This Design From Playstation 5 DualSense Controller Stick


This Design From Playstation 5 DualSense Controller Stick

The more powerful the possibility of the release of Sony’s latest console game. The PlayStation 5 also transforms from the design of the stick controller. Usually, the game consoles are already familiar with the term DualShock controller. This time, however, Sony’s party has exhibited a new controller device called DualSense to be the partner of the PlayStation 5 console.

This updated information is instantly delivered and released by Sony via their official blog. The appearance and design of this DualSense controller stick are not much different from the DualShock controller for PlayStation 4. But if seen from the device image controller PS5 this in dominance with a very fresh white color.

Most likely the color of this DualSense controller will represent from the colors of that PlayStation 5 game console. But there can also be other color options that will follow the colors of the Sony console. For so far Sony has not provided complete information about the design of the PlayStation 5 which will most likely be released at the end of this 2020.

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The Sony’s party also made sure that the DualSense PS 5 controller stick would still use a wireless feature with the help of a Bluetooth connection. The design itself remains inspired by PS4’s DualShock controller which was introduced in 2013. But it can be more taper design and pretty cool.

Haptic feedback

Controller stick playstation 5

For the feature of PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller still corresponds to the rumors that circulated previously. Haptic feedback feature or vibration feature that will be more detailed with very diverse intensity. The game player will be able to feel the difference in vibration while in the car in a game, there will be a difference of movement when crossing asphalt roads or muddy roads.

Adaptive Trigger

Controller DualSense PS5

And also the Adaptive Trigger feature on L2 and R2 buttons are more precise. We will feel the moment a game character does something like a bow when pulling an arrow.

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“Based on our discussion with developers, we found that the experience of touching inside a game is never a focus in the game like the audio experience. Now we have the opportunity to innovate with the game makers at PS5 to explore the ability to create a more real experience, “a statement from the Sony party.

Sony also mentioned that they redesign the stick controller and add the features written above. The challenge is how to install triggers and also actuator without having to make the button size larger. And also without changing the tilt angle of the button on the DualSense PS 5 controller.

It is also claimed that the DualSenses controller’s battery life in the PS5 gaming console is very power-efficient. And has a lighter weight than the previous generation. Then in the button, Sony switches the Share button to Create mentioned will be available more features to produce content or capture the moment in the game.

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The DualSense controller is also now equipped with a built-in microphone device in the controller. That serves as a communication feature while we play games online.

The display of the light bar is also changed no longer in the front position as on the PlayStation 4 controller. Instead of the touchpad that now the touch area is much wider.

That’s him a bit of review, design, and features that will be present in the stick controller DualSense PlayStation 5. The exact features of this feature will further pamper us when playing games on the PlayStation 5 console later on.

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