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A Guide to Aerial America: Episode List

Exploring the United States from above

Aerial America Episode List

Aerial America is a documentary television series on the Smithsonian Channel which explores the United States from above. This show is a must-watch for anyone who wants to see the breathtaking landscapes of the USA from a bird’s eye view. With stunning high definition aerial footage and interesting commentary, Aerial America reveals the beauty and diversity of the American landscape.

The show explores different regions of the United States in each episode, highlighting the history, culture, and natural wonders of that area. From the soaring skyscrapers of New York City to the rugged coastline of Maine, from the deserts of Arizona to the snowy peaks of Alaska, Aerial America has it all.

One of the most impressive things about Aerial America is the range and quality of the aerial footage. The show uses state-of-the-art cameras and equipment to capture unique perspectives of the American landscape. From helicopter-mounted cameras to drones and fixed-wing planes, the production team goes to great lengths to get the perfect shot. The result is stunning footage that showcases the vastness and beauty of this great nation like never before.

Another compelling aspect of Aerial America is the deep dive into the history and culture of each region. Through interviews with local experts and historians, the show brings to life the stories behind the places we see from above. From the ancient civilizations of the Southwest to the early settlers of Virginia, Aerial America reveals the rich cultural tapestry of the United States.

One of the most popular episodes of Aerial America is the one that explores Hawaii. This archipelago in the Pacific Ocean is one of the most remote places on earth, and the aerial footage captures its unmatched beauty and diversity. From the volcanic landscape of the Big Island to the breathtaking beaches of Maui, the natural wonders of Hawaii are truly awe-inspiring. The episode also delves into the unique culture and history of the Hawaiian people, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in this fascinating region.

In conclusion, Aerial America is a captivating and informative show that offers a unique perspective on the United States. By exploring the country from above, the show reveals the vastness and diversity of the American landscape in a way that is both mesmerizing and educational. Whether you are a die-hard fan of documentaries or just someone who wants to learn more about this great nation, Aerial America is definitely worth a watch.

Aerial America Episode List

Aerial America: Understanding the Nation’s Greatness

Aerial America Northeast

One of the most beautiful and captivating ways to learn and discover the diverse and unique parts of America is by watching the television series, Aerial America. This fascinating series takes you on a spectacular bird’s eye view journey across all fifty states of America, showcasing the nation’s greatness. You can immerse yourself, gasp at the breathtaking aerial shots, and learn about the fascinating culture, history, and customs of each state.

Aerial America is an educational series that is both informative and entertaining. It highlights the fantastic beauty of America from above. From coast to coast, this series shines a light on the best in America, from the hustle and bustle of the city life to the natural and wild landscapes that make America one of the most incredibly diverse and wondrous countries worldwide. Each episode is narrated in a way that encapsulates America’s complexity and always leaves the viewers itching to learn more.

When it comes to aerial shots, the folks behind Aerial America went above and beyond capturing America’s beauty. The show features some of the most exceptional cinematography that will leave you in awe. From the sand dunes and the mountains to the coastal shores, the impressive shots leave you feeling like you are exploring the country alongside the camera crew.

The spectacular and unparalleled filming style of Aerial America is a gem in its own right. And thanks to the detailed itinerary, the series provides; it is possible for viewers to learn about each state’s unique geography and history. Below are the episodes of Aerial America:

1. Aerial America: Alabama

2. Aerial America: Alaska

3. Aerial America: Arizona

4. Aerial America: Arkansas

5. Aerial America: California

6. Aerial America: Colorado

7. Aerial America: Connecticut

8. Aerial America: Delaware

9. Aerial America: Florida

10. Aerial America: Georgia

11. Aerial America: Hawaii

12. Aerial America: Idaho

13. Aerial America: Illinois

14. Aerial America: Indiana

15. Aerial America: Iowa

16. Aerial America: Kansas

17. Aerial America: Kentucky

18. Aerial America: Louisiana

19. Aerial America: Maine

20. Aerial America: Maryland

21. Aerial America: Massachusetts

22. Aerial America: Michigan

23. Aerial America: Minnesota

24. Aerial America: Mississippi

25. Aerial America: Missouri

26. Aerial America: Montana

27. Aerial America: Nebraska

28. Aerial America: Nevada

29. Aerial America: New Hampshire

30. Aerial America: New Jersey

31. Aerial America: New Mexico

32. Aerial America: New York

33. Aerial America: North Carolina

34. Aerial America: North Dakota

35. Aerial America: Ohio

36. Aerial America: Oklahoma

37. Aerial America: Oregon

38. Aerial America: Pennsylvania

39. Aerial America: Rhode Island

40. Aerial America: South Carolina

41. Aerial America: South Dakota

42. Aerial America: Tennessee

43. Aerial America: Texas

44. Aerial America: Utah

45. Aerial America: Vermont

46. Aerial America: Virginia

47. Aerial America: Washington

48. Aerial America: West Virginia

49. Aerial America: Wisconsin

50. Aerial America: Wyoming

Aerial America’s stunning visuals coupled with factual material make it an educational series that is accessible to viewers of all ages. It is worth watching the series to get a full picture of how America’s beauty exists in different parts of the country.

