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Unleashing the Dark: An Epic Motionless in White Set List

Overview of Motionless in White’s Set List

Motionless in White live performance

Motionless in White is an American metalcore band hailing from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Known for their unique blend of metal, emo, and goth influences, Motionless in White has developed an avid following among fans of heavy music. Their live shows are renowned for their energy and intensity, with the band delivering a powerful mix of old favorites and new material. The Motionless in White setlist is constantly evolving as the band tours and releases new albums, but there are some staple songs that fans can always expect to hear.

One of the most popular songs in the Motionless in White catalog is “Devil’s Night,” which typically opens their concerts with a bang. The song’s driving drums, anthemic chorus, and shredding guitar riffs set the tone for an electrifying performance. Another crowd-pleaser is “Reincarnate,” the title track from the band’s third album. Featuring a bouncy, head-banging rhythm and Chris Motionless’ signature snarl, “Reincarnate” is a fan favorite that always gets the mosh pit jumping.

For fans of classic Motionless in White, there are plenty of older tracks to look forward to in their setlist as well. “Abigail” is a standout from their first album “Creatures,” featuring haunting piano melodies, chugging riffs, and gothic lyrics about a girl who is buried alive. The song has become a staple of any Motionless in White concert, with fans singing every word. Another classic track is “Immaculate Misconception,” a blistering anthem that showcases Chris Motionless’ vocal range and the band’s tight musicianship.

The Motionless in White setlist also includes newer material from their most recent albums, “Disguise” and “Graveyard Shift.” “Brand New Numb” is a standout from “Disguise,” a song that features soaring clean vocals, electronic flourishes, and a chorus made for singing along. Meanwhile, “Necessary Evil” from “Graveyard Shift” is a track that features guest vocals from Jonathan Davis of Korn. The song is a pummeling slice of industrial metal with plenty of catchy hooks.

Overall, the Motionless in White setlist is a mixture of classic favorites and newer tracks that showcase the band’s evolution. Fans can count on hearing heavy riffs, soaring choruses, and plenty of opportunities to mosh, sing along, and just let loose. Motionless in White’s live shows are an unforgettable experience that prove metal is still alive and well in the 21st century.

Top Fan Favorites Played by Motionless in White

Motionless in White band performances

Motionless in White, an American heavy metal band, has gained a huge fan following since their inception in 2005. With four studio albums and a number of EPs under their belt, the band has established themselves as one of the top metal bands in the industry. They are known for their captivating live performances, and their setlists have always included a mix of old and new songs. In this article, we will be discussing the top fan favorites played by Motionless in White during their live shows.

1. “Reincarnate”

“Reincarnate” is the title track of Motionless in White’s third studio album and has become one of the band’s most popular tracks. It features a catchy chorus, heavy guitar riffs, and Chris Motionless’s signature growling vocals. The song has been played at almost all the band’s live shows, and the fans always go crazy when it comes on. It’s a perfect start to their shows and sets the tone for the rest of the performance.

2. “Immaculate Misconception”

Immaculate Misconception

“Immaculate Misconception” is one of Motionless in White’s most popular songs, and the fans always demand it at their shows. The song features a heavy breakdown and a memorable chorus. Chris Motionless’s haunting vocals and Ricky Olson’s guitar work in the song create an eerie atmosphere that is almost hypnotic. The band’s fans know every word of this song and love singing along when it’s performed live.

3. “Eternally Yours”

“Eternally Yours” is a track from Motionless in White’s fourth studio album ‘Graveyard Shift’. The song features a more melodic approach than their other songs, and it has become one of the band’s most popular songs since its release. The vocals on the track are quite soothing, and the chorus is catchy, which makes it ideal for playing at live shows. This song has a way of connecting with the fans, and it’s always a hit when performed live.

4. “Abigail”


“Abigail” is one of the most popular songs from Motionless in White’s second studio album. The song is hauntingly dark and features an eerie atmosphere that’s quite captivating. It has an iconic opening that fans recognize instantly and causes the crowd to go wild. The song has incredible guitar riffs and deep growling vocals that have become Chris Motionless’s signature style. This song is an all-time favorite among the band’s fans and is always a must-play during their shows.

