Sample Letter Of Application For Web Designers


Sample Letter Of Application For Web Designers

This is a letter of application format when applying as a web designer. Attach this letter along with a cover letter and your comprehensive resume.
Like any other letter of application format, this also starts with your contact details.

< Name >
< Address >
< City / State / Zip Code >
< Phone Number >
< Email Address >
< Date >

Then the letter of application format is followed by the contact information of the company you wish to send your letter of application.

< Contact Person >
< Contact Designation >
< Company Name >
< Company Address >
< Company City, State, and Zip Code >

Dear Sir/Madam;

I came across your job posting in < State here where you learned about the job vacancy. > for a web designer. I am writing to apply for the said position in your esteemed company. This letter shall give you details of my educational background, skills, and professional experience.

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< In this part of the letter of application format, you will find an example of the complete detail of educational attainment. >

I am a graduate of < In this part of the letter of application format, including the university where you graduated >. I finished my studies in < State the year you graduated. > with a degree in < Inform the company about the degree that you took. You can also state if you received any awards and recognition. >

I have an extensive background in web and graphics design. Moreover, I have intermediate skills in HTML and CSS. I am very proficient in computer graphics applications such as Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Dreamweaver. I also underwent pieces of training on using XHTML, Flash, and other languages and technology in developing websites. < Again, you can include as much language and technology as you can. >

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< This part of the letter of application format presents an example of a write-up on experiences and achievements in your current/previous employment. >

My < Put the number of years of staying in your current/previous company. > years of working in < Company name > gave me valuable experiences. I created different design samples for varied clients. I was also able to make contents that are not just visually attractive but functional as well.

At the moment, I am in charge of the management and maintenance of different websites. My experience with different clients allowed me to be a team player. I also give much importance to customer satisfaction. My being goal-oriented and very particular with details made me an excellent problem solver. With the ever-changing trends in web design, I believe that it is my utmost responsibility to continuously update my knowledge and skills in my field.

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Please find my resume attached to this letter of application. Some of my design works can be accessed online at I can provide other sample works if necessary.

Thank you so much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

Respectfully Yours,

Sign your name here.

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