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Ultimate MHR Follower Tier List: Ranking Your Companions

Understanding the MHR Follower System

MHR Follower System

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest addition to the Monster Hunter series, and it comes with some exciting features, including the Follower System. This system allows you to develop relationships with NPCs known as Palicoes and Palamutes, who accompany you on quests and provide support to you as a hunter.

As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter different types of followers, each with unique skills and abilities that can assist you in battle. It is therefore crucial to understand the Follower System’s mechanics to find the most useful allies for your hunting needs. In this article, we take an in-depth look at the MHR Follower Tier List, which ranks the followers by their performance and usefulness attributes.

The followers’ performance attributes are measured based on how effective they are in battle, the damage they can inflict, their survivability, and their healing abilities. The usefulness attributes, on the other hand, are measured by the benefits they offer outside of combat, such as their resource gathering abilities and their ability to detect monsters and secret areas.

With that in mind, let’s delve into the MHR Follower Tier List and see how you can optimize your gameplay experience by choosing the right followers for your hunting party.

The Best Follower Skills in Monster Hunter Rise


Monster Hunter Rise introduces the Palico and Palamute as followers to assist hunters in their journey to slay monsters. These furry companions bring their own unique set of skills to the table, making them valuable assets in battle. In this article, we will be discussing the best follower skills in Monster Hunter Rise that you should consider when building your perfect team.

1. Plunderblade


The Plunderblade is one of the most useful follower skills as it allows your Palico to steal materials from monsters during battle. This is especially handy when you are farming for rare materials that are hard to come by. Not only does it save you time, but it also increases your chances of getting the items you need to craft powerful weapons and armor. Make sure to equip your Palico with this skill when you’re hunting for those hard-to-find materials.

2. Coral Orchestra

coral orchestra

The Coral Orchestra is the perfect skill for hunters who rely on buffs to improve their performance in battle. This skill allows your Palico to play melodies that provide a wide range of buffs to you and your teammates. Some of these buffs include increased defense, attack, and stamina. With the Coral Orchestra, you can boost your team’s overall performance and become an unstoppable force in battle.

Additionally, the Coral Orchestra comes with multiple melody choices, allowing you to choose the specific set of buffs you need for the situation. This means that you can adjust your strategy on the fly and stay one step ahead of the monster you’re fighting. In summary, the Coral Orchestra is a must-have skill for any team looking to excel in battle.

3. Meowcano


The Meowcano is a powerful skill that unleashes a fiery explosion on surrounding enemies. This is perfect for hunters who want to deal massive damage to groups of monsters in one go. The Meowcano can also be used to create openings in the monster’s armor, making them more vulnerable to your attacks. With this skill, your Palico becomes a formidable fighter who can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

It’s important to note that the Meowcano takes some time to charge up, so make sure to use it strategically to maximize its effectiveness. Also, don’t forget that the explosion can damage you and your teammates, so be careful when using it in close quarters.

4. Shieldspire


The Shieldspire is a great skill for hunters who prefer a more defensive playstyle. This skill allows your Palico to taunt monsters and draw their attention away from you and your teammates. This is especially useful when fighting bosses or monsters that deal massive damage. By drawing aggro, your Palico gives you space to heal, reposition, and deal damage more safely.

Additionally, the Shieldspire can be combined with other skills like the Coral Orchestra to provide even more support to your team. The taunt effect can also be used to create openings and opportunities to deal damage to the monster’s weak points. With the Shieldspire, your Palico becomes a reliable tank and a valuable asset to any team.

5. Emergency Retreat

emergency retreat

Emergency Retreat is an essential skill that allows your Palico to heal itself and you when both of your health bars are dangerously low. This is a lifesaver when you’re faced with a monster that deals massive damage or unexpected attacks. The skill also gives you a temporary invincibility shield that gives you time to recover and avoid further damage.

With Emergency Retreat, you can focus on dealing damage while your Palico covers your back and heals you when necessary. It’s important to note that the skill has a long cooldown period, so make sure to use it wisely to maximize its effectiveness.

Overall, Monster Hunter Rise offers a wide variety of follower skills that hunters can choose from to customize their perfect team. Each skill has its own strengths and weaknesses, making them suitable for different playstyles and situations. When choosing your Palico or Palamute’s skills, consider your strengths and weaknesses as a hunter and tailor your team to complement your gameplay style. Happy hunting!

Tier S Followers: The Strongest Ones to Have

MHR Follower Tier List

As a hunter in Monster Hunter Rise, having strong followers by your side can determine your success rate in finishing quests and defeating monsters. In MHR, followers are called Palicoes and Palamutes, and each offers unique skills and abilities to aid you in your hunts.

