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Phyrexia Unleashed: A Comprehensive List of “All Will Be One” Cards

Introduction to Phyrexia: The Mechanics

Phyrexia Mechanics

Phyrexia is a plane in Magic: The Gathering that is well-known for its villainous mechanical horrors. These grotesque beings are a result of a powerful force known as Phyrexian Oil, which corrupts everything it touches, warping them into machines fueled by this oily substance. In terms of gameplay, Phyrexian cards, as they are commonly known, are some of the most powerful in Magic: The Gathering, known for their durability, relentless efficiency, and of course, their mechanical designs. In this article, we will delve into the mechanics that make Phyrexia such a formidable force in the game, and explore some of the most iconic cards in the Phyrexian arsenal.

The Invasion Mechanic

Invasion Mechanic Cards

One of the defining features of the Phyrexian cards is the Invasion mechanic. This mechanic allows Phyrexian creatures to spread their influence across the board by infecting other creatures and players with Phyrexian Oil. When a creature with Invasion attacks, any damage it deals is dealt in the form of poison counters. Once a player has ten or more poison counters, they lose the game immediately. This mechanic is a terrifying prospect for players, as it can very quickly turn the game in Phyrexia’s favor if not dealt with swiftly.

One of the most recognizable creatures with the Invasion mechanic is the Blightsteel Colossus. This colossal machine stands at 11/11 with trample and infect. In addition to that, if the Colossus deals combat damage to a player, that player loses the game immediately. This devastating creature is considered by many to be one of the best creatures in the game, and rightfully so. The Colossus’s sheer size and power make it incredibly difficult to deal with, and its unique ability to kill a player in one hit is unmatched.

Other creatures that are noteworthy for their Invasion ability include Phyrexian Crusader, a 2/2 creature with first strike, infect, and protection from red and white, making it incredibly difficult to deal with. Additionally, there’s Glistener Elf, a 1/1 creature with infect and the ability to be pumped up with spells and abilities, making it a dangerous threat if left unchecked.

In conclusion, the Invasion mechanic is one of the most fearsome in the game, allowing Phyrexia to spread its oily influence across the board and infect players with ease. The cards that possess this mechanic are some of the most powerful in the game, and when played correctly, can cause opponents to tremble in fear.

The Evolution of Phyrexian All Will Be One

Phyrexian All Will Be One

Phyrexia, the plane of mechanized horror, has always been a popular setting for Magic: The Gathering since its inception. The Phyrexians are themselves a contamination of flesh and machine, a shameless imposition of dominance on the life forms they assimilate.

One of the most tantalizing representations of the Phyrexians is Phyrexian All Will Be One. It’s one of the most iconic storyline cards in Magic. The card itself depicts a misguided healer and an innocent being merged into a behemoth that serves the Phyrexians. This card is an antithesis of the noble healing, placing the burden of life and function before the sanctity of individual life.

The history of Phyrexia involves several cycles. Each evokes the image of one of the nihilistic colors. The early Phyrexians were black, and their mission was to study the complexity of flesh, life, and prosperity. They see kindness, self-sacrifice, and love as an epithet that makes life so meaningless.

The Phyrexians eventually developed mechanical technologies that can amplify the power of their beings. These devices enabled them to harness innate energy that enabled them to create machines that could heal, destroy, or manipulate other beings. The red and blue Phyrexians came together to eliminate all elements that could prevent them from reaching their goals.

However, the more they assimilate, the more they lose touch with their natural environment and the chaotic and emotional aspects of life. Phyrexians eventually became monochromatic in their mission, and their blood-red machines and blue and silver-armored bodies became uniform and dull.

Phyrexian All Will Be One was first printed in the Invasion expansion set in 2000. At the time, Phyrexia had already become a well-established concept in the Magic: The Gathering universe. The card itself has a powerful image and background that captures the essence of what Phyrexia represents.

It’s among the few storyline cards that trigger players’ imaginations and open up a world of possibilities beyond the game. The card captures the essence of Phyrexia, where individual worth is meaningless and the sense of collective power dominates. It shows the Phyrexians’ ability to manipulate and control beings’ lives and the carnage that ensues.

The Phyrexian All Will Be One’s image is macabre. It depicts a female healer who appears to have become part of a massive organism that towers over hapless survivors. The creature’s skin resembles a polluted oil spill of red, black, and silver with gears and mechanical parts protruding from it.


The Phyrexian’s evolution to all becoming one is a terrible vision. The concept behind this is that their empire of machines will engulf all living things and subject them to the Phyrexian agenda. The Phyrexians rely on a sense of brutal power and domination that can only lead to destruction and purging. The fate of the Multiverse is at stake in the game. Phyrexian All Will Be One is a testament to the power of storytelling in the game and a reminder of why the Phyrexians remain so popular after all these years.

The Great Culling

Phyrexian The Great Culling

As part of their ultimate plan to achieve dominance, the Phyrexians launched the Great Culling, a massive campaign of biological warfare that targeted other species across the multiverse. The objective of this campaign was to infect and mutate these creatures, transforming them into Phyrexians and bringing them under the sway of the Father of Machines, Yawgmoth.

The Great Culling was an unprecedented act of aggression, and it spread across a countless number of worlds. Among the planets that fell to the Phyrexians was Rath, a plane that became a primary battlefield for the Phyrexian Invasion. Other notable victims of the Great Culling include the Mirari and the Thran, ancient artifacts and civilizations that were corrupted and destroyed by the Phyrexians’ vile technologies.

