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Exploring the Epic Mission List in Lightfall Campaign

Overview of Lightfall Campaign

Lightfall campaign

The Lightfall campaign is a fantasy tabletop RPG game developed by Wyvern Gaming. It is set in a unique universe that combines medieval mythology with science fiction. Players are given the task of leading their characters through a series of missions, unraveling the mysteries of the Lightfall universe, and saving their world from destruction.

The Lightfall campaign is designed to be played with a group of 2-6 players, with one player serving as the game master. The game provides players with a flexible RPG experience that enables players to have ultimate control over their characters and the events that unfold around them.

Before any mission begins, players are tasked with creating their own custom characters using a point-buy system that allows them to assign points to their characters’ attributes. Players can create a wide range of characters, from stealthy thieves to mighty warriors, making the game infinitely replayable.

Each mission in the Lightfall campaign builds upon the previous one, forming a cohesive story that gradually takes players deeper into the universe’s mythology and reveals more of the danger faced by the world. Missions typically last around 2-4 hours, giving players plenty of time to immerse themselves in the game’s world and develop their characters.

One of the unique elements of the Lightfall campaign is its use of a custom dice system. Players use a set of six-sided dice, with each die having a different color. The color of the die determines the type of roll being made, with some dice being rolled for attack, while others are used for defense or skill checks.

The Lightfall campaign includes a wide range of enemies that players will encounter throughout their adventures. Some enemies are minor threats, such as goblins or bandits, while others are powerful creatures that require a significant amount of planning and teamwork to defeat.

The Lightfall campaign provides players with a rich and immersive RPG experience that combines exciting combat with deep storytelling elements. Each mission provides players with new challenges and threats to confront, allowing them to develop their characters and become more invested in the game’s world.

Importance of Missions in Lightfall Campaign

Lightfall Campaign Missions

Lightfall is one of the latest game in the RPG genre. The game is developed by Lost Age Games and features a brilliantly articulated story and CG. The game has received a massive response from the gamers globally due to its highly interactive design, characters, and gaming style. The Lightfall campaign missions are an essential part of the game as they allow the player to progress through the plot by completing specific objectives, tasks, and battles.

At the very beginning, the game sets a series of missions that must be accomplished one-by-one before the player can move on from one part of the game to another. There are different types of missions in the game, and each mission has a distinct objective, which is critical to the plot. The missions can be as simple as helping someone out with their professions or as strategic as defeating a boss with a weakness. The perfect execution of the mission allows the gamer to progress through the game and have a great adventure.

The missions are generally situated in different locations, which adds complexity to the gameplay style. It is not as simple as going from one point to another in the game world. There will be puzzles, enemies, allies, and traps that the player has to navigate through. The missions are the perfect opportunity for the player to engage with the environment and game world in a way that they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. These environments, in turn, are rich with side-quests and ambient storytelling.

The player’s participation in the missions is fundamental to the game’s story design. The player’s input leads to significant plot advancement, dialogue revealing backstory, and character development. These missions ensure that the player feels like an essential component of the game world. Thus, the game design provides a sense of accomplishment upon mission complete, helping the gamer to feel that their time is well spent. The sense of accomplishment persuades the player’s participatory involvement in the game on an ongoing basis, which is the ultimate goal of the game.

Moreover, the mission’s importance extends beyond plot development as missions also provide resources, gear, and experience to the gamers. The rewards exist in different quantities based on the role the mission plays in the game story. Rewards may be legendary items, a ton of experience, currency, or other valuable objects that can be used to enhance the character or gain an edge on their quest to become the ultimate hero in the game. These rewards make the missions thrilling and can keep the gamer coming back for more.

In conclusion, mission play is fundamental in Lightfall as players explore the game world, interact with the environment, advance the plot, and develop characters. The mission’s strategic placement makes the game challenging and provides variety that people expect from an RPG. Additionally, mission rewards add depth to the game, attract players to the game, and provide a sense of accomplishment after completing the plot. The Lightfall campaign mission’s essence is fundamental, without which the game’s objectives, strategies, and gameplay would not be complete.

Lightfall Campaign Mission Types

Lightfall Campaign Mission Types

The Lightfall Campaign in the popular game Destiny 2 is divided into several different mission types, each with their own unique goals and challenges. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at each of these mission types and what players can expect from them.

Story Missions

Story Missions Destiny 2

Story Missions are the bread and butter of the Lightfall Campaign, serving as the primary way to progress the game’s overarching narrative. These missions typically involve a combination of combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving as players work to uncover the secrets of the Darkness and the fate of the galaxy. Some story missions are designed to be completed solo, while others may require players to team up with others to overcome more challenging obstacles.

Players can expect each story mission to have a unique setting and theme, with varied mission objectives and enemy encounters. Some missions may require players to defend a location from waves of enemies, while others may involve infiltrating a heavily guarded facility to retrieve important information or artifacts.

Strike Missions

Strike Missions Destiny 2

Strike Missions are cooperative missions designed for teams of three players. These missions are usually more challenging than story missions and require coordination and strategy to complete. Each strike mission has a unique boss encounter at the end, which requires precise teamwork and coordination to defeat.

Like story missions, strike missions feature a variety of objectives and settings. While some strikes may take place on the surface of an alien planet, others may involve infiltrating a Fallen stronghold or defending a city from a Cabal attack.

In addition to providing a tougher challenge than story missions, strike missions also offer unique rewards for players who complete them. These rewards can include powerful weapons, armor, and other rare loot.

