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“Ranking the Royalty: 2022 Tier List for Royale High Halos”

How is the Halo Tier List Scored?

Halo Tier List Scored

The Halo Tier List is a system for ranking the rarity and value of the different halos in the game. It is commonly used by players to determine which halos are considered more desirable and worth more in trades. Halos are scored based on several factors, including their rarity, demand, and availability. Here is a breakdown of how the Halo Tier List is scored:


The rarity of a halo is a major factor in its overall score. Halos that are harder to obtain or have a lower drop rate are considered more rare and therefore have a higher score. For example, the new Halloween Halo 2021 is ranked higher on the list because it is a limited-time halo that is only available during the Halloween event. Halos that were only given out during previous events or are no longer available to obtain are also considered rare and ranked higher on the list.


The demand for a halo is also taken into account when scoring it on the Halo Tier List. If a particular halo is highly sought after by players, then it will have a higher score. The more players that want a specific halo, the more valuable it becomes. Some halos have a higher demand due to their rarity or unique design, while others may have high demand because they are newer and have not been around long enough for many players to obtain them yet.


Finally, the availability of a halo is also considered when scoring it on the Halo Tier List. If a halo is easy to obtain or there are many of them in circulation, then it will have a lower score. Halos that are more difficult to obtain or have a limited number of copies available will have a higher score. This is because the scarcity of the halo makes it more valuable and desirable to players.

Overall, the Halo Tier List is a useful tool for players to get an idea of how much their halos are worth in trades. However, it is important to remember that the value of a halo can vary greatly depending on the individual preferences of the players involved in the trade. Some players may be willing to trade a lower-ranked halo for a higher-ranked one if it is something they really want, so it is always a good idea to communicate with potential trade partners to find a fair exchange.

Current Royale High Halo Tiers

Royale High Halo Tiers 2022

Royale High is a popular game in the gaming community, and it attracts many players worldwide. The game is all about roleplaying, meeting new friends, and experiencing adventures in a beautiful virtual world. One of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of the game is acquiring a halo. Halos are special accessories that are difficult to obtain, making them highly coveted and valuable in the game. Each halo has its unique design and effect, making them even more coveted. Players often use the Royal High Halo tier list as a guide to determine the rarity of halos and which ones are the most sought-after.

The Royale High halo tier list is updated annually to reflect changes in the rarity of halos based on their availability. In 2022, the current Royale High halo tier list includes:

1. Tier 1 Halos:

Tier 1 Royale High halo

Tier 1 halos are the rarest and most challenging halos to obtain in the game. Formerly known as “Ultra-Rare” halos, players must go through a series of quests, and sometimes there is also the currency required to purchase halos. Only a few players worldwide have been fortunate enough to acquire tier 1 halos. The Halo pack is the only source of obtaining tier 1 halos, which can be very costly to buy. They feature some appealing and very unique designs, which sets them apart from all the other halos.

2. Tier 2 Halos:

Tier 2 Royale High halo

Tier 2 halos are slightly less rare than Tier 1 halos. Obtaining one of these halos would require a lot of hard work and dedication. Players can obtain Tier 2 halos by trading with other players, purchasing them from other players, or completing certain quest lines. Tier 2 halos’ designs are striking, and they have unique effects that differentiate them from Tier 3 and Tier 1 halos.

3. Tier 3 Halos:

Tier 3 Royale High halo

Tier 3 Halos are the most common and easiest halos to acquire in Royale High. Players can gain Tier 3 halos by reaching a certain level, purchasing them with diamonds, or exchanging them with other players. Although they are not as rare as Tier 1 and 2 halos, they still feature lovely designs that enhance the user’s character. Tier 3 halos also come with unique effects that differentiate them from other halos.

In conclusion, the Royale High halo tier list 2022 recognizes the halos’ rarity in ascending order. Tier 1 Halos are the rarest, followed by Tier 2 and Tier 3 halos. Each tier has unique designs and effects, making them coveted by players. Remember, to obtain halos, players need to put in a lot of effort into questing, trading, and even purchasing them. Happy halo hunting, royals!

Top Contenders for Halo Tiers in 2022

Royale High Halo Tier List 2022

In Royale High, a virtual world game on Roblox, the crowning achievement for players is to obtain a halo. Halos are rare accessories that float above a player’s head, and are highly coveted by players. With the start of a new year, many Royale High players are excited to see which halos will be introduced in 2022 and the tier list ranking of them.

