NVRAM Warning err = 0x10: The Ultimate Fix You’ve Been Waiting For!


Fix 100% NVRAM WARNING: ERR = 0x10 with CameleMAC

NVRAM WARNING Err 0x10 is a malfunction in WiFi features, it’s common to happen on Android phone devices that use the chipset in Mediatek (MTK). The Error NVRAM WARNING: Err = 0x10 usually happens or appears on when we are doing WIFI settings. This problem is caused because the wrong WiFi file is configured in the NVRAM folder of the Android system.

So in this opportunity, Mobilintec Team will share the way and solution to fix the damage NVRAM warning Err 0x10 on the WiFi settings. For sure this way is effective enough to resolve the damage to NVRAM WARNING Err 0x10.

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To repair the damage NVRAM WARNING Err 0x10 on the WiFi settings let’s take a look at the steps to fix it below:

1. Make sure your mobile device has Root access, how to Root Android phone can be read in the following description: How to easily Root Android with a computer (PC)

2. Once your Android phone device is already in Root, the following step is to download the application named ChameleMAC, this application can be downloaded on Google Play Store or any other website yes that provides the CameleMAC android application.

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3. After finishing downloading the CameleMAC app, do the installation on your Android phone.

4. Open the CameleMAC app and select Generate Random MAC menu After obtaining the desired code and select the Apply New MAC menu.

5. I get the latest MAC code, the next step restarts on the Android phone you have.

6. After finishing restart and the phone is back on normal, try to check back on the WIFI settings, surely its NVRAM WARNING errs 0x10 is gone. And congratulations on the WiFi settings Android phone is resolved.
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To repair NVRAM WARNING Err 0x10 This can only be done on Android phones based on MediaTek (MTK) Chipset. Do repair NVRAM WARNING Err 0x10 According to the steps above, to avoid damage to the system Android phone you have.

Information that could Mobilintec Team about how to fix NVRAM WARNING Err 0x10 on wifi android. Hopefully, it can be useful for those of you who experience these obstacles.

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