5. “570”

“570” is a track from Motionless In White’s fourth studio album and has become one of the band’s most popular songs. The song features a mix of heavy guitar riffs, driving drums, and memorable vocals, which make it perfect for live shows. Chris Motionless’s growling vocals during the song’s breakdown have become iconic among the band’s fans, and they never fail to lose their minds when the song plays.

These are just a few of the top fan favorites played by Motionless in White during their live shows. The band’s live performances are always full of energy, and their setlists never disappoint their fans. Motionless in White is an excellent band that knows how to connect with their fans and deliver performances that leave a lasting impact.

The Evolution of Motionless in White’s Set List

Motionless in White live setlist

The American metalcore band, Motionless in White, has become a staple in the heavy music scene since their formation in 2005. The band has been known for their macabre aesthetic and intense live performances. Motionless in White has released five studio albums, several EPs, and has performed countless shows all over the world. Throughout the years, their setlists have changed in regards to their sound, energy and outlook.

1. Early Days

Motionless in White early days

During their early years, Motionless in White focused primarily on their heavier songs. They played sets full of breakdowns, blast beats, and guttural vocals. Their first two full-length albums, “Creatures” and “Infamous,” had a heavier sound that showcased their deathcore roots. Melodic songs were scarce, and when they did play them, they were few and far between. Fans of the band would know every word to their most intense tracks such as “Abigail” and “Puppets 2.”

2. The Transition

Motionless in White transition

After the release of their third album, “Reincarnate,” Motionless in White began to expand upon their sound. They began to incorporate more melodic and electronic elements into their music, and this transition was noticeable in their live sets. Instead of playing nonstop bangers, they started to slow things down with beautiful acoustic songs like “Dead as Fuck” and “Eternally Yours.”

3. The Present Day

Motionless in White present

Now with five studio albums under their belt, Motionless in White’s present-day set list reflects every era of their career. They’re playing more songs from their most recent album, “Disguise,” but they still incorporate fan-favorites from their earlier works, such as “Immaculate Misconception.” They also bring new life to their older tunes with updated versions, like the “Creatures X: To the Grave” version of “Creatures” that they play live. Motionless in White has something for everyone in their sets, and it’s a great representation of their career evolution.

In conclusion, Motionless in White’s set lists have undoubtedly evolved throughout the years. While their early days were primarily heavier, they’ve since transitioned to a more diverse sound with acoustic and electronic elements. Now, they play songs from every era of their career, creating a setlist that’s sure to please everyone in the crowd. Motionless in White’s evolution of their set list is a reflection of their constant expansion and growth, making them a must-see act in the heavy music scene.

Critiques and Controversies Surrounding Motionless in White’s Set List

Motionless in White Set List

Motionless in White is an American heavy metal band known for their unique and vibrant performances. With several successful albums and tours under their belt, they have amassed a significant following across the globe. However, the band’s setlist has come under scrutiny from fans and critics alike. Here are some critiques and controversies surrounding Motionless in White’s setlist.

1. Lack of Variety

One of the most consistent criticisms of Motionless in White’s setlist is the lack of variety. Fans have expressed concerns over the similarity in the band’s live performances, claiming that they often play the same setlist every show. While this may not be an issue for die-hard fans, it can be a cause of dissatisfaction for those who want a unique experience every time they see the band live. Critics argue that this lack of diversity can lead to a decrease in fan engagement, potentially affecting the band’s success in the long run.

2. Omission of Fan Favorites

Another criticism of Motionless in White’s setlist is the omission of some of their most popular songs. Fans have expressed frustration over the band’s decision to exclude their favorite tracks, particularly those from their earlier albums. While it’s understandable that the band may want to showcase some of their newer material, snubbing the old favorites can lead to a decrease in fan satisfaction and engagement. Some critics argue that this move can lead to a decrease in album sales and attendance at live shows.

