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Ultimate TFT Augment Tier List for Competitive Play

Understanding the TFT Augment System

TFT Augment System

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is a popular auto-battler game developed by Riot Games. The game features a unique augment system that allows players to customize and upgrade their champions beyond their regular abilities. This augment system adds another layer of strategy to the game and gives players more ways to approach battles. There are several augment categories, each offering different bonuses and effects that can turn the tide of battle. Let’s dive deeper into the TFT augment system.

As mentioned earlier, there are several augment categories in the game, namely Origins, Classes, Items, Spells, Boards, and Arenas. Each augment category offers a different set of bonuses and effects that can be immensely helpful in battles. Players can use these augments to create unique and powerful combinations that can confuse or overpower their opponents.

The first category is Origins. Origin augments revolve around champion lore and provide bonuses based on the number of champions with the same origin in play. For instance, having 3 champions with the Cybernetic origin grants all Cybernetics +350 Health and +35 Attack Damage. Having 6 champions with the same origin gives them all the previous bonuses plus an additional bonus that’s unique to the origin.

The second category is Classes. Class augments are similar to Origins but are based on champion archetypes instead of lore. For example, having 3 Blademasters grants all Blademaster attacks a chance to trigger two additional attacks. At 6 Blademasters, all Blademasters now have a 35% chance to trigger two additional attacks.

The third category is Items. Item augments modify the effects of items that champions can equip. For instance, equipping an offensive item on a champion with the Demolitionist augment will cause a bomb to drop on the enemy unit that is ulted. Equipping a defensive item on a champion with the Mana Reaver augment will reduce the target’s mana by 40% on hit.

The fourth category is Spells. Spell augments alter a champion’s ultimate ability, usually expanding its effects or adding another ability entirely. For instance, equipping a champion with the Mage augment will reduce all enemies’ magic resistance, making them more vulnerable to magic damage. Equipping a champion with the Vindicator augment allows them to deal bonus true damage based on the target’s maximum health.

The fifth category is Boards. Board augments relate to the board itself, usually providing movement speed bonuses or improving the appearance of the board. For instance, equipping the Star Guardian board gives all Star Guardian champions a 20% chance to stun on hit.

The final category is Arenas. Arena augments change the look and feel of the arena and offer no battle bonuses or effects. For instance, equipping the Galaxy Arena augment will turn the arena into a space-themed battleground.

It’s essential to understand the TFT augment system, but it’s equally important to make the right combinations that work well for your team. It’s also essential to keep in mind that augments can be lost or removed due to certain abilities and items. Understanding how each augment category works and how they interact with each other is critical to achieving victory in TFT.

Top TFT Augments to Enhance your Gameplay: Number 2 – Force of Nature

Force of Nature TFT

Whenever you want to increase your chances of catching elusive or high-cost units, Force of Nature proves to be the ultimate TFT augment. Purchasing it automatically increases your team size by one, which means you can add more units to your army and improve your odds of achieving victory. Most importantly, it enables you to get a top-tier champ as soon as possible without having to upgrade one of your units to three-star.

However, it isn’t the only advantage that Force of Nature brings to the table. Since you’ll be packing your army with more champions, it increases the opportunities for efficient team synergies. These synergies quickly turn into dominant compositions that could take you straight to the top.

While using Force of Nature, it’s best to prioritize picking up your earliest four-tier unit, so you have more time to farm gold and level up your team. The more champions you have on your side, the more diverse strategies you can execute, giving you an edge over the competition.

One of the reasons why Force of Nature is so sought after in TFT is its flexibility. It can be used at any point in the game, and since it is a one-of-a-kind augment, it doesn’t matter when you can get it. You can take it at the moment it becomes available or the last possible moment, depending on how your game is progressing and what you want to achieve.

Overall, Force of Nature is a highly recommended augment in TFT. It brings your army an extra slot, increases your team’s overall strength, and gives you a chance to get a top-tier champion without sacrificing your other units.

Best Augment Combinations to Dominate TFT Games

Best Augment Combinations to Dominate TFT Games

If you want to dominate TFT games, you need to get the right combination of Augments. TFT Augments are special bonuses that can enhance your champions’ abilities, stats, and other aspects of the game. Depending on which Augments you choose, you can create powerful synergies with your champions, gain extra bonuses, and gain an advantage over your opponents.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best Augment combinations for you to dominate TFT games.