Episode List: From Coast to Coast: Uncovering America’s Hidden Gems

Aerial America

Aerial America is a documentary series that showcases the stunning beauty of America through aerial views. With over 120 episodes, each episode features a different state or region, highlighting the hidden gems, unique landscapes, and iconic landmarks that make America a diverse and beautiful country.

Here are some of the most remarkable episodes of Aerial America from coast to coast.



The California episode of Aerial America takes viewers on an extraordinary journey across the Golden State. The episode covers the major landmarks and hidden gems of California, including Yosemite National Park, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Hollywood Sign. The episode also features a close-up look at the fascinating engineering marvels of the state, such as the California Aqueduct and the Hoover Dam.

The episode also showcases the diverse geography of California, from the soaring mountains of the Sierra Nevada to the rugged coastlines of Big Sur and Los Angeles. California is known for its vibrant culture and the episode highlights this aspect as well, from the music of Hollywood to the murals of San Francisco’s Mission District.

New York

New York

New York is one of the most iconic states in America. The New York episode of Aerial America takes you on an unforgettable journey through New York City’s towering skyscrapers to the natural splendors of the Adirondack Mountains. The episode covers the most recognizable landmarks of the city, including the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and the Empire State Building, as well as the dynamic neighborhoods that make New York a melting pot of cultures.

But New York is more than just a city, and the episode showcases some of the state’s hidden gems, including the Finger Lakes, Niagara Falls, and the Hudson River Valley. The episode also highlights the state’s rich history, from the Revolutionary War battlegrounds of Saratoga to the birthplace of the Women’s Rights movement in Seneca Falls.



The Alaska episode of Aerial America takes you to one of the most remote and challenging places to film. The state is home to breathtaking scenery that can only be seen from the air, including towering glaciers, vast forests, and remote islands. The episode features the most stunning landscapes of Alaska, including Denali National Park, the Inside Passage, and the Kenai Fjords.

The episode also covers the unique culture of Alaska, from the indigenous people to the Russian influence on the state’s history. The episode showcases how life thrives in this remote and harsh environment, from the fishing communities along the coastline to the dog mushers in the interior.

Aerial America has covered many states over the years, and each episode reveals the hidden gems and unique beauty that each state has to offer. These episodes allow viewers to experience America from a different perspective, highlighting the natural splendors, rich history and vibrant culture that make America truly remarkable.

Top 10 must-see destinations according to Aerial America

New York City skyline

Aerial America has captured some of the most breathtaking destinations in the United States from a bird’s eye view. The show has covered all the 50 states and gives a unique perspective on America’s landscapes, landmarks, and monuments. If you’re looking for inspiration to travel or plan your next trip, here’s a list of the top 10 must-see destinations according to Aerial America. Whether you’re into nature, history or architecture, there’s something for everyone.

1. New York City, New York

New York City

The Big Apple is one of the most iconic cities in the world. The episode covers the skyscrapers, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building. Aerial America gives a new perspective on the city that never sleeps. You’ll be able to see the bustling streets, the vibrant colors, and the giant billboards from above. If you haven’t seen New York City from the air, this episode is a must-watch.

2. Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon

One of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders in the world, the Grand Canyon, is a sight to behold. The episode showcases the majestic rock formations, the Colorado River, and the vastness of the canyon. Aerial America captures the colors of the rocks at different times of the day when the sun hits them at different angles, giving you a different perspective. If you’re into hiking, you’ll appreciate the beauty and the magnitude of the canyon from an aerial view.

3. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago skyline

Chicago is known for its architecture, and this episode highlights that. You’ll see the Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears Tower, one of the tallest buildings in the world, The Loop, the Chicago River, and the Navy Pier. The aerial view captures the intricate details of the buildings and the city’s layout. You’ll see the different shades of blue in Lake Michigan, the parks, and the streets from above.

4. Hawaii


Hawaii is one of America’s most beautiful states, and this episode showcases its natural beauty. You’ll see the exotic beaches, the lush forests, and the active Kilauea Volcano. Aerial America takes you on a journey to the different islands that make up Hawaii, and you’ll see the waterfalls and the mountains from above. If you’re into surfing, this episode gives you a glimpse of the best surf spots in Hawaii.

5. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Strip

The city of lights is a spectacle from above. The episode captures the Bellagio fountains, the Luxor pyramid, the Stratosphere Tower, and the iconic Las Vegas Strip. Aerial America paints a vivid picture of the neon lights and the architecture of the hotels and casinos. You’ll see the city’s layout and how it’s surrounded by desert and mountains.

6. Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.

