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Top 10 TMs to Teach Your Pokémon in Pokémon Red

Introduction to TMs in Pokemon Red

TM case

In the world of Pokemon, Technical Machines (TMs) are a crucial tool for trainers to teach their Pokemon different moves to help them progress through the game. In Pokemon Red, there are 50 TMs scattered throughout the Kanto region, each with their unique move, power, and accuracy. Unlike Hidden Machines (HMs), which are used to teach Pokemon moves necessary to progress through the game, TMs can be used to teach any Pokemon any move, as long as they are compatible with that move type.

In Pokemon Red, TMs can be found in various places, such as hidden rooms, prize giveaways, and even purchased in Celadon City’s Department Store. Each TM can only be used once, so trainers must choose wisely which Pokemon to teach the moves to, as they cannot be undone. However, some TMs can be obtained more than once in the game, making it easier for trainers to experiment with different movesets without fear of wasting rare resources.

Some of the most popular and powerful TMs in Pokemon Red include Psychic, Thunderbolt, and Earthquake. These moves are strong against many types of Pokemon and can often help trainers take down tough opponents. However, TMs like Self-Destruct and Explosion can also be useful, as they can deal massive damage to opponents but can also cause the user to faint in the process.

Trainers can also use TMs strategically to create specific movesets for their Pokemon. For example, trainers can use TMs like Ice Beam and Flamethrower to give their Pokemon a wide range of move types, making them more versatile in battle. Additionally, using TMs like Swords Dance and Agility can give the Pokemon a powerful boost in attack power and speed, respectively, making them a deadly force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Overall, TMs are essential tools for trainers looking to improve their Pokemon’s movepool and create unique and powerful movesets. They can be found throughout the game, and trainers must use them wisely to ensure they help their Pokemon succeed in battle.

How to Obtain TMs in Pokemon Red

TM Locations in Pokemon Red

Technical Machines, or TMs, are special items that can teach a Pokemon a new move, and they are extremely useful in battles. In Pokemon Red, there are 50 TMs to collect, each with a unique move. This article is a guide to help you locate and obtain each TM in Pokemon Red.

1. Purchasing TMs

Celadon Department Store

The easiest way to obtain TMs in Pokemon Red is by purchasing them from various shops. In Celadon City, you can go to the Celadon Department Store and visit the fourth floor where they sell TMs. You can buy TM13 (Ice Beam), TM24 (Thunderbolt), TM34 (Bide), TM35 (Metronome), and TM43 (Sky Attack) in this store.

In Viridian City, you can purchase TM42 (Dream Eater) from the Pokemon Fan Club Chairman for 9999 PokeDollars. In Saffron City, you can buy TM29 (Psychic) from the souvenir shop for 3500 PokeDollars.

2. Finding TMs in Hidden Locations

Finding the Hidden TM Case

Some TMs in Pokemon Red can be found in hidden locations that require a bit of exploration. The first step to finding hidden TMs is to obtain the hidden TM case. You can obtain it by using the Itemfinder in the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town. After obtaining the hidden TM case, you can start searching for hidden TMs in various locations.

TM03 (Swords Dance) can be found in the Safari Zone. It is located in Area 3, where you need to use the HM03 (Surf) to get to a hidden spot and collect the TM.

TM24 (Thunderbolt) can also be found in the Power Plant. You need to enter the plant and explore until you find a room with a switch. Press the switch to turn on the electricity in the plant, and then locate the TM on the other side of the area.

TM47 (Explosion) can be found in the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island. Explore the mansion until you reach the basement, where you can find the TM hidden among the debris.

3. Obtaining TMs from NPCs

Goldenrod Department Store

In addition to finding TMs in hidden locations and purchasing them, you can also obtain TMs from special NPCs in the game.

In Pewter City, an NPC located in the Museum will give you TM28 (Dig). You can also obtain TM48 (Rock Slide) by talking to an NPC in the Goldenrod Department Store basement.

If you teach a Pokemon Surf and use it to travel to the Seafoam Islands, you can obtain TM13 (Ice Beam) from an NPC located on the first floor of the islands.

By following these methods, you’ll be able to obtain all 50 TMs in Pokemon Red. Just make sure that you use them strategically during battles to maximize their potential!

List of TMs available in Pokemon Red

TMs in Pokemon Red

If you’re looking for ways to train your Pokemon in Pokemon Red, then TMs (Technical Machines) are your best bet. TMs are special machines that teach your Pokemon new moves. In this guide, we’ll go over all the TMs available in Pokemon Red and how to obtain them.

1. TM01 – Mega Punch

TM01 Mega Punch

TM01 Mega Punch is a powerful move that has 80 base power and 85% accuracy. It can be taught to Pokemon that have arms or similar appendages, such as Machop, Hitmonlee, and Kangaskhan. You can find TM01 in the Viridian City Gym after defeating Giovanni, the gym leader.

2. TM08 – Body Slam

TM08 Body Slam

TM08 Body Slam is a Normal-type move that has 85 base power and 100% accuracy. It has a 30% chance of paralyzing the target. You can buy TM08 from the Celadon City Department Store for 3,500 Poke Dollars.

