Shocking Secrets Revealed: Signs Your Android’s EMMC IC Is Doomed


The characteristics of damage IC EMMC android  mobile phone

The Characteristics Of Damage IC EMMC – On this occasion, the Mobilintec Team will discuss the characteristics of damage to the EMMC IC on an Android mobile phone in general. Using an Android mobile phone is really fun, lots of activities and activities that we can do.

We can play games, listen to music, interact with friends, and many other things we can do. But from the sophistication of an Android mobile phone, we must also understand and realize that all electronic devices.

Android mobile phones have a lifetime limit, especially on the component parts, especially IC eMMC. EMMC is an extension of the Embedded Multi-Media Controller, This is a high-speed storage media and also a controller module, where the storage and media controller are on a single chip or IC.

The characteristics of damage to IC EMMC android mobile phone


When you feel the performance of an Android phone that starts to slow down and tries to do a factory reset or wipe data but fails, it seems that it is a symptom of an EMMC IC that is starting to break.

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Already flashing correctly and also using firmware that is by the type of Android mobile that you have but still fails, even if the status of the flashing process is declared successful.


Notification messages like this are often caused by weak eMMC IC Left being unable to execute commands from an application properly.


In the case of symptoms like this, it is a very emergency shutter your Android mobile is no longer able to boot perfectly to get to the main menu of an Android device.
Even though the operating system or Android OS is still standing and the costume ROM has never been done


Failure when installing the application is due to the weakening of the eMMC IC which even eMMC IC cannot write data. And always error due to NAND flash that is not able to rewrite from the controller connected to the eMMC IC.

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Causes of Weak and Quickly Damaged eMMC 

While user mistakes can quickly weaken an eMMC IC to the point of failure, electronic components do have a lifespan.

  • The poor habit of charging the phone battery for an excessively long period before bed might have negative effects. The overcharging battery can also cause a reduction in life in IC eMMC.
  • Too many changes to the Android partition might make the eMMC vulnerable to harm soon.
  • The battery is frequently forcibly removed to force the phone to shut down. Therefore, you should first power off your phone if you wish to switch your SIM card or memory card.
  • Altering the OS and flashing or reinstalling the firmware too frequently will hasten the eMMC failure of your Android smartphone.

In other words, there are a variety of variables that might harm the eMMC IC in an Android device, including age and extended use.

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    It makes sense that your smartphone won’t power on or get stuck in the logo since your phone’s OS or Firmware can’t be loaded flawlessly with a damaged eMMC IC.

    How to Check eMMC Health Condition

    Before a performance failure on the iC eMMC on your phone occurs, you should immediately check the health condition of your phone’s eMMC.

    How to Check eMMC Health Condition with eMMC Brickbug Check

    One of the applications that you can use is eMMC Brickbug Check, you download it through the Google Play store or other Android APK application provider websites.

    Install the application as usual and run the application, let the application perform a system scan on the phone’s eMMC IC. If the notification displayed is “Passed” then the condition of your phone’s eMMC IC is very good.

    Maybe that’s just the information that can be given about the symptoms of IC eMMC damage on an Android cellphone. Maybe it can be useful for you and can be better to use an Android cellphone to minimize damage.

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