The heart of America’s political power, the nation’s capital, is a sight to behold from above. The episode covers the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the Washington Monument, the U.S. Capitol, and the White House. Aerial America gives you a unique perspective on the city’s layout and the vast green spaces around the monuments. You’ll be able to see how the National Mall connects the different landmarks.

7. San Francisco, California

San Francisco skyline

The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Lombard Street, and Coit Tower are some of the city’s most famous landmarks that the episode showcases. Aerial America captures the city’s hilly layout, the colorful Victorian houses, and the green spaces of Golden Gate Park. You can appreciate the city’s location on the bay and how it’s surrounded by water on three sides.

8. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is one of America’s first national parks, and it’s home to geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, and wildlife. The episode captures Old Faithful erupting, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone Lake, and the Grand Prismatic Spring. Aerial America shows you the vastness of the park and how it’s surrounded by mountains and forests. You’ll be able to see how the different colors of the springs change.

9. New Orleans, Louisana

New Orleans

The city that never stops having fun, New Orleans, is known for its music, food, and architecture. The episode showcases the French Quarter, Bourbon Street, the Superdome, and the Mississippi River. Aerial America captures the city’s unique layout, the colorful houses, and the green spaces of Audubon Park. You’ll see how the city is surrounded by swamps and how it’s affected by hurricanes.

10. Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota

Mt. Rushmore

The episode covers the iconic granite carvings of the presidents’ faces that are Mt. Rushmore’s most recognizable feature. Aerial America shows you how the sculpture was created, and you’ll see the Black Hills and the surrounding forests. You’ll get to appreciate the scale of the monument from an aerial view and how it’s integrated with the natural landscape.

These are the top 10 must-see destinations according to Aerial America. The show provides a unique perspective on America’s landscapes, landmarks, and monuments, and it’s a great way to explore the country from home. If you’re planning a trip or looking for inspiration, make sure to check out these episodes. From the Grand Canyon to New York City, to Hawaii, there’s something for everyone.

Behind the scenes of Aerial America and how they capture amazing footage

Aerial America

As viewers watch Aerial America, they are taken on a journey across the United States, experiencing its diverse landscapes and rich history from above. But capturing this breathtaking footage is not an easy task, and the production team at Smithsonian Channel goes above and beyond to ensure that viewers get a unique and engaging experience. Here are some behind-the-scenes details that you may have never known about the making of Aerial America:

1. The Equipment Used to Capture the Footage


One of the most impressive aspects of Aerial America is the quality of the footage captured. To do this, the production team utilizes some of the most advanced equipment available today. They use drones, helicopters, and planes with specialized camera systems to capture the stunning footage that viewers see on their screens. Drones enable the team to get closer to the earth’s surface and shoot footage from unique perspectives, while helicopters offer stability and smooth photography. The team also uses special cameras that can capture images in 6k resolution, providing incredible details and clarity that truly showcase the beauty of the United States from a bird’s eye view.

2. The Crew Behind the Cameras

Production Crew

Aerial America is produced by a dedicated crew of professionals who work tirelessly to capture every moment of footage needed for each episode. The crew includes directors, camera operators, sound technicians, producers, and production assistants who travel across the country to shoot and gather footage. Each episode takes months to plan and execute, and the team often spends weeks on location to ensure that they capture everything they need to make an engaging and informative episode. Their hard work and dedication are evident in the final product which is an exceptional show that takes viewers on a unique tour of America.

3. The Challenges Faced During Filming

Bad Weather

Aerial America is not without its challenges. The production team must deal with various obstacles that come with filming in different locations and weather patterns. It can be challenging to get the right shots in areas such as mountain ranges, deserts, and forests. They also deal with weather-related conditions, including rain, snow, and wind, which are often unpredictable. Despite these challenges, the team finds ways to get creative and capture stunning footage that showcases the beauty of America from above.

4. The Choices Made in Post-Production

Post Production

After filming all the footage, the post-production team works to create the final cut of each episode. They sift through hours of footage to select the best shots and assemble them in a cohesive and compelling story. Often, the footage collected on location does not fit together as smoothly as they would like. Therefore, the post-production team relies on special effects and animation to create transitions and to tie scenes together. They also work on color correction, sound mixing, and editing to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality.

5. The Collaborations that make Aerial America


Aerial America is a unique and collaborative project that relies on a diverse group of people to bring it to life. From the talented pilots who guide the planes and helicopters to the documentary historians who provide insightful commentary, every aspect of the show requires collaboration. The team also works closely with various organizations, including the National Park Service, to explore unique landscapes and provide viewers with an intimate look into America’s natural wonders. The result is a show that educates viewers on the history and culture of America while showcasing the country from an incredible perspective.

Overall, Aerial America is a testament to human ingenuity, creativity, and collaboration. The production team’s ability to operate advanced equipment, travel across the country, and work together to bring viewers stunning footage is awe-inspiring. With every episode, viewers are inspired to explore America and its rich history in a whole new way.

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