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FFXIV PvP Tier List 2021: Top Job Rankings

Understanding the FFXIV PVP Tier List


In Final Fantasy XIV, PVP (Player vs Player) can be an exciting and challenging experience. However, with so many jobs and abilities to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones are the most effective in PVP. This is where the FFXIV PVP tier list comes in: it is a guide that ranks all of the jobs based on their strengths and weaknesses.

The tier list is typically created by experienced players who have tested each job in various PVP scenarios and analyzed their performance. A job’s placement on the list is determined by several factors, such as their damage output, survivability, and utility. The top-tier jobs are typically the ones that perform well in all of these categories, while the lower-tier jobs may excel in one area but struggle in others.

It’s important to note that the tier list is not a hard and fast rule for PVP. There are many factors that can affect a job’s performance, such as player skill, team composition, and game mode. Additionally, a job’s placement on the tier list can change over time as new updates and patches are released that alter their strengths and weaknesses.

However, the tier list can still be a useful tool for players who are new to PVP and looking for guidance on which jobs to play. Here is an overview of the current FFXIV PVP tier list and what each tier represents:

  • S-Tier: These are the top-tier jobs that excel in all aspects of PVP. They have high damage output, excellent survivability, and valuable utility. Currently, the S-Tier jobs are Ninja, Summoner, and Warrior.
  • A-Tier: These jobs are still strong choices for PVP, but may have slight weaknesses in certain areas. They have good damage output, decent survivability, and useful utility. The A-Tier jobs are Bard, Black Mage, Dark Knight, and Red Mage.
  • B-Tier: These jobs are viable choices for PVP but may struggle in certain areas. They have average damage output and survivability but may lack utility compared to higher-ranked jobs. The B-Tier jobs are Dragoon, Monk, Paladin, and White Mage.
  • C-Tier: These jobs are generally weaker choices for PVP and may struggle in multiple areas. They have low damage output, poor survivability, and limited utility. The C-Tier jobs are Astrologian and Scholar.

It’s worth noting that just because a job is ranked lower on the tier list doesn’t mean it can’t be played effectively in PVP. Every job has its strengths and weaknesses, and it’s up to the player to make the most of them. With practice and experience, players can learn how to use any job to its fullest potential, regardless of its placement on the FFXIV PVP tier list.

In conclusion, the FFXIV PVP tier list is a helpful guide for players who are looking to get started in PVP and want to know which jobs to focus on. While it’s not a definitive ranking and may change over time, it can still provide insight into how each job performs in PVP and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Top Tier Jobs for PVP Battles in FFXIV


Participating in Player versus Player (PvP) battles in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) can be exciting, challenging, and rewarding. Engaging in PvP is not only a way to test your skills against other players but also to earn various rewards such as experience points, gil, and equipment. Choosing the right job for your PvP battles can make a huge difference in your success rate and enjoyment. Here is a list of the top tier jobs for PvP battles in FFXIV.

1. White Mage (WHM)


If you are looking for a support job that can turn the tide of a PvP battle, then the White Mage (WHM) is the go-to job. WHMs excel in healing and are capable of switching their focus between healing allies and damaging enemies. WHMs have several instant-cast abilities that can be used while moving, which gives them an advantage in mobility, making them hard to catch. They also have abilities that can remove debuffs from themselves and allies, making them a resilient job. A skilled WHM can keep their party alive while also contributing to the damage output of their team.

2. Samurai (SAM)


Samurais are a melee job that is all about fast and hard-hitting attacks. Unlike other melee jobs that have a harder time getting close to their targets, Samurais have several abilities that can close gaps quickly. They have high burst damage output, making them excellent for taking down single targets quickly, and they are also capable of dealing area-of-effect damage. Samurais also have several abilities that make them immune to crowd control effects, giving them an advantage in resisting enemy abilities that would otherwise hinder their mobility. A skilled Samurai can pick off enemies one by one or contribute to dealing significant damage to groups of enemies.

3. Bard (BRD)


Bards are a ranged job that can dish out constant damage while also providing support to their allies. Bards have several abilities that boost the damage output of themselves and their allies, making them a valuable job to have in any PvP party. They have high mobility, giving them an advantage in dodging enemy abilities while still being able to deal damage. Bards also have an ability that can instantly remove all debuffs from their allies, making them a valuable job when it comes to keeping allies alive. A skilled Bard can deal constant damage while also providing important support to their allies.

