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The Ultimate Lumineers Set List: Songs You Can Expect at Their Live Shows

What are Lumineers?


Lumineers is an American folk-rock band that was formed in Denver, Colorado in 2005. The band consists of Wesley Schultz (vocals, guitar), Jeremiah Fraites (drums, percussion), and Neyla Pekarek (cello, vocals). The band’s sound is characterized by their use of acoustic instruments and heartfelt lyrics.

Lumineers gained popularity in 2012 with the release of their self-titled debut album, which included the hit single “Ho Hey”. The song featured catchy melodies, a cheerful beat, and relatable lyrics. It quickly climbed the charts and eventually reached the top ten in several countries including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Their second album, “Cleopatra”, was released in 2016 and was a commercial success. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart and received critical acclaim for its storytelling and emotional depth. The band’s third album, “III”, was released in 2019 and featured a series of interconnected music videos. The album explores themes of addiction, mental health, and family relationships.

Lumineers are known for their energetic and emotional live performances. They have played at several festivals around the world including Bonnaroo, Coachella, and Glastonbury. Their setlist includes a mix of fan favorites such as “Stubborn Love”, “Ophelia”, and “Cleopatra”, as well as newer songs like “Gloria” and “Life in the City”.

In addition to their music, Lumineers are also known for their philanthropic efforts. They have partnered with organizations such as the National Park Foundation and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to raise money and awareness for important causes. They also run their own foundation, the Lumineers Foundation, which supports grassroots projects in the areas of education, arts, and the environment.

Overall, Lumineers are a talented and heartfelt band that have captured the hearts of fans around the world with their sincere lyrics and energetic live performances. From their humble beginnings in Colorado to their current status as international stars, Lumineers continue to inspire listeners with their music and their commitment to making the world a better place.

Lumineers’ Top Hit Songs

Lumineers Top Hit Songs

The Lumineers are one of the most popular indie-folk bands in the world. They have made many hits that have transcended music genres and appealed to a much wider audience than traditional folk music. Here are some of their top hit songs that have taken the music industry by storm.

1. “Ho Hey”

Ho Hey Lumineers

“Ho Hey” is one of the most popular hits of the Lumineers. It was released in 2012 as the band’s first single from their debut album. The song’s catchy melody and sing-along lyrics have made it a staple in many radio stations and playlists worldwide. “Ho Hey” also has a significant cultural impact, making its way into TV shows, films, and even commercials.

The band explained in an interview with Rolling Stone that the song is about the joy of being in love. The chorus goes, “I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart.” These lyrics are simple, yet powerful, and they have struck a chord with many people worldwide.

2. “Ophelia”

Ophelia Lumineers

“Ophelia” was released in 2016 as the lead single from the band’s second album, “Cleopatra.” The song is an upbeat, folky tune with a sing-along chorus that explains the story of a woman named Ophelia who seems to have lost her mind. The song features a catchy guitar riff, and the band’s trademark tambourine and foot stomping beats.

The lyrics of the song are introspective and cryptic, with phrases like “I feel like Ophelia, stuck in a world full of liars.” The song’s music video, which goes hand in hand with the song’s lyrics, features frontman Wesley Schultz wandering through a party as Ophelia, played by actress, model, and singer Anna Cordell, dances and sings along.

The song’s infectious melody and relatable lyrics made it an instant hit for the Lumineers. It has since been certified platinum in the U.S. and has charted in many other countries.

3. “Stubborn Love”

Stubborn Love Lumineers

“Stubborn Love” is a melancholic folk tune with a strong rhythm and an emotional message. The song was released in 2012 as part of the band’s debut album and quickly became an audience favorite. The song’s lyrics deal with themes of love, loss, and the challenges that come with trying to hold onto true love.

The song features an intricate guitar riff, which complements Schultz’s poignant vocals. The song’s music video, directed by Isaac Ravishankara, follows a couple’s relationship through ups and downs and showcases the song’s emotional impact.

The Lumineers have performed “Stubborn Love” on many occasions, including at musical festivals such as Coachella. The song has become a standard for the band and has helped them to establish a unique musical identity.

4. “Cleopatra”

Cleopatra Lumineers

“Cleopatra” is a title track from the Lumineers’ second album, released in 2016. The song is a haunting ballad with a slow build-up and intricate instrumentation. The song’s lyrics tell the story of a woman named Cleopatra, who lives and loves on her own terms and defies societal expectations.

The song’s music video, directed by Isaac Ravishankara and starring the actress Anna Cordell, is a cinematic masterpiece. The video immerses the viewers in the song’s story and showcases the band’s impeccable taste in visuals and storytelling.

“Cleopatra” has been praised by critics and audiences alike for its unique sound and meaningful lyrics. The song has helped to establish the Lumineers as one of the most talented and innovative bands of their generation.

The Lumineers have many more hits that have made an impact in the music industry. Their unique blend of folk music, indie rock, and pop sensibilities has created a sound that is both timeless and contemporary. Whether they are performing in a small club or a massive stadium, the Lumineers always bring their A-game and leave the audience begging for more.

The Lumineers’ Live Performances

The Lumineers Performing Live

The Lumineers are renowned for their energetic and passionate live performances. The band’s setlist is just as much a part of the show as their music; it’s carefully curated to give fans an unrivalled musical experience. The band’s extensive and diverse repertoire is always a crowd-pleaser, and fans are never left disappointed. Here is a look into some of the tracks that feature in their setlist:

1. “Ho Hey”

The Lumineers' 'Ho Hey'

“Ho Hey” is a staple in The Lumineers’ setlist. The track, which was the band’s breakthrough hit, is a joyous and upbeat anthem that has the power to make fans sing, dance, and jump along with the band. The beautiful harmonies and catchy melody guarantee that “Ho Hey” is a highlight of any Lumineers show.