3. TM24 – Thunderbolt

TM24 Thunderbolt

TM24 Thunderbolt is an Electric-type move that has 95 base power and 100% accuracy. It has a 10% chance of paralyzing the target. It can be taught to Electric-type Pokemon such as Pikachu, Jolteon, and Zapdos. You can find TM24 on the third floor of the Power Plant.

Getting your hands on these powerful TMs takes a bit of effort, but the payoff is definitely worth it. Mega Punch, Body Slam, and Thunderbolt are just three of the many TMs available in Pokemon Red. Experiment and see which ones work best for you and your Pokemon.

List of TMs in Pokemon Red

Best TMs to Use in Pokemon Red

Best TMs to Use in Pokemon Red

TM stands for Technical Machine in the world of Pokemon, which can be used to teach a move to a Pokémon. These TMs can be found throughout the game in different locations or can be purchased in some PokeMarts. The key to defeating the Elite Four and the Champion is your team and the moves that you have taught them. Let’s take a look at the best TMs to use in Pokemon Red.

1. TM 24 – Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt is the best Electric-type move in the game and can be taught to most Electric-type Pokemon. With a base power of 95 and 100% accuracy, this move deals significant damage to opponents. It can be obtained by defeating Lt. Surge, the leader of Vermilion City’s Gym.

2. TM 15 – Hyper Beam

Hyper Beam is an incredibly powerful Normal-type move with a base power of 150 and 90% accuracy. It is only recommended for strong Pokemon with a high Special stat since this move causes the user to recharge for one turn. It can be purchased in the Celadon City Department Store for ₽75000.

3. TM 26 – Earthquake

Earthquake is one of the best Ground-type moves in the game and deals significant damage to opponents. With a base power of 100 and 100% accuracy, it can be taught to most Ground-type Pokemon. It can be found in Silph Co., located in Saffron City.

4. TM 28 – Dig
TM 28 - Dig

Dig is a Ground-type move with a base power of 100 and 100% accuracy. It is also useful in dodging moves since it allows the user to dig underground for a turn before dealing damage. Taught to a Pokemon with a high Attack stat, it can easily defeat electric, steel, and rock types. This TM can be found in the Cerulean City’s underground path.

5. TM 13 – Ice Beam

Ice Beam is an excellent Ice-type move and can be taught to most Ice-type Pokemon. With a base power of 95 and 100% accuracy, it is an excellent move to use against Dragon and Flying types. It can be found in the Seafoam Islands.

Overall, the usage of these TMs is vital for success in the game. The moves that you teach to your Pokemon will determine how easily you can defeat your opponent and progress through the game. Remember that a well-balanced team is key to success in the game and using the best TMs will make sure that you get the upper hand.

Tactical Tips for Using TMs in Pokemon Red

Tactical Tips for Using TMs in Pokemon Red

Technical Machines, or TMs, are special items in Pokemon Red that give your Pokemon new moves to use in battle. These moves can be critical to your success, especially when facing tough opponents like Gym Leaders and the Elite Four. Here are some tactical tips for using TMs in Pokemon Red:

1. Choose TMs that Complement Your Pokemon’s Natural Abilities

TMs that Complement Your Pokemon's Natural Abilities

When deciding which TMs to give to your Pokemon, try to choose ones that complement its existing abilities. For example, if your Pokemon is already strong in physical attacks, giving it a TM that boosts its Defense or Special Defense might be more helpful than one that gives it another physical attack. Conversely, if your Pokemon is already strong in special attacks, a TM that gives it a physical attack might be a good choice.

2. Save TMs for Key Battles

Save TMs for Key Battles

Since TMs are one-time-use items, it’s important to use them wisely. Save them for key battles, such as Gym Leader battles or Elite Four battles, where you really need that extra edge. Don’t waste your TMs on minor battles where they’re not really necessary.

3. Plan Ahead for Evolution

Plan Ahead for Evolution

When a Pokemon evolves, it may learn new moves naturally, or its stats may change. This can affect which TMs it can learn or which ones will be most effective. Before using a TM on a Pokemon that is likely to evolve soon, check to see what new moves it will learn and whether its stats will change. This can help you choose the best TM for that Pokemon and ensure that you’re not wasting it.

4. Consider the Type of the Move

Consider the Type of the Move

In addition to considering your Pokemon’s natural abilities, you should also consider the type of the move you’re giving it. Some types are more effective against certain Pokemon types than others. For example, Grass-type moves are super-effective against Water-type Pokemon, so giving a Grass-type move to your Pokemon might be a good choice if you’re facing a lot of Water-type opponents.

5. Don’t be Afraid to Replace TM Moves

Don't be Afraid to Replace TM Moves

Finally, don’t be afraid to replace TM moves that aren’t working well. If you find that a certain move isn’t effective or isn’t being used often, you can always replace it with a different TM move. Just make sure to use the Move Deleter in Fuchsia City to delete the move first, or else you’ll lose it permanently.

By following these tactical tips for using TMs in Pokemon Red, you can make sure that your Pokemon have the most effective moves possible to help you in battle. With the right moves at your disposal, even the toughest opponents can be defeated!