Lenovo Touchpad Trackpoint Secrets: The Art of Toggling On and Off!


How to Turn On & Turn Off Lenovo Touchpad TrackPoint

How to Turn On & Turn Off Lenovo Touchpad trackpoint

How To Disable Lenovo Trackpoint And Touchpad – Because the laptop is a computer device that is practical and ready to use, the touchpad and TrackPoint on the laptop can certainly help us in moving the cursor if the mouse device is damaged or not present because the laptop is a computer device that is practical and ready to use, it is TrackPointrent from pcs that do not have a touchpad.

When moving the pointer on a PC device, you must use a mouse, however on a laptop, you have three options: a mouse, a touchpad, and a Pointing Stick.

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However, some Lenovo laptop customers may still be confused about how to deactivate and enable the touchpad and Pointing Stick on Lenovo brand computers.

There might be various causes for this, like deactivating the touchpad so that the palm does not interfere with the cursor movement if we are currently using the mouse, among others.

So, on this occasion, the Mobilintec team would like to give some easy instructions for disabling and activating the touchpad and TrackPoint on a Lenovo laptop.

How to Turn Off Touchpad On the Lenovo Laptop 

First, turn off Lenovo’s Touchpad pointing stick.

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Follow these procedures to deactivate or disable the touchpad on the Lenovo brand.

  • There are two ways to do that. The first is to hit the FN + F5 keys on the keyboard at the same time.
  • If the first method does not work, try tapping the F5 key on the laptop keyboard alone.

How to Turn Off Touchpad On the Lenovo Laptop

Note: The button for disabling the touchpad pointing stick on a Lenovo laptop may vary depending on the model. The logo may be seen from the F1 button to the F12 button.

How to Enable Lenovo Touchpad Trackpoint

To activate the touchpad or pointing stick in a Lenovo laptop, use one of the two ways listed below:

  • To revive the touchpad and pointing stick, hit the same button that was used to deactivate the touchpad (the first way above).
  • If the touchpad still does not function after clicking the same button, this indicates that there is a faulty touchpad driver. To resolve this, download the appropriate Lenovo laptop touchpad driver for your laptop and reinstall it.
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That’s how to activate the touchpad, TrackPoint, and pointing stick on a Lenovo laptop. I hope this knowledge is beneficial to everyone. Thanks.

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