1. Saiyan’s Conquest and Darkin

Saiyan's Conquest and Darkin

If you’re looking for a dominant early-game augment, the combination of Saiyan’s Conquest and Darkin can be very useful. Saiyan’s Conquest gives you two additional champions at the start of the game, while Darkin gives you a bonus to your starting health. With these two Augments, you can have a strong early game and put pressure on your opponent from the start.

2. Brute Force and Demolitionist

Brute Force and Demolitionist

If you like to use explosive or area-of-effect abilities, Brute Force and Demolitionist can be a powerful combination. Brute Force gives all of your champions an extra 10 attack damage, while Demolitionist increases their ability damage by 20%. With this combination, you can deal devastating damage to your opponents and clear the board quickly.

3. Mana-Reaver and Chrono

Mana-Reaver and Chrono

If you want to dominate mid-game, the combination of Mana-Reaver and Chrono can be a great choice. Mana-Reaver makes your champions’ abilities cost 25% more mana for your opponents, while Chrono gives you a bonus to your attack speed. With these two Augments, you can stall your opponents’ champions by making their abilities more expensive and take advantage of the extra attack speed.

4. Snipers and Blademasters

Snipers and Blademasters

If you like to use ranged or melee abilities, the combination of Snipers and Blademasters can be a great option. Snipers give your ranged champions increased attack range, while Blademasters give your melee champions extra attacks. With these two Augments, you can create an army of champions with deadly accuracy and speed, and take down your opponents quickly.

With these Augment combinations, you can effectively dominate TFT games. Combine them with the right champions and strategies, and you’ll have a great chance of coming out on top. Happy gaming!

Strategies to Maximize the Power of Augments in TFT

Strategies to Maximize the Power of Augments in TFT

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) has been quite popular since its release in 2019. The game’s objective is to have the strongest team by the end of the game. Augments in TFT are crucial in improving team power. Augments are basically upgrades that provide certain advantages to the team. Given their importance, it is necessary to have a strategy in place to maximize their potential. Here are some of the strategies to help optimize the power of Augments in TFT:

1. Prioritize the Right Augments

Prioritize the Right Augments

First and foremost, the selection of the right Augments is extremely important. Before you select an Augment, you must consider various aspects of your current team composition such as team synergy, items you have already picked, and the champions you have at your disposal. For instance, if your team is running low on damage, an augment that adds extra damage would be ideal, or if you have a lot of tanks, you might want to consider an augment that adds healing effects instead of defense.

2. Build Around Your Augments

Build Around Your Augments

Once you’ve selected your Augments, the next step is to build your team around them. Plan your team composition in a way that lets the Augments complement each other. For example, if you have an augment that increases your attack speed, and you have a champion that deals more damage with each hit, you might want to focus on selecting more champions that deal scaling damage based on attack speed. This way, you’ll be able to maximize the potential of the augment, and your team will become stronger overall.

3. Timing is Everything

Timing is Everything

Another thing to keep in mind is the timing of the augment activation. For instance, if you have an augment that gives mana to the units every 5 seconds, it might be best to wait until your champions are low on mana before activating it. Activating it too early could result in a low impact effect. Always be sure to read the effect of each augment and try to think of the best situation to activate the augment that would provide the most benefit to your team.

4. Combine and Optimize Items

Combine and Optimize Items

In TFT, it is important to optimize item combinations as much as you optimize champion synergies and Augments. When you combine items, sometimes the resulting item will provide an additional effect that can stack with an Augment’s effect. Be sure to read each item’s description and see which of them could complement your Augment. This way, not only will you be able to maximize the potential of your Augment, but you will also create a well-rounded team that can secure a win.

5. Play to Your Strategy

Play to Your Strategy

Lastly, always remember to play to your strategy. Every team composition and Augment combination will work differently. Some champions work better in different situations, and some Augments provide a better advantage in certain team compositions. Keep track of what team composition and Augment combination works best for you. Take this into consideration when starting a new game to maximize your chances of winning. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different Augments and take some chances – all it takes is a well-timed power spike to take the game in your favor.. The key is to experiment and find what works best for you.

With these tips, you’ll be able to maximize the power of Augments in TFT and gain an edge over your opponents. Remember, the key is to prioritize the right Augments, build around them, optimize item combinations, focus on timing and strategy, and experiment with different compositions. By following these strategies, you are sure to emerge victorious in any TFT game!

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