How To Download Game Arena of Valor AOV Lite


The version of the Android game Arena of Valor AOV Lite that has a smaller size has been lost on the Internet. But the current Arena of Valor (Aov) Lite version re-appears with a more maximized system support.

For those of you who have a phone spec size that is not so high but want to try to feel the gameplay of the Arena of Valor (AOV), still can use the lite version of the Arena of Valor (AOV) and certainly with HD quality graphics.

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download game Arena of Valor AOV Lite

By using the Arena of Valor (Aov) Lite of course it saves the internal space of a phone and RAM on the smartphone also not drain quite a lot. The Arena of Valor (Aov) Lite version was launched in September 2019 ago.

With this current type of Arena of Valor AOV Lite, you can implement a customization of downloaded with a very easy method. The System will immediately stop the download process you have been in the match queue.

Can there be a question, what is the different Aov Lite with Aov Full version? The answer is that making the appearance in the match is no different. The difference is only in the Hero view that is not displayed in 3d quality.

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So as you are in the game lobby or out of the match you won’t see your Hero with 3d view. It only appears a kind of 2d photo that is not moving and there is no animation at all. As the Mobilintec Team mentioned above, this view is just outside of match only, make it in the match, the Hero will always be the same kind of Aov Full version.

download game Arena of Valor AOV Lite

For those of you who want to use the Arena of Valor (Aov) Lite, you just have to stop downloading you have logged into the game. So you just download AOV in PlayStore only that size is not more than 1GB.

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download game Arena of Valor AOV Lite

Very easy. So wait for no less! Download Aov as well as play the excitement of this Android gaming game.

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