Raid Missions

Raid Missions Destiny 2

Raid missions are the ultimate test of teamwork and skill in Destiny 2. These missions require teams of six players to work together to overcome a series of complex puzzles and challenges before facing off against a final boss encounter. In addition to requiring top-tier gear and weapons, raid missions also demand careful coordination and preparation from all six players.

Raid missions are often some of the most challenging and time-consuming missions in the Lightfall Campaign, with some taking several hours to complete. However, the rewards for completing a raid mission are some of the best in the game, including exclusive weapons, armor, and other rare loot.

Overall, the Lightfall Campaign offers a variety of mission types to suit a wide range of playstyles and skill levels. Whether players prefer to tackle the campaign solo or team up with others for cooperative missions, there’s something for everyone in Destiny 2’s latest expansion.

Campaign Mission List: Story Missions

Lightfall Story Missions

The Lightfall campaign in Destiny 2 is one of the most enthralling storylines filled with mystery, intrigue and a sense of impending doom. The Guardians are called upon to fight a dangerous new enemy that is entirely different from the ones they faced before. The Lightfall campaign is divided into several missions, with each one revealing bits and pieces of the story as it unfolds. In this article, we will be discussing the story missions included in the Lightfall campaign and their significance.

1. Rising Chorus

Rising Chorus

The first mission in the Lightfall campaign is titled Rising Chorus. The mission starts with a mysterious distress call that the guardians receive from an unknown source. The source is later revealed to be the Queen of the Awoken, who is in grave danger. The guardians have to navigate through a massive space battle between the Awoken and the new enemy to reach the Queen. This mission sets the tone for the rest of the campaign and introduces the new enemy that the Guardians have to face.

2. Queen’s Gambit

Queen's Gambit

Queen’s Gambit is another mission in the Lightfall campaign that involves the Awoken Queen. This mission picks up right where Rising Chorus left off, and the guardians have to help the Awoken Queen secure a crucial artifact that holds the key to defeating the new enemy. The mission takes place in an intricate dungeon filled with tough enemies and traps.

3. The New Darkness

The New Darkness

The New Darkness is one of the most important missions in the Lightfall campaign as it reveals the identity of the new enemy that the Guardians are tasked with fighting. The guardians discover that the enemy is not like anything they have encountered before and is much more powerful. The mission takes place in a dark and eerie environment where the guardians must navigate through various obstacles to find out more about their enemy.

4. Reckoning


Reckoning is a crucial mission in the Lightfall campaign that has the Guardians confront their fears and insecurities. The mission takes place in a realm of darkness that is a manifestation of each guardian’s darkest fears. The guardians have to fight through this realm and overcome their fears to reach their ultimate goal. This mission is also a metaphor for the Guardians’ journey towards becoming stronger and braver.

5. Beyond Lightfall

Beyond Lightfall

The final mission in the Lightfall campaign is titled Beyond Lightfall, and it is the culmination of everything that the Guardians have been fighting for. The mission takes place in a massive space battle, and the Guardians have to fight alongside the Awoken to defeat the new enemy. Beyond Lightfall is a high-octane mission that is filled with explosive action and epic moments. The mission also ties up all the loose ends in the story and provides a satisfying conclusion to the campaign.

In conclusion, the Lightfall campaign is one of the most enthralling storylines in Destiny 2 that is filled with mystery, action, and adventure. Each mission offers something unique to the story, and the Guardians must overcome various obstacles to save the galaxy from a new enemy. The various missions in the Lightfall campaign are well-crafted, and they provide players with the perfect platform to experience the epic story of Destiny 2.

Campaign Mission List: Side Missions

Lightfall Side Missions

Side missions are the bread and butter of any campaign, and Lightfall is no exception. These missions may not be as critical to the main story as the primary missions, but they offer their own unique challenges and rewards. Here are five of the best side missions in Lightfall:

Pest Control

Pest Control

The first side mission on our list is “Pest Control,” and it is one of the most memorable ones in the game. As the name suggests, your objective is to eliminate as many Acolytes as possible in a specific area. The twist is that these Acolytes are Corpse Eaters and can only be killed through a specific method. The mission adds a horror element to the game, making it a fun and spooky challenge.

The Relic

The Relic

In “The Relic,” you and your team must retrieve a stolen artifact from the hands of enemy forces. What makes this mission stand out is that the game does not guide you to the exact location of the artifact. Instead, you must rely on your team’s intuition and problem-solving skills to find it. The mission requires strategic thinking and teamwork, making it both challenging and rewarding.



Endgame is a mission that unlocks after completing the main campaign. In this mission, you must face off against the toughest enemy in the game, the Nemesis. The Nemesis has a massive health pool and requires a well-coordinated team to take down. The mission is a great way to reward those who have completed the campaign and want to challenge themselves further.

Damsel in Distress

Damsel in Distress

Damsel in Distress is a mission that requires speed and agility. In this mission, you must rescue a kidnapped Princess from a heavily fortified enemy base. The twist is that the princess is not held in one location, and you must search the surrounding areas to find her. The mission offers a great sense of urgency and requires quick decision-making skills from the player.



Takeover is a unique mission that requires the player to infiltrate an enemy stronghold to take control of it. The mission offers multiple paths and approaches, allowing you to decide how you’ll take on the enemy forces. By taking over the base, you’ll gain access to better weapons and gear, which will help you on subsequent missions. The mission requires stealth, strategy, and patience, making it one of the best side missions in the game.

In conclusion, Lightfall offers a variety of side missions to complement the main story campaign. These missions are essential in providing players with challenges, rewards, and a reason to keep coming back to the game. Pest Control, The Relic, Endgame, Damsel in Distress, and Takeover are just some of the best side missions in Lightfall.