Don’t Get Fooled: 5 Expert Tips to Spot the Real iPhone X from the Counterfeit!


Ways To Distinguish iPhone X Original Or Fake

5 Ways To Distinguish iPhone X Original Or Fake

Ways To Distinguish iPhone X Original Or Fake – iPhone X is an Apple-issued smartphone that is still one of the most popular gadgets selected for some people to use. Because it is priced cheaper than the iPhone 11. Features on the iPhone X are also relatively new because it hasn’t been implemented in the previous iPhone version. With sophisticated technology and specifications can be a recommendation that you buy this iPhone X.

But be careful if you want to buy this iPhone X smartphone, what is there?. Because of the popularity of Apple products, This iPhone often counterfeits goods. The existence of this fake iPhone X is an evil person who seeks only profit. Indeed the display of the fake iPhone X is very similar to the original iPhone X. But if you can pay attention carefully, it will look the difference.

Here’s the original iPhone X features and the fake iPhone X

5.8 inch Super AMOLED original iPhone X display 

iPhone X has a fairly different design compared to previous versions of the iPhone. Whereas on iPhone X already carries a full display screen and no longer has a physical home button physically. The full display concept is applied to the iPhone X type of notch or bangs. But apparently, the counterfeit iPhone X products also apply the exact same design and concept, it is a way to be able to cheat the prospective buyer.

On the iPhone X smartphone, the screen used is a super AMOLED that is 5.8 inches in size.  The screens on the iPhone X are also equipped with scratch-resistant glass and oleophobic coating technology that makes it more resistant to impact and scratches. The screen is also in provision with 3D Touch display technology that will give a variation display if touched.

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And surely the very difference is the level of clarity on the screen because the composition of the pixel is very tightened reaching 458 PPI. This helps the screen remain clearly visible although cell phones are in use in the sun.

Necessarily inversely proportional to the fake iPhone or replica, although the size and dimensions of the screen are the same the quality is very much different. On fake iPhone X only uses a TFT LCD display with low quality.  This deficiency will be seen clearly when the phone is used in direct sunlight.  And for the advanced features found on the original iPhone X is not contained in the iPhone X fake replica. And for its pixel density below 300 PPI for the fake iPhone X.

Difference Hardware used 

iPhone X is one of those smartphones that perform well. And surely this good quality of performance will be supported by the hardware that is on the phone. The use of a 2, 39Ghz A11 Bionic Hexa-Core chipset. And backed up with 3GB of RAM usage is sure to make the performance and performance of Your iPhone X better and lighter. For the internal memory affair, the iPhone X provides both 64GB and 256GB versions.

However, on the iPhone X replica, the use of hardware is much different than on the original iPhone X version. This is done to trim the production costs of the fake iPhone X. In general, its Chof chipset used is Mediatek with RAM support of 1GB up to 2GB. And what makes it strange is that there is a slot to insert a memory card Sdcard. Please note,e that for original versions of the iPhone X there is never an available slot to insert SDcard.

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Different camera image results 

If you have a hobby of photographing with a phone camera, iPhone X can be a recommendation to channel the hobby. Because the iPhone X is equipped with a 12MP camera lens on the 2 main cameras. The main camera is also supported by a wide range of advanced features such as OIS, PDAF, 4K video Mode, optical zoom, and other advanced features. And its front camera has a 7MP size in HDR feature, which will definitely make the photos even better.

While the camera is on an iPhone X fake replica, just use the hardware and camera lens that are under the quality of the original iPhone X. Because it is to reduce its production costs earlier. Testing can be done so as not to be deceived when buying, usually, the photos from the fake iPhone camera have low quality, a lot of noise, colors are unreal (not natural), and sometimes the camera is difficult to focus during the shooting process.

Check the Operating System and App Store 

There is a simple enough step to ensure Your iPhone X is original or fake, by looking at whether there is an App Store app. If the App Store is on Your iPhone, it means that it’s an original iPhone X. But the fake iPhone X has also manipulated the display on its menu, which is by changing the view from Playstore to App Store. Actually, the fake iPhone X has an operating system Android. An original iPhone X requires an Apple ID to access the App Store while on iPhone X the replica only requires a Gmail account.

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Check your Serial Number and iTunes connection 

Another way to cook an original or fake iPhone X could be by looking at the serial number on that phone. By going to the settings menu > General > About, it will be displayed clearly serial number on the iPhone. Then try to check the serial number on Apple’s official website or SNdeep. Another step is to Connect Your iPhone to the iTunes app that you have installed on Your PC or laptop. If the iTunes app manages to detect the iPhone X is connected via a data cable, then it can be sure it’s an original phone. Unlike the iPhone X fake replica, it will not be able to connect to the iTunes app.

Thus tips and tricks to distinguish the original iPhone X and the fake iPhone X. Because it is quite a lot of this fake iPhone X smartphone is sold freely on the market. Hopefully, this information can be useful for those of you who are planning to buy this Apple smartphone. Thanks.

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