Learn How to Register and Protect your Work with Copyright Protection


Learn How to Register and Protect your Work with Copyright Protection

Register and Protect your Work with Copyright Protection – There’s hardly anyone who has not become a victim of copyright infringement. We all have gone through it where some third party used our invention for his or her profits in the business.

Nevertheless, you can certainly avoid these issues and protect your work with the copyright. But, how do you register it, what are the rights you hold being an owner?

The area of copyright is a tad complicated but you can always consult an intellectual property lawyer who has detailed and skilled knowledge regarding the copyrights.

Today in this blog, we are going to share with you:

  • What is Copyright?
  • What is Copyright Infringement?
  • What Rights Do You own being a Copyright Owner?
  • How to Register Copyright?
  • How to Protect the Creative Work with Copyright Protection?

Curious to know? Let’s check out the below-mentioned blog.

What is Copyright?

When someone creates a piece of work that requires investing time and imagination, hard work, and creativity, it is known as intellectual property. Since one has significantly used mental activity, it is necessary to protect it so that there’s no duplication.

Here’s where the role of copyright comes into the picture. It refers to the legal right owner of intellectual property. To break down into simple terms, copyright is the right to copy. This also means that only the authorized person can permit the reproduction of the work.

You can copyright many creations like software, art, poetry, graphic designs, novels, music, compositions, films, website content, architectural designs, and more.

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There are certain things that one cannot copyright. Those are ideas, discoveries, concepts, theories, slogans, domain names, and titles.

What is Copyright Infringement?

Copyright infringement is when some third party takes over your work without consent and does not change it according to his or her grant, and then it is called copyright infringement.

Sometimes it also takes place, when someone does not copy your work. Mostly, copyright infringement takes place in the music and art industry. Remember, one important thing, it ONLY happens when the work is largely similar to the copyrighted work.

This was the basic information regarding the copyrights. If you are someone who feels that your rights are infringed then there are many legal actions you can take with the help of an intellectual property attorney.

Before we get into how to tackle the crisis of copyright infringement, let us understand what rights you hold being a copyright owner.

Here are a few rights for the owner to identify:

1. Right to Reproduce:

This right is all about for the copyright owner to reproduce the creative work, copy it, duplicate it, or create it in any other form. But, if someone made a copy of the work and then sells it, it is called copyright infringement.

2. Right to Prepare Derivative Works:

When a new work is curated based on old work, and then it is known as derivative work. This right affirms that the owner has every right to change, and modify his or her work. Mostly the derivative work consists of a movie in the picture.

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3. Right to Distribution:

The rights to distribution state that the copyright owner can sell, distribute, or give on lease his or her work.

4. Right to Public Display:

According to this right, the owner can show a copy of his or her work directly on the internet or by merely publishing it.

How to Register Copyright?

You can certainly register with the US Copyright Office. Even though it is not necessary to register, it has many advantages. For instance, when you register the copyright, it provides a public record to claim.

Copyright is also essential for the works of US origins before filing the infringement in court. What’s more, you must register the copyright within three months of publishing or creating the work or before the infringement occurs. By doing so, you can recover the attorney’s fees and statutory damages.

The application to register the copyright comprises three important things. The first is an application form, the second is a non-refundable fee, and the third is a non-returnable deposit to your work.

The ideal way of registering the copyright is to do it online through the electronic Copyright Office. There are many advantages of having it online such as knowing the current status, fewer fees, and quicker process time.

How to Protect the Creative Work with Copyright Protection?

1. Using the Copyright Symbol

As soon as you have your work copyrighted then there’s a symbol (©) along with the name and first publication year. This will remind people not to use the work without any permission. If anyone does, then it breaches the copyright. Besides, the date will also help them in knowing where the copyright period commences.

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2. Marking The Work

Another, thing to keep in mind is to mark a digital watermark on the work with the help of a steganographic designer. You can also create a QR code-based digital stamp on your original work.

3. Work on a Certain Date

Did you know that you could record your work’s existence with a solicitor? Well, you can! But, it does not prove that the work was created at any given time. In case disputes arise in the future, then you can prove your possession.

4. Consult a Legal Attorney

Lastly, even though the process of protecting the copyright is simple, we would highly recommend you undergo a discussion with an IP attorney who will give you correct guidance.

It takes a lot of time, hard work, so many thoughts, and a thinking box kind of ideas just to form one creative work. And when this work is used by someone, it creates disturbance emotionally as well.

But, you do not need to worry anymore. In the above-written blog, we have put all together briefly about registering copyrights, copyright infringement, and how to protect the ideas with it. If you like the blog, do share, and drop your suggestions in the comment section.

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