In the end, the Great Culling was an unmitigated success for the Phyrexians, as they were able to incorporate thousands of different species and worlds into their own twisted society. But the cost of this victory was steep, as countless innocent lives were lost in the process.

Deck Building with Phyrexian All Will Be One

Phyrexia All Will Be One

If you are a fan of Phyrexian cards, then you must be excited about the release of the Phyrexian All Will Be One card. This is a silver-bordered card that is not legal in any format, but can be played in casual settings. To make the most of the card, you will need to build a deck around it. In this article, we will discuss various ways to build a deck with Phyrexian All Will Be One.

1. Combo

Blood Artist Magic

This strategy involves using two or more cards together to create a powerful effect. In this case, you can use Phyrexian All Will Be One along with Blood Artist to create an infinite loop. Blood Artist will deal one damage to your opponent every time a creature dies, and Phyrexian All Will Be One will return every creature to the battlefield under your control. This means that you can repeatedly sacrifice and revive your creatures to deal an unlimited amount of damage to your opponent.

2. Reanimator

Necrotic Ooze Magic

This strategy involves filling up your graveyard with creatures and then bringing them back to the battlefield. With Phyrexian All Will Be One, you can return all of your creatures to the battlefield at once. To make the most of this, you can include cards like Necrotic Ooze, which can mimic the abilities of creatures in your graveyard. This will allow you to bring back powerful creatures and use their abilities to gain an advantage over your opponent.

3. Token Army

Endrek Sahr Magic

This strategy involves creating a large army of tokens that can overwhelm your opponent. With Phyrexian All Will Be One, you can bring back all of your creature tokens at once. To make the most of this, you can include cards like Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder. This card will create thrull tokens whenever you cast a creature spell, allowing you to quickly build up an army. You can also include cards like Blood Artist to deal damage to your opponent for every creature that dies.

4. Infect

Phyrexian Crusader Magic

This strategy involves using infect creatures to deal poison counters to your opponent. With Phyrexian All Will Be One, you can bring back all of your infect creatures at once. To make the most of this, you can include cards like Phyrexian Crusader, which has first strike and protection from red and white. This card is difficult to block and can deal poison counters to your opponent quickly. You can also include cards like Grafted Exoskeleton to give your creatures infect and pump up their power and toughness.

There are many other ways to build a deck with Phyrexian All Will Be One. The card is incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of strategies. The key is to find cards that synergize well with the card and build a deck around them. Whether you prefer to use combo strategies, reanimation, token armies, or infect, there is a way to make the most of Phyrexian All Will Be One and dominate your opponents.

Controversies Surrounding Phyrexian All Will Be One

Phyrexian All Will Be One

The Phyrexian All Will Be One card has continued to spark controversies among Magic: The Gathering enthusiasts since its release. Some of the controversies surrounding this card include the following:

1. Banning of Phyrexian All Will Be One in Commander Format

Commander Format

In June 2021, the Commander Rules Committee banned Phyrexian All Will Be One from the Commander format. This decision came as a result of complaints from Commander players who felt that the card was too strong and didn’t promote a healthy play environment. In their statement, the committee mentioned that the card’s effect (which allows a player to win the game if they control all permanents in play) was too powerful and frustrating for opponents to deal with. This led to calls for the card to be banned, and eventually, the ban was implemented to restore balance to the format.

2. Phyrexian All Will Be One and the Power of Combo Decks

Combo Decks

Another controversy surrounding Phyrexian All Will Be One is its role in combo decks. Combo decks are Magic: The Gathering decks designed to win the game using a series of cards that complement each other. Many players feel that Phyrexian All Will Be One is too effective in combo decks, especially when combined with other strategy cards. This view stems from the fact that the card can easily win a game as soon as it is played, making it difficult for opponents to implement countermeasures. As a result, many players have called for the card to be banned entirely from the game.

3. Phyrexian All Will Be One and its Impact on the Legacy Format

Legacy Format

The Legacy format of Magic: The Gathering is one of the game’s most popular competitive formats. In this format, players can use all cards released in the game’s history, making it a highly competitive format. However, Phyrexian All Will Be One has had a significant impact on this format due to its potential to cause one-sided wins. Many players feel that the card is too strong in the format, and that its current status as a legal card undermines the competitive balance in the Legacy format.

4. Phyrexian All Will Be One and its Role in the Underground Format

Underground Format

The Underground format is an unofficial format of Magic: The Gathering created by players who seek to experience the game’s strategies and mechanics differently. Many players who play this format feel that Phyrexian All Will Be One adds an exciting dynamic to the game. They argue that the card fits well in the format since it is not purely competitive and allows players to experiment with novel strategies. However, not all players feel this way, and some have argued that the card’s effect is too strong even for the Underground format, where players typically use more relaxed rules.

5. Phyrexian All Will Be One and the Future of Magic: The Gathering Game Mechanics

Magic: The Gathering

Phyrexian All Will Be One has opened up discussions about the future of Magic: The Gathering’s game mechanics. Some players feel that the card’s effect is too powerful and needs to be balanced with countermeasures. Others argue that this card is an example of the game’s evolution, and that future cards and mechanics will be developed to counter its effect. This controversy continues to generate discussions about how the game’s developers should balance powerful mechanics with the need for a fun and challenging player experience.

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