Vivo’s Hidden Treasure: Deleting Pre-installed Apps Unleashed!


How To Delete Preinstalled Apps On Vivo 

How Do I Delete Preinstalled Apps On Vivo Smartphone?

How do I remove default apps from my Vivo phone – It is likely that the Vivo smartphone’s built-in applications feel challenging to erase, especially for novice users. This is not without cause, as removing an app that you got from the Google Play Store is different from deleting a built-in app on a Vivo phone. Particularly on the operating system of a mobile phone, built-in apps can occasionally play a crucial function.

Although many Vivo smartphone suppliers or manufacturers offer built-in applications, customers rarely utilize them. Even such an application will truly fill up the user’s Vivo phone’s storage memory. The default programs on Vivo phones cannot be carelessly deleted. So, how do Vivo smartphones remove their built-in applications? Several methods for deleting apps from a Vivo smartphone are provided by the Mobilintec Team in this post.

How to Uninstall System Apps on Vivo Smartphone

Although it cannot remove the default application, this does not imply that users cannot remove the apps. Because there are ways to get rid of Vivo’s default programs, which are thought to be obtrusive. 

There is no need to be concerned about how to remove applications from a Vivo device because the procedures are simple to follow and can be done immediately. There are numerous solutions for how to uninstall the default Vivo program without root that have been tested and are included below for your convenience. For more information, check below:

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1. Using Root Explorer to remove built-in applications from a Vivo phone

Using Root Explorer to remove built-in applications from a Vivo phone

The first method for uninstalling rooted built-in applications on a Vivo is to use Root Explorer. Users really must have this program, especially if their phone is rooted. The application’s functionality is essentially similar to that of file management applications in general. where users may access, modify, and remove files on their Vivo phones.

The built-in system of Vivo phones differs in that users may manage file kinds. Applying the following procedures will make it simple to delete the built-in programs using Root Explorer:

Set the root explorer permissions or permissions first, if possible. The secret is to launch the Root Explorer program and then select Mount as RW from the menu.

  • Subsequently, switch to R/W, or read and write.
  • Next, use this Root Explorer to navigate to the system folder and app.
  • Users may view the whole list of pre-installed apps on their Vivo phone.
  • After that, touch and hold the Delete button to remove the default app of your choosing.
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2. Using the File Explorer EX App to Remove Vivo’s Built-in System Apps

File Explorer EX App to Remove Vivo's Built-in System Apps

The next method involves using a program called File Explorer EX. The program basically functions as a file manager with access to the Android system folder. File Explorer EX is also comparable to Root Explorer but offers more functions in addition to having a good appearance. It is quite simple to remove the default application on Vivo phones with this software, including:

  • The first step is to launch the File Explorer EX app and then provide root access to the program.
  • After that, navigate to the application’s system folder.
  • After that, uninstall the default applications from your device.

3. System App Remover to remove the pre-installed apps on Vivo

System App Remover to remove the pre-installed apps on Viv

The user will realize that this one application may erase the type of app that is integrated into the system within Vivo Android handsets if they simply glance at the program’s name. However, users must first have their Vivo phone rooted to use the software. The following are the methods for removing Vivo default applications with System App Remover:

  • To begin with, kindly download and install the System App Remover app from the Play Store.
  • Next, launch the System App Remover program.
  • Next, give the application root permissions.
  • Next, select the box next to any built-in applications you want to get rid of.
  • Next, press the bottom-positioned Uninstall button.
  • To proceed, select Yes to confirm that you want to remove the program.
  • After that, wait for the procedure to finish.
  • You have now successfully removed the Android Vivo’s pre-installed applications.
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4. Disable Apps to Remove Vivo System Built-in Apps Without Root

Disable Apps to Remove Vivo System Built-in Apps Without Root

Disabling the application is one approach to able to erase the built-in system applications on Vivo phones in addition to those that have been rooted. If you use a Vivo smartphone but are not rooted, you may want to try this technique instead. The process is quite simple; just follow the instructions below:

  • The first method is to access your Vivo phone’s Settings menu.
  • Next, launch an app or the Application menu.
  • Next, you must decide which built-in applications to remove.
  • Next, select Force Close from the menu.
  • Selecting Disable is the final step.


These are various methods you may use to remove the pre-installed apps on Vivo Y series smartphones, particularly the Y12, Y15, Y19, Y21, and other Y series models. It is intended that the regarded superfluous default system programs can be removed or disabled using the aforementioned steps.

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