How to Get Water Out of Phone Speaker Without Rice


How to Get Water Out of Phone Speaker Without Rice

How to Get Water Out of Phone Speaker Without Rice – It is possible to remove water from the speaker on your phone. For water protection, the majority of new phones include rubber gaskets and short detection. Avoid placing the phone in close proximity to heat sources. Your phone’s earbuds shouldn’t be washed with your clothing. Instead, you can press down to absorb any water after drying the earbuds with a towel.

Silica gel

Your phone may be dried using silica gel if it becomes wet. Additionally, this chemical is available in packages made specifically for this use. The gel works just as effectively to dry out your phone since it has the same moisture-absorbing ability as rice grains. Keep these goods out of children’s reach, though!

If you don’t have silica gel, you can use cat litter. Rice cannot absorb as much moisture as cat litter. But be cautious. Your phone’s nooks and crannies can become clogged with microscopic cat litter particles. Silica gel is often preferred over cat litter by IT experts.


Water may harm your smartphone even though it is water-resistant. Water in the speaker can also degrade the sound quality. There are several ways to remove liquids from the speaker of your phone. These techniques are secure and simple to use.

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Turn off your phone first. If you need to save your phone, you must do this action. Do this right away. In order to remove water from your phone speaker, you may also utilize an app. Specific frequencies may be amplified using some applications. The moment the water detects the power of the frequencies, it will begin to discharge tiny drops of water.

Siri shortcut “Water Eject”

How to Get Water Out of Phone Speaker

You can get rid of water from your phone’s speaker without rice by using the Water Eject Siri shortcut. In order to remove water and debris from your phone speaker, the water ejection feature employs a low-frequency sound wave. You may add this function to your iPhone using the Shortcuts App. Simply choose the “My Shortcuts” tab to discover the shortcut.

To add the Siri shortcut, open the Shortcuts app and hit “Water Eject.” For older iPhone models, the App store also offers shortcuts. Only iOS 12 and later versions allow you to enable the shortcut. Once installed, shortcuts can be started from the App Store. A straightforward button that plays an audio tone for 15 seconds serves as the shortcut. When finished, press the stop button. After that, you will see a variety of sharing and update choices.

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Water may enter a phone speaker and degrade the sound. The phone may become damaged if proper care is not performed. Older versions lack built-in water-ejecting capabilities, despite the fact that the majority of Android and iPhone devices now have water-resistance certifications. The best choice is Sonic, an app made to assist you in removing water from your phone. Both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store include the app.

You can alter the sound’s frequency with Sonic. It is compatible with frequencies between 1Hz and 25kHz. A high frequency should be used to swiftly remove water from a phone speaker. The frequency should be raised to a maximum of 165 Hz.

Reassembling a cell phone

After water damage, a phone’s speaker can be repaired in a variety of methods. Drying the phone is the best solution. For phones that have been exposed to chlorine or saltwater, this is effective. A hairdryer can also be utilized. For many minutes, keep the hairdryer near to the region you’re attempting to dry. The process may need to be repeated numerous times in order to eliminate the water. Your phone may then be put back together and turned off after that.

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The next step in drying the phone is to choose a location with good airflow. If you reside in a distant area, you might need to look for an open window. To help with the procedure, you may also position your phone in front of a desk lamp. Be aware that some phones won’t function again after 48 hours.


Water can occasionally enter a phone speaker’s circuit and render it inoperable. You can absorb the extra moisture with a piece of rice to get rid of it. But before using any more treatments, you must allow your phone to dry for at least 24 hours. Additionally, you may immerse your phone in uncooked rice for 24 hours to help it absorb moisture.

When using the rice method, be sure your phone is securely positioned. You may use any sort of rice, but instant rice will work best. After you’re done, put the phone somewhere warm and near a lamp. Your phone must not be moved since it might leak water.

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