3. Overreliance on Cover Songs

Motionless in White has performed a variety of cover songs during their live shows, ranging from classic rock to pop hits. While some fans appreciate the novelty of hearing their favorite band cover a familiar song, others have expressed disappointment over the overreliance on such covers. This can lead to a decrease in the band’s original material being showcased, resulting in reduced fan engagement. Critics argue that this move can affect the band’s identity, potentially reducing their ability to stand out in an increasingly crowded heavy metal scene.

4. Excessive Use of Pyrotechnics and Special Effects

Motionless in White setlist

While pyrotechnics and special effects can add a whole new level of spectacle to a live show, some fans and critics have decried the excessive use of such effects by Motionless in White. The band is known for using elaborate stage setups and pyrotechnics during their performances, but some fans argue that this takes focus away from the music, detracting from the experience. Critics argue that this move can lead to a decrease in the quality of the band’s performances, potentially diminishing their long-term prospects.


While Motionless in White remains a popular and successful band, their setlist has been a source of controversy and criticism for some time. From a lack of diversity to overreliance on cover songs and excessive use of pyrotechnics, these points have been the subject of debate among fans and critics alike. While there’s no doubt that the band will continue to have a loyal following, taking these critiques into account could potentially lead to a better and more engaging live experience for fans.

Expectations for the Future of Motionless in White’s Set List

Future of Motionless in White's Set List

Motionless in White, an American heavy metal band, formed in 2005 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, gained a massive following from its unique style, which is the mixture of various music genres such as metalcore, gothic metal, industrial music, and the darker aspects of the heavy metal style. The band’s live performances are characterized by their theatrical and avant-garde approach that features makeup, costumes, and intricate stage design and lighting.

The band has released five full-length studio albums, and they have been touring extensively to promote their latest release, Disguise, and hyping their live performances to keep their fans entertained. Therefore, fans expect the setlist to showcase their most popular songs and some surprises along the way. Looking forward, fans have certain expectations for the future of Motionless in White’s setlist.

1. On Tour Based On Latest Release

Fans expect Motionless in White to focus on newer material more and more, playing almost all of the songs from their latest release, Disguise. It’s an excellent album, and besides the songs that were already included in their previous tour, like “Brand New Numb,” “Another Life,” and “Creatures,” fans would love to see more of the magic that inspired the new release. It would be disappointing for fans to have missed some of the latest songs, especially as the first tour promoting Disguise got interrupted thanks to COVID-19.

2. Rarely Played Songs

A significant part of Motionless in White’s fan base consists of longtime supporters that have followed the band since their earlier releases. They expect a setlist that features timeless Motionless in White classics like “The Seventh Circle,” “Puppets 3,” “If It’s Dead, We’ll Kill It,” and “America.” These are songs that are seldom played live and would be a treat for diehard fans.

3. Deep Cuts

Motionless in White has a vast collection of songs that the band has written over the years, and it is impossible for them to play them all. However, some rare deep cuts left only for big Motionless in White fans to be discovered would make their live performances even more interesting.

4. Collaborations with Other Artists

Collaborations between Motionless in White and other artists have always resulted in a fresh and unique sound, such as the 2019 collaboration with former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison on the new album, Disguise. Therefore, it would be interesting to see Motionless in White bring in other collaborators to perform on stage, much like their collaborations with Maria Brink of In This Moment, Josh Balz of Carousel Kings, and Tim Skold of Marilyn Manson. Fans would love to see the chemistry between different artists and Motionless in White.

5. Full Album Performances

Full Album Performances

Almost every iconic metal band today has a classic album or two they can perform in full. Motionless in White fans would love to see the band perform their first release, Creatures, and the others like When Love Met Destruction and Infamous on tour in their entirety. It would also give newer fans a chance to get acquainted with Motionless in White’s excellent back catalog. Playing an album in its entirety is a showstopper, and it would make Motionless in White’s live performances even more exceptional.

In summary, fans have several expectations when it comes to Motionless in White’s setlist for future performances. They expect more songs from their latest release, Disguise; songs that are rarely played live and deep cuts, top it off with collaborations with other artists, and playing full album performances. These expectations mostly revolve around satisfying the band’s loyal fan base, old and new alike, and keeping their live performances fresh and interesting.

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