2. “Ophelia”

The Lumineers' 'Ophelia'

“Ophelia” is one of The Lumineers’ most beloved tracks taken from their second album “Cleopatra”. It is a pop-influenced, uptempo tune that showcases The Lumineers’ trademark acoustic folk-rock sound. The irresistible “ah-ah-ah-ah” chant chant in the chorus gets the crowd going; the song’s infectious melody is impossible to resist.

3. “Gloria”

The Lumineers' 'Gloria'

The Lumineers’ latest album “III” features “Gloria”, an emotional and intense track that tells the story of a woman struggling with addiction. It is a departure from their signature sound, but the energy and passion with which the band performs this song make it an unforgettable experience. The song’s raw emotion and raw beauty create an atmosphere that is both poignant and uplifting.

The Lumineers are known for their ability to create an unforgettable live performance. Their unique blend of folk, country, and rock influences with lyrics that resonate with their fans makes their live shows a special event. The band’s setlist features tracks from their three albums that showcase their vast musical range and are guaranteed to have the audience singing and dancing along.

Behind the Scenes: Creating the Lumineers’ Set List


Choosing the perfect set list for a band’s concert is one of the most important aspects of planning the show. The Lumineers are no exception, and their set list is carefully crafted to showcase their unique talent and connect with their audience. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at how The Lumineers’ set list is created.

1. Starting with a Core Set List

For established bands like The Lumineers, they usually start with a core set list that they have been using on their previous shows. This set list consists of their most popular and familiar songs that have been well-received by their fans. This will be the foundation of their upcoming concerts. The Lumineers spent a lot of time last year touring for their album “III.” Hence they had the perfect core setlist as the album got a good response from the audience.

2. Incorporating New Songs and Special Requests


After selecting their core set list, The Lumineers will then add in some new songs from their upcoming album or other new releases. In addition to this, the band takes into consideration unique requests from fans, including songs they haven’t played in a while or covers of songs that have sentimental value. Sometimes they even take these requests directly from the fans via social media. “We’ve seen so many great ideas out there. People asking for covers; we’ve done Simon and Garfunkel and Leonard Cohen, and we got a request for ‘What’s Going On’ by Marvin Gaye. We thought, ‘That’s brilliant,'” Wesley Schultz, the lead vocalist of the band, said in an interview.

3. Creating a Narrative and Energy flow


Once the new songs and special requests are incorporated into the core set list, The Lumineers then move onto creating a narrative for their set. This means arranging and organizing the order of their songs to create a particular flow, build momentum, and avoid interruptions in the show. They pay close attention to the energy level of each song, alternating between slow ballads and more upbeat tracks to keep the audience engaged.

4. Testing and Rehearsing the Set List


Finally, The Lumineers test and rehearse their set list before performing in front of a live audience and often adjust it based on the feedback from the team and how the audience responds during rehearsals. Most importantly, they continue to make changes and additions to the set list throughout the tour to keep it fresh and exciting.

In conclusion, creating a set list for a concert takes a lot of careful consideration, planning, and creativity. For The Lumineers, their set list is a unique blend of their classic and new songs, requests from fans, a carefully constructed narrative, and constant experimentation. Their set list is an essential tool for connecting with their fans and creating an unforgettable experience for audiences around the world.

Anticipated Set Lists for Future Lumineers Performances

Lumineers Set List

The Lumineers have established themselves as a top folk/pop band, and they have a vast catalogue of hit songs that fans love to hear in concert. As they look towards future performances, fans are already anticipating what songs the band will play, and what surprises they may have in store.

One thing is for sure, the band always makes sure to play fan favorites like “Ho Hey,” “Stubborn Love,” and “Ophelia.” These songs get the crowd pumped up and singing along, creating a memorable experience for everyone in attendance.

However, the Lumineers’ discography extends far beyond those few hits, and dedicated fans are hoping to hear some of the deeper cuts during their future concerts. Songs like “Charlie Boy,” “Angela,” and “Slow It Down” have all become fan favorites, and concert-goers would love to see them added to the set list.

Another aspect of a Lumineers concert that fans are already speculating about is the band’s stage setup. The band is known for their energetic performances, full of foot-stomping and hand-clapping, and their sets are always visually striking. One can only imagine what they will come up with for future shows, but it’s sure to be a spectacle.

Regardless of what songs they play or how the stage looks, fans are in for a treat when they see the Lumineers in concert. With their infectious energy and catchy songs, they always put on an unforgettable show for their fans.

Collaborations on the Horizon?

Lumineers Collaborations

Another topic that fans are buzzing about when it comes to the Lumineers is potential collaborations. While the band is known for their distinct sound, they have proven to be open to working with diverse artists in the past.

In 2019, the Lumineers released a collaboration with Scottish singer-songwriter Annie Lennox called “Let It Be Me,” which was met with widespread acclaim. The song highlights the band’s ability to blend their sound with another artist’s seamlessly, and it left fans eager for more collaborations from the band.

One potential direction for the Lumineers to go in with collaborations is by working with other artists in the Americana/folk genre. Acts like Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers, or Brandi Carlile would make for natural collaborators, and it would be exciting to see how they would mesh together in the studio.

However, the Lumineers have shown that they are not afraid to work with artists from different genres. In 2016, they worked with rapper and producer DJ Premier on a song called “Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens,” which was featured on the soundtrack to the show “The Get Down.” The song was a departure from their usual sound, but it showed that they are open to trying new things.

Regardless of who they choose to collaborate with, fans are excited to see what the Lumineers will do next. Their ability to blend their sound with other genres and artists is a testament to their versatility as a band, and it’s sure to lead to more exciting collaborations in the future.

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