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What is a Tier List and Why is it Important for R6 Operators?

Tier List Rainbow Six Siege

If you are an avid player of Rainbow Six: Siege, you probably have heard of the term “Tier List” before. A Tier List is a categorization of operators, separating them into different tiers based on their viability and usefulness. It is important for players who want to succeed in ranked games to know which operators are the most powerful and have the greatest potential to dominate the battlefield.

Owning and operating an operator in R6 Siege will be the main element of your gameplay, and with a game mode like Ranked, you’ll need to have every little area of your game figured out and optimized. By selecting the best operator suited to the goals of your team and the match at hand, you’ll increase your odds of success. But there are over 50 operators to choose from, and with each season, the game introduces new ones, which can make it a daunting task to find the right one to use for your team.

This is where Tier Lists come in. Tier Lists are unbiased opinions from experts in the game community that have tested and analyzed every operator and its effectiveness in-game. Tier Lists can group operators into highly effective or useless ones. This categorization within various tiers allows players to quickly determine the correct choice of operator to use in specific situations and to maximize the potential of their skills. Understanding the Tier List means that a player can be confident in their operator pick, knowing that they have made the best decision available.

A Tier List may contain the best operators for attack or defense, and players can choose their operators according to their needs, playing style, or team compositions. The Tier List also helps players avoid common mistakes in ranked mode such as selecting poorly performing operators that will lead to defeats. Players can also make better decisions by picking operators that can complement each other’s abilities, maximizing the chance of winning.

Moreover, Tier Lists are updated regularly based on the operators’ performance and effectiveness in the game, making them accurate and relevant to current meta. This ensures that players can always stay up-to-date with the most effective and efficient operators and adapt their gameplay strategy if required. By doing so, players will be able to climb the ranked ladder with relative ease and will make their way to the top rank with the best teammates.

In conclusion, Tier Lists are an essential and valuable resource for Rainbow Six: Siege players looking to improve their game. By doing some research and keeping up with the Tier List updates, you’ll be able to master the game, develop a playing strategy, and make the right choices when it comes to operator selection. So, it’s time to pick your side, choose your operators, and get ready for an intense gameplay session!

Top Tier Attack Operators – The Best of the Best in R6

Top Tier Attack Operators

Rainbox Six Siege is an intense and exciting game that requires strategic thinking and precise execution. One of the most important aspects of the game is choosing the right operators to play with. There are many different operators with unique abilities and gadgets. In this article, we will be discussing the top tier attack operators in R6. These are the best of the best when it comes to attacking in Rainbow Six Siege.

1. Ash


Ash is an attacking operator that is known for her versatility and speed. Her gadget is the M120 CREM, a launcher that shoots explosive rounds that can destroy walls and barriers. She has access to a variety of weapons, including assault rifles and a shotgun. Ash’s speed allows her to rush through the map quickly, making her an effective operator for those who want to play aggressively. Her gadget is also very useful for opening up new sightlines and creating confusion among the defenders.

2. Zofia


Zofia is a powerful attacker that has the ability to withstand more damage than other operators. Her gadget is the KS79 Lifeline, a launcher that can shoot concussion grenades, impact grenades, and even revive allies. Zofia is a versatile operator that can be played in a variety of ways. She has access to a variety of weapons, including an assault rifle and a shotgun. She is also able to use her concussion grenades to disorientate her enemies, making them an easy target for her and her teammates. Zofia can be a great choice for those who want to play a multifaceted attacking role.

When it comes to choosing the right attackers in Rainbow Six Siege, it’s important to consider your playstyle and the needs of your team. These top tier attack operators are excellent choices for any player looking to gain a competitive edge in the game. Each operator in Rainbow Six Siege brings something unique to the table, so experiment with different playstyles and see what works best for you. Whether you prefer a more aggressive approach or a more versatile one, there’s an operator that’s right for you.

S-Tier Defense Operators – Unbeatable Assets in R6

Smoke Rainbow Six Siege

Defense operators are the backbone of any R6 team. In every match, players need to pick the right operators that can provide them with the competitive edge they need to win. In this article, we will explore the S-Tier Defense Operators in Rainbow Six Siege, the ones players should always keep in their back pocket when the chips are down.

1. Smoke

Smoke Rainbow Six Siege

Smoke is a Meta-defining operator in Rainbow Six Siege, known for his role in denying the attackers access to certain areas. Thanks to his Remote Gas Grenades, he can deny entry to a room or a hallway by preventing an attacker’s progress. Smoke can make the enemy team waste valuable time and resources trying to bypass his gas. The British operator also has a secondary shotgun that allows him to open up new lines of sight on the map. Overall, Smoke is one of the key defenders to have in any R6 squad.

