Mastering Proximity Sensor Issues: The 6-Step Solution Guide for Mobile Phones!


Ways To Fix Error Proximity Sensor On Mobile Phone

6 Ways To Fix Error Proximity Sensor On Mobile Phone

How To Fix Error Proximity Sensor On Android Smartphone – The proximity sensor is hardware that has a function to extinguish the screen of the smartphone phone when you make a phone call. Where this proximity sensor will perform its function when the phone is close to the ear. Of course, this is so that the touch screen on the phone does not become touched intentionally when you make a phone call.

Generally, proximity hardware is designed very powerfully in a smartphone phone like the iPhone. Or Android phones such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Vivo, oppo, Sony Xperia, Nokia, and also various other smartphone brands.

However, damage or malfunction of proximity sensors can be caused by interference with software and hardware supporting components in smartphone phones.

Some of the causes that make proximity sensors damaged or problematic include:

  • You accidentally dropped your smartphone very strongly and hit on the earpiece or ear speaker on your phone.
  • The phone is accidentally depressed for a long time on the front side of the phone.
  • Interference or Damage to the smartphone phone software system.

But sometimes without any cause as Mobilintec Team mentioned above. Proximity sensors may experience problems, errors, damage, or malfunctions.

And surely it will make you hassle when using your phone to make phone calls. Damage to proximity sensors can also cause problems when you make a video call using an application such as WhatsApp, Facebook, or the type of application that features video calls.

Because when you try to make a call via video call, the phone screen will immediately go out without a little display of any image. So you can’t see the face of the interlocutor during a video call.

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But do not worry on this occasion Mobilinec Team will provide a way to repair problematic proximity sensors, errors, damage, or not working.

Here are 6 ways to fix the problematic proximity sensor, error, damage, or not working

Performance disturbances on proximity sensors on mobile phones certainly make it difficult for you when making phone calls and video calls, here are some ways to repair proximity sensors that you can do


This can be done as a first step to overcoming problematic proximity sensors or errors. Restarting the phone will restore the condition of the phone to normal and all software functions back to running optimally.


Sometimes there are proximity sensor problems that can not work due to the use of scratch-resistant or tempered glass that does not match the type of smartphone phone. How did that happen? This is due to the cover of the proximity sensor area on the front of the phone screen by the use of tempered glass that is not suitable or too thick.

So to overcome it try to do a release on scratch-resistant tempered glass slowly. You can use the help of a business card with a thin size and provide hot air from the blow dryer so that the tempered glass adhesive glue becomes soft.

This is to avoid the occurrence of touchscreen screen ruptures on smartphone phones. After removing the scratch-resistant or tempered glass, try to re-test the function of the proximity sensor in the phone to whether it can function normally.

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Try making a phone call or video call if the phone screen suddenly went out.

Under normal conditions, the proximity sensor will work fine if the phone is close to the ear. And if the phone is kept away then the phone screen will come back on.

If there is still no change there is a high probability of damage to the system software or internal components of the phone.


If after restarting the phone and also a change in the tempered glass has not given the best results. Then you can try calibrating the proximity sensor.

This way proves successful in various types of Xiaomi smartphones, you can try it by using the secret code as follows:

  • Type the code * # * #6484 # * # * or * # * #64663 # * # * on the dialpad of the Xiaomi Android phone.
  • After that you will be directed to the hardware Test menu > select proximity sensor > press the calibration button
  • Make sure the calibration results show a successful result.
  • The next step is to restart the Xiaomi phone and try the functionality of its proximity sensor performance.


To do the cleaning on the proximity sensor you have to do disassembly on an Android smartphone or iPhone.

Usually, proximity sensors that do not work or errors can be caused by a build-up of dust in the area. Then you can clean them using tissues, cotton buds, or also with a fine brush.

Make sure the whole dirt and dust don’t exist anymore. Then reinstall all parts of the phone and re-test the function of its proximity. If the proximity sensor condition still does not function properly then further repairs can be made.

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Reinstalling your phone using a Stock ROM that matches the type of phone can fix problems with software errors. It does not close the possibility of damage to the proximity sensor feature can be overcome by reinstalling the smartphone.

Not only damage to the proximity sensor but by reinstalling the phone, damage such as Touchscreen error problems, missing signal, and insert SIM Card problems can also be resolved.

Try to reinstall it with the firmware that corresponds to the type and type of your phone. Programs such as Miflash, SP tools, Miracle Box, and other types of programs can be searched through Google Search. 


The last step is to replace the components of the proximity sensor. if after doing some steps such as reinstalling to cleaning the sensor but still does not give the best results. Then it is recommended to make changes to the proximity sensor components.

6 Ways To Fix Error Proximity Sensor On Smartphone

Or there is a more effective step that is to remove the sensor. Then the error problem in the proximity sensor that caused the screen to go out can be resolved.

But the side effects of the phone screen will remain when we make a phone call. However, this can be overcome by installing several types of lock screen applications on Android phones.

Such are some steps that can be done to repair proximity errors or damaged sensors. Hopefully, this information can be useful for all of you.

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