4. Black Mage (BLM)


Black Mages are a ranged job that specializes in dealing massive bursts of area-of-effect damage. They have several abilities that can quickly deal damage to groups of enemies, making them an excellent job for taking down multiple opponents at once. Black Mages also have several instant-cast abilities that can be used while moving, giving them an advantage in mobility. They have an ability that can slow down enemies, making it easier for allies to catch up to them or to move out of range of their abilities. A skilled Black Mage can quickly deal damage to groups of enemies and make it difficult for enemies to maneuver effectively.

5. Scholar (SCH)


The Scholar (SCH) is another support job that excels in healing allies while still being able to contribute to the damage output of their team. SCHs have several abilities that can quickly restore health to allies and keep them alive in intense battles. They also have abilities that can reduce the damage taken by allies, making them a resilient job. SCHs have several instant-cast abilities that can be used while moving, giving them an advantage in mobility. A skilled SCH can keep their party alive while also contributing to the damage output of their team.

Choosing the right job for your PvP battles in FFXIV is essential for achieving the best results and optimizing your rewards. WHMs and SCHs are excellent support jobs that can keep your party alive, SAMs and Bards are excellent damage-dealers that can turn the tide of battles, and BLMs specialize in dealing massive area-of-effect damage. Be sure to experiment with different jobs and find the one that suits your playing style the best. The more comfortable you are with your job, the better your PvP experience will be.

Mid-Tier PVP Jobs That Can Hold Their Own

ffxiv pvp tier list

When it comes to PVP in FFXIV, balance is always a tricky issue. Some jobs are just naturally better suited for PVP than others, and it can be hard for those underdog jobs to compete with the top tiers. However, there are plenty of jobs that fall somewhere in the middle, able to hold their own and contribute to a successful team. Here are three mid-tier PVP jobs to consider if you’re looking for a change of pace.


ffxiv bard job

The Bard is a ranged DPS job that is well-suited to PVP thanks to their mobility and support abilities. They have access to a variety of song effects that can boost the entire party’s damage, reduce incoming damage, or even silence enemies. They also have a number of instant-cast abilities and can move while casting some of their attacks, making them very hard to pin down. In PVP, the Bard shines as a team player who can dish out decent damage while also providing much-needed buffs and control effects.


ffxiv astrologian

The Astrologian is a healer job that is unique in that they can switch between two different sects – Diurnal and Nocturnal – mid-battle. Diurnal offers enhanced healing, while Nocturnal focuses more on shielding. This versatility can be key in PVP, as the Astrologian can adapt their playstyle on the fly to suit the situation. They also have access to a variety of crowd control abilities, making them a formidable opponent even when not focused on healing. While they may not have the raw healing power of a White Mage or the shields of a Scholar, their ability to adapt and control the battlefield can make them a welcome addition to any team.


ffxiv warrior

The Warrior is a tank job that excels in both defense and offense. In PVP, their ability to take a beating while also dealing damage makes them a valuable asset to any team. They have access to a variety of stuns and knockbacks, making them good at controlling enemy movement. They also have a self-healing ability that can help them stay alive even when focused by multiple enemies. Perhaps the most important aspect of the Warrior in PVP, however, is their ability to generate and hold aggro. By drawing enemy attention to themselves, they can give their teammates room to breathe and deal damage without fear of being targeted.

While these three jobs may not be as dominant in PVP as some others, they can still hold their own and make meaningful contributions to any team. Whether you’re looking for a new challenge or just want to mix things up, give these mid-tier PVP jobs a try.

Low Tier PVP Jobs to Consider Avoiding

FFXIV PvP Tier List

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) is famous for its in-depth and immersive player versus player (PVP) experience. In FFXIV’s PVP, players are encouraged to join a Grand Company and engage in various game modes such as the Frontline, The Feast, and Rival Wings. FFXIV offers 18 jobs, each with its unique set of skills and abilities. While most jobs are efficient in either player versus environment (PVE) or PVP, some jobs may not be perfect for PVP gameplay and are worth considering avoiding.

In this article, we will talk about the low-tier PVP jobs to consider avoiding in FFXIV’s PVP.

1. Black Mage

FFXIV Black Mage

As one of the most potent damage-dealers in FFXIV PVE, Black Mage struggles to keep up its A game in PVP. Black Mage is highly immobile, making it vulnerable to ranged classes such as Bard and Machinist. Black Mage’s long casting time also makes it easily interrupted, which could result in a net loss of damage output. Lastly, Black Mage’s ability to continuously cast spells will result in higher enmity from enemies and, in turn, increase the chances of getting targeted and killed.