Here are the top Tier S followers to have in your arsenal:

MHR Palico

1. Healing Palico

MHR Healing Palico

The Healing Palico is an essential follower to have in your team. As its name suggests, this Palico focuses on healing you and your teammates during battles. It provides health recovery and cure status ailments such as poison, sleep, and paralysis. This Palico also has the ability to summon Vigorwasps, which serve as portable health boosters for your team.

Additionally, the Healing Palico can also provide support by using traps and flash bombs to immobilize enemies, giving you an easier time to fight them. Its Meowcano attack is also powerful, dealing explosive damage to enemies.

2. Assist Palamute

MHR Assist Palamute

The Assist Palamute is a versatile follower that supports you in various aspects of the hunt. It excels in providing mobility, dealing damage, and setting traps. Its ability to ride on its back also increases your movement speed and allows you to dodge attacks easier.

The Assist Palamute has three modes: Attack, Speed, and Gather. The Attack mode focuses on dealing damage to enemies, while the Speed mode provides mobility and evasion. The Gather mode is useful for gathering materials and items during quests.

3. Bombardier Palico

MHR Bombardier Palico

The Bombardier Palico is an explosive follower that deals massive damage to enemies. It uses bombs, artillery, and other explosive attacks to obliterate enemies. Its Shock Tripper attack is particularly useful, dealing heavy damage to opponents hit by the electrified bombs.

In addition to its explosive attacks, the Bombardier Palico can also use traps and flash bombs to immobilize enemies. It can also provide support by providing health recovery and cure ailments.

Overall, having strong followers in Monster Hunter Rise is crucial in achieving a successful hunt. With the right combination of followers, you can overcome even the most formidable monsters and emerge victorious. Make sure to choose the followers that complement your playstyle and maximize their potential in battles.

Tier A and B Followers: Solid Choices for Your Hunting Team

MH Rathalos Follower

If you are a fan of Monster Hunter Rise, you must know how important it is to have solid followers in your hunting team. Overwhelmed by the variety of followers in MHR, it may be hard to define who the best choices are. In this article, we will introduce you to Tier A and B followers, the leaders in your hunting team, with some extra details on their unique abilities.

1. Kamura Followers

MH Kamura Follower

Kamura Followers are the first-tier followers you can recruit after completing a certain quest in the game. They are the easiest to get but not less important than other followers. These followers will prove to be excellent for early quests, thanks to their wide range of skills and weapons. They are the most suitable followers for various critical roles, such as gathering, healing, and defensive purposes. If you are stuck in early stages of the game, Kamura Followers can be your lifesavers.

2. Tier B Followers

MH Mizutsune Follower

The Tier B Followers are the second tier of followers in Monster Hunter Rise. These followers can be recruited when you reach a higher Hunter Rank (HR), and you need to complete certain quests to unlock them. They are stronger and more specialized, making them useful for middle and high-leveled hunting quests. Among these followers, the most notable ones are:

  1. Mizutsune: One of the best water attribute users among the followers, and equipped with special healing abilities, this follower will be a good choice for when you face water-based monsters.
  2. Pukei-Pukei: This follower is an excellent choice for poison damage purposes. His ability to deal poison damage to large monsters quickly will be significant in the later levels of the game.
  3. Rathalos: With one of the highest damage output among the followers, Rathalos can be an excellent damage dealer. His aerial combos, fire attribute, and high hit points make him the most powerful Tier B follower in the game.
  4. Arzuros: With high health and defense, Arzuros will be an excellent choice to absorb damage from larger monsters, making him an excellent meat shield.

3. Best Tier A Followers

MH Aknosom Follower

The Tier A followers are the rarest and very powerful followers in the game. They are only available at a higher Hunter Rank, and you must complete challenging tasks to recruit them. Most Tier A followers are unique and unusually specialized, wielding exemplary melee and ranged weapons. Here are some of the best Tier A followers in the Monster Hunter Rise:

  1. Aknosom: This Tier A follower is unique and has good control of the combat stage. Its special moves and attack combos are useful and versatile, making it a good choice for higher-level quests as well as boss fights.
  2. Barioth: This follower is equipped with an icy weapon that deals significant damage, making it a powerful choice for enemies who are weak against cold.
  3. Nargacuga: A powerful follower with huge damage output and speed, Nargacuga is an excellent choice for speedy strike tasks. Its high mobility and ability to dodge attacks make it a tough follower to take down.
  4. Elder Fugen: Elder Fugen is one of the most versatile Followers in MHR, can heal you, manage the hunting hub, give Arena quests and also provide you with awesome items you may need, reducing the amount of time you spend gathering items and allowing you to focus more on your quest.