Here are the top contenders for each tier of halo in 2022:

Low Tier Halo: Angel Halo

Angel Halo Royale High

The Angel Halo is a white and gold halo that has been in the game since 2017. It is considered a low-tier halo and is relatively easy to obtain. In order to obtain the Angel Halo, players must answer all the questions correctly at the fountain in the Divinia Park. While it may not be as rare as other halos, it is still a popular choice among players.

Mid Tier Halo: Mermaid Halo 2022

Mermaid Halo Royale High

The Mermaid Halo is a highly sought-after mid-tier halo that was first introduced in 2019. The 2022 version of the Mermaid Halo has not been released yet but is expected to debut in the spring. Players can obtain the Mermaid Halo by participating in the Royale High Sunset Island events. The design for the Mermaid Halo 2022 has not been revealed, but many players are excited to see how it will differ from the previous versions.

High Tier Halo: Valentines Halo 2022

Valentines Halo Royale High

The Valentines Halo is a high-tier halo that is released annually in February. The 2022 version of the Valentines Halo has not been released yet, but players are anticipating it to be one of the rarest and most valuable halos in the game. The Valentines Halo can only be obtained by players who have received a certain number of Valentines’ Day chocolates from other players. Each year the requirements for the Valentines Halo change, which makes it difficult to obtain.

Top Tier Halo: Halloween Halo 2022

Halloween Halo Royale High

The Halloween Halo is the rarest and most sought-after halo in Royale High. The 2022 version of the Halloween Halo has not been released yet, but players are already speculating about what the requirements will be to obtain it. The most recent version of the Halloween Halo, released in 2021, required players to collect a certain number of candy pieces from the Halloween event. As the most valuable halo in the game, players often trade rare items or spend real money to obtain it.

In conclusion, the release of new halos is an exciting time for Royale High players as they strive to obtain these highly coveted accessories. While some halos may be easier to obtain than others, they all hold a special place in the heart of each player who manages to get their hands on one. We can’t wait to see which halos will be introduced in 2022 and which players will be lucky enough to obtain them!

Tips for Getting a High Tier Halo in Royale High

High Tier Halo Royale High 2022

If you’re a fan of Roblox’s popular game, Royale High, you already know that Halo’s are a highly-coveted accessory in the game. They signal status and are the ultimate prize for any player. The higher the tier of the halo, the more elusive it is to acquire. However, with some insider knowledge and a bit of luck, you can make your dream of a high tier halo a reality. Here are some tips to get you started on the right path.

1. Know the Halo Tiers and Their Rarity

Royale High Halo Tier List

Before setting out to earn yourself a high tier halo, it’s vital to understand Halo tiers and their rarity. There are seven halo tiers in total, with the rarest being Halo 2019-Valentines Halo or the new Halos that may be added in the future. The other halo tiers are Halloween (2018), Easter (2019), Valentine’s Day (2020), Mermaid (2020), Winter (2020), and Spring (2021). Do detailed research, so you know the possible method of acquiring the specific halo you want.

2. Attend Events and Follow Developers’ Social Media

Royale High Developer

Developers occasionally host events that allow players to obtain exclusive accessories like halos. You can also join the Royale High Discord server to keep yourself updated on events, new game features, and announcements. Follow the Royale High Twitter handle and Instagram page, so you don’t miss crucial information that could help you secure a coveted high tier halo.

3. Collect Diamonds and Save Them Up

Royale High Diamonds

You have probably heard that the currency in Royale High is diamonds. The more diamond reserves you have, the more chances of obtaining a high tier halo. Acquiring diamonds is also essential when trading for a high tier halo, so save as many diamonds as possible and use various sources like daily login bonuses, attending classes, and participating in minigames.

4. Trading Skill

Royale High Trading

Trading is a crucial aspect of acquiring high-end accessories like halos. Always conduct thorough market research before engaging in trade activities. Ensure you have a fair deal in terms of value. Engage with other players, make new friends, and engage in fair trading practices. Trading may take some time, but it could pay off substantially in securing a high tier halo.

5. Use Special Items and Accessories

Royale High Accessories

Many special items and accessories come in handy when trying to obtain a high tier halo in Royale High. These items may be difficult to come by, but their impact is worth the effort. Examples of such items include the “Cherry Blossom Kimono Skirt,” “Mermaid Glam Earrings,” “Songwriter’s Shoulder Bag,” and “2020 Party Hat.” These accessories may increase your chances or been key to obtaining higher tiers.

Acquiring a high tier halo in Royale High involves a lot of effort, time, and patience. Armed with this knowledge, you are well-equipped to set out and pursue your halo dream.

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