2. Dragoon

FFXIV Dragoon

While Dragoon excels in PVE, it doesn’t translate well in PVP. Dragoon’s core mechanic, Jump, is highly telegraphed, making it an easy target for ranged classes to snipe down. Dragoon’s reliance on Jump also makes it highly predictable, allowing the opponents to react accordingly. Lastly, Dragoon’s lack of self-healing makes it easy prey for enemies who can burst its health down.

3. Monk


Monk’s PVP gameplay often boils down to using the same rotation. Its reliance on positionals, coupled with its low damage output outside of its Opo-opo and Raptor forms, makes Monk’s gameplay somewhat predictable and straightforward. Monk also has no reliable way to close gaps, making it vulnerable to ranged classes’ constant attacks. Lastly, Monk has no significant damage mitigation abilities, making it easy to kill when caught out of position.

4. Scholar

FFXIV Scholar

Scholar, as one of the two healing jobs in FFXIV, struggles to find a place in PVP. Unlike White Mage, who has higher burst healing and damage output, Scholar’s healing takes time to ramp up. In PVP, where burst damage is king, healing takes are primarily used to survive a burst rather than to heal. Scholar’s pet, Eos, is also highly vulnerable to AOE attacks, resulting in easily dispatching and leaving its owner without any healing support. Lastly, Scholar’s lack of damage output makes it easy to ignore in skirmishes, making it less useful compared to a more damage-oriented job.

Knowing which jobs to avoid while playing PVP is crucial to ensure that your team is at its best fighting form. The suggested jobs above may have a lower-tier ranking, but they can still be effective with the right composition and strategy. Try experimenting and see which jobs work best for you.

Tips for Climbing the FFXIV PVP Ranks

ffxiv pvp ranks

Final Fantasy XIV PvP can be a thrilling experience for gamers who seek to challenge their skills against other players. However, climbing the ranks in PvP can be a tough and time-consuming task. It requires a lot of strategy, skill, and patience. In this section, we will discuss some tips for climbing the FFXIV PvP ranks.

Find the Right Job

ffxiv sage

In Final Fantasy XIV, there are a lot of jobs, and each of them has its own set of abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. While playing PvP, it is essential to choose the right job. Each job has its own unique skillset, and some jobs are better suited for PvP than others. Choosing the wrong job can make it harder for you to climb the ranks. For example, jobs such as the Red Mage and Sage have high mobility and can deal a lot of damage in PvP, making them great choices for the arena.

Learn your Job’s Abilities

ffxiv samurai

Once you find the right job, the next step is to learn its abilities. Understanding your job’s abilities and when to use them can help you significantly in PvP. Knowing your job’s crowd control abilities, burst damage, and defensive abilities is crucial to success in PvP. For Instance, Samurai can deal massive damage and are wonderful to focus down targets, they also possess great survivability tools like Second Wind, Third Eye, and proper usage of Seigan.

Work on your Gear

ffxiv gear

Gear is an essential part of PvP gameplay in Final Fantasy XIV. It can make a significant difference in battles. PvP gear is different from PvE gear, and players will need to grind to obtain higher-quality PvP gear. Always aim for higher tier gear when it becomes achievable to keep up with other players that take part in PvP. This can increase your survivability against other players and increase damage output immensely.

Coordinate with your Team

ffxiv team

Coordinating with your team can make a significant difference in PvP battles. Communication is key and without it, achieving your goals can become an even more challenging task. Working with your team can help players to achieve objectives easier and increase the chances of victory. Always remember to support your backline and focus on enemy healers as a priority. Crowding and focusing a medic’s target when attacking a point or team fights can quickly swing the battle in your favor.

Practice makes Perfect

ffxiv pvp

Last but not least, practice regularly. PvP is not an easy part of Final Fantasy XIV content, and practice is the only way to improve your skills. There are some excellent opportunities to practice with in-game tournaments and PvP queues. To climb up the ranks, you need to learn and learn from each game you play. Understanding your job is great, but putting it into practice is where it pays off.

In conclusion, climbing up the ranks of Final Fantasy XIV PvP might be challenging, but following these tips can make it far easier. Remember to choose the right job, understand its abilities, gear up, coordinate with your team, and practice regularly. By implementing these tips into your gameplay, you will soon be climbing up those ranks in no time.

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