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How To Fix Bluetooth And Wifi Android Not Work ( FIX 100% )

How To Fix Bluetooth And Wifi Android Not Work – How are you, buddy, hopefully, it’s always okay. Meet again with the Mobilintec Team to discuss information and solutions to problems and repairs to Android phone devices.

On this occasion, we will discuss and give tips and tricks on how to deal with Bluetooth and WIFI Android that cannot function or cannot turn on.

What is meant here is if Bluetooth and WIFI Android are tried to be activated (in the ON position) it will immediately turn off again ( in the OFF position) automatically in seconds so Bluetooth and Android WIFI are unable to reach the device to be connected.

So it is very difficult for us to be able to use both Bluetooth and WIFI Android functions to share the internet or share files via Bluetooth.

So on this occasion, Mobilintec Team will share tips and tricks on how to fix Bluetooth and WIFI. Android Can not function or not turn on.

Causes Android wifi and Bluetooth error 

There are several potential causes for the Android smartphone wifi and BlueTooth error issue. The android’s hardware and software components are two of them. If hardware issues are the root of the wifi error issue, the user will need to disassemble the device and replace the damaged parts to resolve the issue. Android users are advised to bring their smartphone to the service center for that issue, nevertheless, as it might be challenging to solve on your own.

If the wifi error issue is, however, brought on by software issues, you might be able to resolve it on your own by using the guide that Mobilintec Team will give. Let’s focus on the review to correct the BlueTooth and wifi issues.

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Before we assume there is damage to the hardware of Bluetooth and WIFI Android, it helps us analyze first from the side of the Bluetooth and WIFI supporting Android software. Maybe you are all curious about how to deal with Bluetooth and WIFI. Android doesn’t work or doesn’t turn on?

6 Steps To Fix Bluetooth And Wifi Android not work:

To solve the wifi and Bluetooth error problem on the smartphone caused by a system failure, you can follow some of the methods below to solve it

1. Device Restart

Try rebooting your device if, after the network reset, Android WiFi still won’t switch on. This technique can assist the phone in reloading the operating system, which could be able to resolve the WiFi and Bluetooth issues.

2. Check for Viruses & Malware

The setting of your device may also be hampered by the presence of malware and viruses. Whether you have tried the aforementioned solutions and the WiFi still won’t switch on, you should right away see if any recently installed programs feel unusual or unfamiliar. If the program is found, remove it right away and restart the device.

3. Use a secret code

  • Configure your Android phone
  • next, call or access the dial-up menu
  • Hit ##526## to activate.
  • A screen will then display and resolve your wifi problem.
  • Wait a moment for the procedure to finish.
  • Restart your smartphone when finished.
  • Try turning on the wifi once again after that.
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4. Make modifications to system files

  • Make sure your Android phone is in the root position first. You can use the root application without using a computer (PC) or the root application using a computer (PC).
  • In the next step, you can download the Root Explorer application from the Google Play Store. Or you can download the APK file on other Android application provider sites.
  • Continue installing the Root Explorer application on your Android phone, then open the application. If a new notification appears from SuperSu, just select the ‘grant’ or ‘allow’ option. Make sure the Root Explorer settings are in the form of R / O (according to the image shown).
  • Search for the file that says WMT_SOC.cfg in the system folder -> etc -> firmware.
  • Select and hold the WMT_SOC.cfg file, then open it with the ‘open in text editor feature.
  • Then select OK, in the dialog box that is already displayed.
  • Change number 1 (one) which is in the writing section ‘co_clock_flag = 1’ change it to number 0 (zero) After that, select the Save and Exit option.

In the last step, you can Restart or Reboot your android mobile device. Automatically WIFI can be activated immediately and Bluetooth is ready to be used normally.

5. Factory Reset

It has also been shown to work well to fix an android smartphone’s WiFi not turning on by resetting it to factory settings. However, you should use this approach only if none of the other ones work and your phone’s WiFi still won’t turn on.

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If after doing the steps above Bluetooth and WIFI Android still do not work or do not turn on, it is better to be able to flash again on Android mobile phone devices so that all systems return to normal.


6. Replace internal components such as Wifi iC and Bluetooth

If the 2 methods above cannot also solve errors in wifi and BlueTooth on your Android smartphone, then you can be sure that there are problems with the internal components of the phone such as the Wifi IC.

Of course, to fix it, you can leave it to a trusted mobile phone repair service near you. So they will provide the best solution, providing details of the repair costs that you have to pay.

Conclusions that can be obtained: 

Do not have to assume that Bluetooth and WIFI Android can not function in damage to the hardware of the android mobile phone, but try to repair it first in terms of the system and its software.

That’s enough information and tips on how to fix Android Bluetooth and WIFI that don’t work or don’t work. We hope these tips and tricks can be useful for those of you who experience these constraints. Always visit the Mobilintec page to get the latest information, tips, and solutions for repairing mobile phone damage.

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