2. Maestro

Maestro Rainbow Six Siege

Maestro is an Italian defender that can help your team in a variety of ways. He has a Bulletproof Camera, which can be used to gather information about the attacking team’s position, as well as his Evil Eyes, which are deployable turrets that deal damage to enemies and can be used to destroy gadgets. Maestro is also a formidable opponent who can hold his own in a fight. With his LMG, he can suppress the enemy and open up walls on the map, providing significant tactical advantages for his team.

3. Jager

Jager Rainbow Six Siege

Jager is a defensive operator from Germany who can help your team defend against explosive gadgets. His unique gadget, the Active Defense System or ADS, can shoot down a variety of explosive projectiles, including grenades, stun grenades, and breaching charges. In addition to his utility, Jager is a potent fragger with his 416-C Carbine Rifle, which can take down enemies at long and medium ranges and has minimal recoil. His 3-speed rating makes him one of the quickest operators on defense, and he can use this speed to reposition and flank the attacking team.

4. Pulse

Pulse Rainbow Six Siege

Pulse is an American operator who is perfect for gathering intel against the attacking team. He has a unique gadget called the HB-5 Cardiac Sensor, which allows him to scan the surroundings for enemies through walls. This ability provides a significant advantage to his team, allowing them to react to enemy movements and attacks. With his M1014 Shotgun or UMP45 SMG, Pulse is also a formidable fighter, capable of holding his ground against incoming attackers.

5. Valkyrie

Valkyrie Rainbow Six Siege

Valkyrie is a defensive operator from the United States who is known for her ability to deploy cameras around the map to gather intel. Valkyrie’s Black Eye Cameras can be deployed almost anywhere, and they are small enough to be hidden in inconspicuous places. This provides her team with valuable intel on the attackers’ movements, allowing them to set traps, flank, and coordinate their defenses. Valkyrie is also a highly versatile operator, able to use her MPX SMG or SPAS-12 Shotgun to great effect.

6. Lesion

Lesion Rainbow Six Siege

Lesion is a Chinese operator who is perfect for slowing down the attackers’ push. His unique gadget, the Gu Mine, releases a toxin that slows and damages the attackers who step on it. The Gu Mine also alerts Lesion to their location, providing him and his team with valuable intel. Lesion’s T-5 SMG is a competent weapon that allows him to take down enemies at medium range, and his impact grenades provide him with some utility in creating new lines of sight or routes of escape.

7. Echo

Echo Rainbow Six Siege

Echo is a powerful Japanese defender who can provide his team with an incredible advantage thanks to his unique gadget: The Yokai Drone. The Yokai is a tiny and silent drone that can disorientate, blind, and distract attackers from both close and long distances. It can also disrupt defuser plants, making it harder for the attackers to win rounds. Echo himself is no slouch in combat either, and his MP5SD SMG is a very accurate weapon with low recoil that can easily deal with attackers.

Choosing the right S-Tier Defense Operators can provide players with the competitive advantage they need to win matches in Rainbow Six Siege. These operators provide a wide range of utility and tactical advantages, making them almost unbeatable assets in any R6 squad. By mastering the abilities of these operators, players can become a force to be reckoned with in the world of Rainbow Six Siege.

The Underdogs of the Game – Underrated R6 Operators

Rainbow Six Siege (R6S) is an online tactical shooter game developed by Ubisoft. R6S is a multiplayer game where players can choose different operators, each with unique abilities and gadgets to help their team. The game has gained immense popularity among gamers worldwide for its realistic graphics, amazing sound quality, and intriguing gameplay.

Operators play a crucial role in the game, and picking the right one can give you an edge over your enemies. However, some operators are often overlooked and considered as underdogs despite having brilliant skills. In this article, we will take a look at some underrated operators who can help you win the game.


Jager is an operator of the GIGN unit and has been a staple pick in the game for a long time. Jager comes equipped with the ADS (Active Defense System), which destroys enemy grenades and flashbangs. This gadget makes him a great pick for defending objectives.

Despite his usefulness on the team, Jager is often overlooked because of his lack of versatility in terms of weapons and secondary gadgets. Jager’s downfall might be his lack of flexibility when it comes to loadouts. However, if you are looking to defend an objective and make it difficult for your enemies to get through, Jager is an excellent pick.


