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MAL’s Halo Tier List: Ranking the Best and Worst Games in the Series

Mid Tier Halos in Mals List

Mid Tier Halos in Mals List

When it comes to ranking halos in the Bayonetta franchise, Mals’ tier list is one of the most popular among fans. While there are always going to be disagreements about what makes a top-tier halo, there is broad agreement that the middle tier is where some of the most interesting and unique halos can be found. Here are three standouts from the mid-tier halos in Mals’ list:

Love is Blue

Love is Blue is a weapon that was introduced in Bayonetta 2 and has become a fan favorite ever since. This set of blue pistols have a lot of personality and a unique mechanic that sees them switch between different firing modes depending on which button you press. Players can switch between regular shots, charged shots, and even a melee attack by using Love is Blue’s different modes. It’s a versatile set of weapons that can be used in a variety of situations, and their quirky design makes them a lot of fun to use.


Another weapon that was introduced in Bayonetta 2, Alruna is a set of claw-like gauntlets that allow players to channel dark magic. These gauntlets are slower than some of the other melee weapons in the game, but they pack a serious punch and can decimate enemies quickly if used correctly. They also have an impressive range, making them a great option for players who like to keep their distance from enemies. Alruna is a unique addition to Bayonetta’s arsenal, which is part of why it’s such a popular choice among players.


Paradiso is a somewhat unorthodox weapon that was also introduced in Bayonetta 2. It’s a set of harp-like instruments that can be used to attack enemies by playing musical notes. Different notes have different effects, allowing players to mix up their attacks and create unique combos. Paradiso is a weapon that requires some skill to use, but it can be incredibly satisfying when players manage to pull off complex strings of notes and deal massive damage to enemies. It’s a weapon that rewards players who take the time to learn its nuances.

When it comes to mid-tier halos in Mals’ list, these three weapons are standouts that are well worth trying out. While they might not be as powerful as some of the top-tier halos, they offer unique gameplay mechanics that separate them from the pack. Love is Blue, Alruna, and Paradiso are all weapons that exemplify what makes Bayonetta’s combat system so special.

Low Tier Halos in Mals List

Low Tier Halos in Mals List

Mals halo tier list has gained popularity among gamers due to its accuracy and comprehensive ranking based on their strength and utility. The tier list categorizes halos into five tiers, with S being the best, and D being the worst. Halos that are in the low tier are considered weak or not useful enough to be included in most setups. Here are the four halos that belong to the low tier in mals halo tier list.

1. Spiral of Death

Spiral of Death halo

Spiral of Death is a low-tier halo that deals damage to the enemy in a cone-shaped area. It also slows down the enemy’s movement speed, making it useful in slowing down enemies while dealing damage to them. Despite its utility, Spiral of Death is not considered viable in high-level gameplay, as it has a long cooldown period and falls short in comparison to other halos.

The damage dealt by the Spiral of Death is also relatively low, making it less attractive compared to other halos with higher damage output. Furthermore, the slow effect provided by the halo is also not significant enough to make it a must-have in any playstyle.

2. Avalanche

Avalanche halo

Avalanche is another low-tier halo that deals damage in an area. It has a slow startup time, which makes it difficult to aim and land in a moving opponent. Although it deals considerable damage, its low accuracy and high cooldown time render it less useful. Additionally, the area of damage is relatively small, making it less versatile than other halos that have a broader range of attack.

3. Concussive Blast

Concussive Blast halo

Concussive Blast is a low-tier halo that inflicts damage and knocks back enemies around the user. The knockback effect is useful, but its benefits are minimal, especially in high-level gameplay. The damage dealt is also low, making it less effective compared to other halos that deal more damage.
Generally, knockback halos are considered less valuable in comparison to those that stop or stun enemies, as it may be challenging to aim at a knocked-back enemy. This is the case with Concussive Blast, which is precisely why it falls under the ‘low tier’ category.

4. Reflection

Reflection halo

Reflection is a low-tier halo that allows players to deflect bullets and projectiles shot at them. While it may sound like a useful ability, it does not justify its low position in Mals Halo tier list. Reflection has a short duration and high cooldown, making it unreliable and challenging to use effectively. Furthermore, it only works on a few types of projectiles and can be bypassed by various halos such as Stalker, Shadow Shot and more.

Overall, Reflection’s ability to deflect projectiles is a niche ability that only works in specific circumstances. In general, it’s only useful in low-level gameplay where the abilities of other players are not well developed. Therefore, it falls under the low-tier halos in mals halo tier list.

In conclusion, Mals halo tier list is an excellent guide for players looking to maximize their halo abilities and improve their gameplay. The low-tier halos listed above are not entirely useless, but they are less effective than other higher-ranked halos. As such, they are not typically included in the setups for high-level gameplay. It’s always essential to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each halo before choosing one to use in a match, and Mals Halo tier list is a great place to start.