Lost Your IMEI Number? Learn How to Bring Your Android Smartphone Back to Life!


How To Restore IMEI Number On Android Smartphone

How To Restore IMEI Number On Android Smartphone

How to restore IMEI number on Android – Have you ever lost your IMEI number on Android? Usually, you get this problem when you finish Flash, Hard Reset, or Factory Reset and Root on your Android smartphone.

The bad result of losing the IMEI is that your smartphone doesn’t get a signal, so you can no longer go online and make phone calls. Surely that would be very disturbing?

IMEI is composed of unique combination numbers, so the IMEI for each smartphone will vary.

Invalid IMEI is a common problem that is often faced by most mobile devices with MediaTek chipsets including Xiaomi Redmi, Vivo, Oppo, Samsung, Vivo, HTC, Sony, and various other mobile phone brands that use MediaTek chipsets.

Here are some ways you can try to return the IMEI number on your lost smartphone. Let’s check out the review below

How to restore IMEI number on Android

1. How to Restore IMEI With MTK Engineering Application

How to Restore IMEI With MTK Engineering Application

  • Make sure the Smartphone is rooted, How To Easily Root An Android Phone With A Computer ( PC )
  • Find the IMEI number written on your Device (dual sim card phones will have two IMEI numbers). It can be found in your phone box when you first purchased it, or it can also be seen in the surrounding area near the battery, Then Note.
  • Then download and install the MTK Engineering application you can download through Google Playstore using the help of a Wi-Fi connection.
  • When finished in the Install Select menu MTK settings
  • On the Connectivity, menu select CDS Information
  • Next, select Radio Information
  • In the column that says AT+, type next to it: AT+”EGMR=1.7 “” the IMEI number you recorded”. For example AT+EGMR=1.7″12345678999″, then tap Send Command if true notification will appear AT command is sent
  • If your phone is dual sim type For Command code the code is like this AT+EGMR=1.10, “fill in the SIM2 IMEI number here” So it will be like this “. AT+EGMR=1,10, “1234567899” Next Tap SEND AT COMMAND, If you succeed then a notification will appear AT command is sent.
  • If the above command does not work, simply increase the space after AT +EGMR instead of AT+EGMR.
  • Restart your Android
  • Once your Android is back on, please check your Android IMEI by pressing *#06#. Then your Android IMEI will appear or by looking at your Android Information in your phone’s settings by going to the Settings Menu > see About Phone > Info > Done.
  • Also, do the testing by pairing the SIM card on the smartphone and see if the signal has re-emerged.
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2. How To Restore IMEI Using Chamelephon App

How to Restore IMEI Using Chamelephon App

Chamelephon android application is one of the applications that are powerful enough to be able to restore IMEI numbers on Android.

In addition, the use of yes is also quite easy, you can manually input the IMEI number on the smartphone or it can also be by using the Generate Random IMEIs feature.

For steps to use the Chameleon application, see the steps below:

  • Download and Install the Chamelephon app
  • Run Chamelephon application
  • Fill in the IMEI that you have noted before there are two columns for SIM 1 and SIM 2 depending on the device. Can also shuffle your IMEI by tapping Generate Random IMEIs
  • If true a checkmark will appear
  • After that click Apply New IMEI
  • If you have confirmation tap Change
  • Then Restart your smartphone device
  • Put the sim card on the smartphone and see if the signal on the phone reappears.
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That’s how to restore the IMEI number on Android. Storing or remembering an IMEI number can make it easier for you to overcome a problem that occurs on an Android smartphone, for example using an IMEI number can also track the whereabouts of a lost or stolen phone.

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