Hibana is an operator of the Japanese SAT unit and comes equipped with the X-KAIROS gadget. X-KAIROS is a gadget that allows Hibana to create breaches through the reinforced walls, which is an essential skill in the game.

Hibana’s usefulness comes from her ability to create small entry points into the objective room. This makes it easier for the rest of the team to push into the room and secure the objective. Despite her usefulness, Hibana is often overlooked because of her lack of flexibility when it comes to weapons and gadgets. However, if you want to focus on opening up walls and creating entry points for your team, Hibana is an excellent choice.


Dokkaebi is an operator of the South Korean 707th SMB unit and comes equipped with the Logic Bomb gadget. The Logic Bomb is a gadget that makes all the defenders’ phones ring, giving the attackers a brief window of opportunity to ambush them.

Dokkaebi’s usefulness comes from her ability to disable the cameras and phone calls of her enemies. This can give her team a massive advantage in the realm of information. Despite her usefulness, Dokkaebi is often overlooked because of her lack of flexibility when it comes to weapons. However, if you want to focus on disrupting the defenders’ communication and surveillance, Dokkaebi is a great option.


Kaid is an operator of the Moroccan GIGR unit and comes equipped with the Rtila Electroclaw gadget. The Electroclaw is a gadget that electrifies walls, hatches, and barbed wires, making it difficult for the enemies to destroy them.

Kaid’s usefulness comes from his ability to electrify reinforced walls and hatches. This makes it difficult for attackers to breach the objective room. Kaid is often overlooked because of his lack of flexibility when it comes to weapons and speed. However, if you want to focus on defending the objective and keeping your enemies at bay, Kaid is an excellent choice.

In conclusion, these operators might not be the most popular, but they can provide a significant advantage to a team if used correctly. It is essential to know each operator’s special abilities so that you can choose the right operator for the job. So, if you are looking to break the stereotype and become a better team player, consider trying out some of these underrated operators.

The Worst of the Worst – Operators to Avoid in R6

Worst Operators in Rainbow Six Siege

When it comes to picking operators in Rainbow Six Siege, there are some that are just not worth choosing. Whether it’s because they are underpowered, too situational, or simply outperformed by other operators, these five operators should be avoided if you want to maximize your chances of winning.

1. Tachanka

Tachanka r6

Let’s start with the most obvious choice. Tachanka has long been considered the worst operator in Rainbow Six Siege, and for good reason. His gadget, a mounted LMG, is incredibly situational and can be easily countered. Tachanka is also very slow and has a large hitbox, making him an easy target for enemy fire. The recent rework did little to improve his viability, and he remains a joke operator that is best avoided in serious play.

2. Fuze

Fuze r6

Fuze is a great operator if you want to kill the hostage or blow up your own team. His gadget, which deploys a cluster charge that can kill enemies through walls, is incredibly risky and requires precise placement. His other gadget, the shield, is also underwhelming and more often than not gets destroyed too quickly to be effective. Finally, his weapons are mediocre at best, making him a liability in a firefight.

3. Caveira

Caveira r6

Caveira can be a very effective operator in the right hands, but for most players, she is simply too risky to use. Her ability to interrogate downed enemies is strong, but requires precise timing and leaves her vulnerable to attack. In addition, her weapons are very weak and her loadout lacks range. Unless you are confident in your ability to flank and ambush enemy players, it is best to avoid Caveira.

4. Oryx

Oryx r6

Oryx is a new operator that has quickly become one of the least popular picks in the game. His ability to break through walls and knock enemies down is impressive, but it comes at a cost. Oryx takes damage when he uses his ability, which makes him vulnerable to attack. In addition, his weapons are somewhat underwhelming, particularly his primary shotgun, which lacks range and precision. Unless you are really confident in your ability to use Oryx effectively, it is best to leave him on the bench.

5. Nokk

Nokk r6

Nokk may seem like a cool operator, but in reality, she is one of the weakest in the game. Her ability to hide from cameras and drones is useful, but it comes at the cost of her weapons. Nokk’s weapons are very weak and lack range, making her ineffective in most gunfights. In addition, her gadget is only really effective in certain situations, and even then, it is unlikely to be a game-changer. Unless you are a Nokk main, it is best to avoid her and choose another operator instead.

Overall, there are many operators in Rainbow Six Siege that are worth picking, but these five should be avoided if you want to increase your chances of winning. Whether they are too situational, underpowered, or simply outperformed by other operators, there are many reasons why these operators are considered the worst of the worst.

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