIM Card or SD Card then you must first remove the removable battery. For sim card type and size there are micro-SIM and mini-SIM sizes.

On smartphones that use non-removable cellphone batteries usually place a SIM Card and SD card on the side of the phone.

And to place, the SIM Card and SD card is required a special tool that is often called a SIM Card tray. And to release the Sim Card is required a tool such as a needle called a SIM ejector.

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At the beginning of the time, the phone was introduced actually still using a removable battery type as a power source. Because the development of technology at that time is still going on.

But in this day and time, vendors and mobile phone manufacturers have implemented the use of non-removable mobile phone batteries on every smartphone device they own.

Certainly, using a non-removable battery phone will be lighter, and thinner and in terms of quality and durability, this non-removable battery is quite superior.

Choose a Removable or Non-Removable cellphone battery?

For choice issues, it depends on you. And customize your mobile phone usage to your needs. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to be bothered with trivial things and only use your phone within reasonable limits. Then the choice of a mobile phone with a non-removable battery can be the best.

Because with a thinner phone design, lighter and non-removable, mobile phone batteries can have great power and voltage and also last.

For those of you who travel quite often and do quite a lot of activity by using a mobile phone. Then a phone with a removable battery could be an option.

Because you can use a spare battery for your phone on the go so that your activities can continue without having to fear your handphone running out of battery.

Such is the brief explanation and also the distinction between a non-removable and removable cellphone battery. Hopefully, it will benefit all of you.

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