4 Guidelines For Choosing Laser Printer As Needed


4 Guidelines For Choosing Laser Printer As Needed

Choosing a laser printer is not easy because of the many types offered. As is known, laser printers are very suitable for printing documents in large quantities so it is often used for official purposes. Because the price is not cheap, it is a pity if you do not get the best quality.

In this article, Mobilintec Team will discuss how to choose a laser printer to make it easier for you when buying it. So you can get the right laser printer products for your work and office needs.

Differences between laser printers and inkjet printer

There are two types of printers sold in the market, namely laser printers and inkjet printers. By knowing the differences, you’ll better understand what kind of printer you need. Inkjet printers use ink cartridges, while laser printers use powder-shaped toner cartridges. Because of the powder shape, you will not experience problems such as dry or clogged ink.

The laser printer can print more documents in a short period than inkjet printers. Therefore, laser printers are more commonly found in offices or printing places. However, now there are also many laser printers sold for home needs. Although it costs more than inkjet printers, laser printers can be more profitable in long-term use.

In addition to printing documents, laser printers can also be used to print photos. However, the quality is still inferior compared to inkjet printers that are specialized for printing photos. So, if you want to print a large number of documents or want to print photos with medium color quality, laser printers are worth considering.

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4 Guide to choosing the right laser printer

There are a few important things you need to pay attention to when choosing a laser printer, such as its size, its capacity to print documents, etc. You can see the explanation below

1. Choose based on the printer functions you need

Laser printers generally have several functions, such as printing, copying, scanning, or faxing. However, not necessarily all printers have the same functionality. Therefore, you need to adjust the printer options to the functionality you need.

In terms of the resulting color, the printer is distinguished into monochrome and color. Although it is called a color printer, in fact, it can also be used to print documents in black ink. On the other hand, monochrome printers can only print documents in black.

This is important to consider so that you can adjust to your usage needs. Most people immediately buy a color printer to make it more practical because it can print all documents. However, it costs more than the monochrome type. If you’re only going to use a printer to print a black and white document, there’s no harm in considering a monochrome type laser printer.

2. Know the printer’s capacity to print documents

Canon Laser printers are renowned for their quality in printing many documents in a short period. Since each printer certainly has different capabilities, be sure to check the print speed or print speed. Print speed is the ability of the printer in printing documents in a minute. Usually, laser printers can print 15 to 1000 pages per minute.

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Once you know the print capabilities, also pay attention to the duty cycle of the printer you want to select. Duty cycle or printer performance shows the ability of the printer in printing as many documents as possible without damaging the components in it.

In addition to the duty cycle, there is also called recommended monthly print volume or recommended monthly capacity. This number refers to the number of documents that should be printed in one month to keep the printer in optimal performance condition.

In addition to its capacity, you also need to pay attention to the resolution to know the printable image quality. Generally, the standard resolution that the printer has is 600 dpi. With this 600 dpi resolution, you can already print text documents quite clearly and well. As for printing pictures, choose a higher-resolution printer. The higher the resolution, the better the quality of the resulting image.

3. Choose a laser printer that is easy to install and operate

New printers usually need to be installed first before they can be used to print documents from a PC or laptop. To be able to install it, you need printer driver software that is usually included when you first buy it. Make sure you’re reading the manual so you can install it properly.

You should also consider its connectivity. Generally, laser printers can be connected with USB 2.0 or ethernet. However, now many products have a Wi-Fi direct connection or smart app using a smartphone. That way, you can operate the printer through your smartphone. The more advanced the printer, the more efficient your work will be.

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In addition to how to install it, also pay attention to the ease of operation. The more features you have available, the more buttons you usually have. Make sure you choose a printer that can still be operated easily.

4. Pay attention to the size of the laser printer

One of the disadvantages of laser printers is that they are quite large and heavier than inkjet printers. Therefore, you need to prepare a special place to put it. Make sure the available space is comfortable enough to print the document. Do not let the space is too narrow so you do not have freedom when using the printer.

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We have explained tips and how to choose a laser printer product. Presumably, some of the points that we have explained can be basic criteria that need to be considered when choosing a laser printer for work and office needs.

If you want to know more about the differences between each laser printer product, please find out the features of each product through its full specifications. And buy a laser printer that suits your needs and finances.

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