4. How to Choose the Right Follower for Your Team

MH Follower Team

Choosing the right follower can be difficult, as each follower has unique abilities, skills, and weapons. However, if you follow the tips below, you can assemble the perfect team for your hunting quests:

  1. Know your Enemy: Before each quest, take some time to analyze the monster you will be hunting, its weaknesses, and the environment. Choosing the right follower with the right weapons against your opponent will put you in a better position in the battle.
  2. Balanced Team: Try to make a team that balances offensive and defensive capabilities. Each follower has different specialties, so make sure you have a follower for each role in your team.
  3. Your Playstyle: Choose followers that suit your playstyle, as some followers can make up for your weaknesses and enhance your strengths. Decide whether you focus more on attack or defense, and choose your followers accordingly.
  4. Weapon of your Choice: Choose followers with weapons that complement your primary weapon, as this can significantly enhance your damage output and strategy.

So, these are some of the best followers in Monster Hunter Rise that you can acquire to make your hunting quests more manageable and enjoyable. Choosing the right follower for your team is critical and can make a significant difference in your game experience. So, choose wisely and hunt on!

Tier C and Below Followers: Are They Even Worth It?

Low Tier Follower MHR

In Monster Hunter Rise, followers are an essential part of your gameplay. They serve as your companion in your adventure, providing you with assistance during battles, exploration, and gathering tasks. However, not all followers are equal in terms of abilities and utility. Some are more powerful and efficient than others.

One of the ways to classify followers’ strength is through their tier ranking. Followers are classified into different tiers, from S to D, based on their combat and utility abilities. S-Tier followers are the most powerful and efficient followers in the game, while D-Tier followers are the weakest and have limited abilities.

So, where do Tier C and below followers stand in the game? Are they worth investing in, or should you just focus on acquiring S to A-Tier followers?

1. Benefits of Tier C and Below Followers

Tier C and below followers may not have the same amount of power and utility as higher-tier followers, but they still have their benefits. First, they are relatively easy to acquire, as you can get most of them through completing quests or buying them from the market.

Second, they are more affordable to maintain, as they require less food and resources to keep them active. This is useful, especially if you are still starting your playthrough and do not have a lot of resources to spend on followers.

Third, they offer variety in your follower collection, as most Tier C and D followers have unique abilities and combat styles that you cannot find in higher-tier followers. This can add some fun and diversity to your gameplay experience.

Lastly, some Tier C and D followers can be upgraded to become stronger and more useful. You can invest in leveling them up, enhancing their skills, and providing them with better equipment to boost their efficiency in battle.

2. Limitations of Tier C and Below Followers

Despite their benefits, Tier C and below followers have some limitations that you should consider before investing in them. First, they have limited combat and utility abilities compared to higher-tier followers. This means that they may not be as effective in challenging battles or exploration tasks.

Second, they have lower stats and resilience. They are more vulnerable to enemy attacks, and they require more attention and resources to keep them alive during battles. This can be frustrating, especially if you are trying to complete challenging quests or activities.

Lastly, they may have a reduced lifespan compared to higher-tier followers. Some Tier C and D followers may not last long in battle or have a low affinity to stay with you for a long time. This can be annoying, especially if you become attached to a particular follower and have to replace them frequently.

3. Best Tier C and Below Followers to Consider

If you decide to acquire and invest in Tier C and below followers, here are some of the best options to consider:

  • Anteka: A deer-like follower that can provide you with unique combat abilities, such as ice attacks and healing.
  • Bnahabra: A flying insect follower that can provide you with support abilities, such as healing and stun attacks.
  • Gajau: A fish-like follower that can help you gather items from underwater areas and provide you with support abilities, such as healing and stamina recovery.
  • Izuchi: A wolf-like follower that can provide you with moderate combat and support abilities, such as biting attacks and healing.
  • Jagras: A reptile-like follower that can provide you with high combat abilities, such as biting attacks and stunning.

4. Conclusion

Tier C and below followers may not be as powerful and efficient as higher-tier followers, but they still have their benefits and utility. They can provide you with variety, affordability, and unique abilities that you cannot find in other followers.

If you are still starting your playthrough and do not have a lot of resources to spend, investing in Tier C and below followers can be a good option. However, if you want to complete challenging quests and activities, you may consider acquiring and investing in higher-tier followers that can provide you with more combat prowess and resilience.