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Understanding EDL Mode Android

Understanding EDL Mode Android And How To Get Into That Mode

What is EDL Mode on android – If generally, all you know is Fastboot Mode, then it’s only natural if you don’t know that other Modes can be used to reinstall on android phones and that is EDL Mode. But be aware that this EDL Mode is only available for some Android smartphones.

EDL Mode or Emergency Download Mode is a Mode that only exists on Android smartphone variants with Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets only, while for smartphone types with MediaTek, Exynos, and other chipsets, the EDL Mode is not available.

From its name, understandably, the main function of this EDL Mode is to flash the smartphone, only in high Priority, meaning you can always do Flash under any condition if using the EDL Mode.

That is if you always flash with the Fastboot method if your Android smartphone has Unlock Bootloader.

So unlike this EDL method, you can flash even if your Android smartphone is still locked or often called Locked Bootloader.

This is what’s interesting about EDL Mode, you don’t need to Unlock the Bootloader, but you can still flash or reinstall firmware on your android phone.

It’s just that some smartphone vendors call it Xiaomi of them, this EDL Mode is already in the key of the smartphone manufacturer.

So, users can no longer access this RDL Mode freely, because besides being dangerous if misused this method is intended for development activities and Quality Control only and not for general use.

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So far getting into EDL Mode is very easy, there are 2 ways you can do it, namely as follows:

1. Via Command Fastboot

Via Command Fastboot To EDL Mode

To get into EDL Mode you can directly execute it using the capabilities of Fastboot because this EDL Mode is the Forward Model of Fastboot, so, naturally, command EDL is included in the Fastboot Mode, the way is as follows:

  • Please enter Fastboot Mode on your Android smartphone.
  • Next please connect your Android smartphone to your PC or laptop with a USB cable.
  • Make sure the Fastboot Driver is already on your Desktop/Laptop PC.
  • Then please open the Command Prompt and navigate to the Fastboot Driver Directory Folder, and then enter this command fastboot devices.
    If the List Attached device is read, then the Android smartphone driver is installed properly on the PC through the Fastboot Mode.
    To enter EDL Mode please type this command fastboot oem edl.
    Automatically your Android smartphone will reboot and switch from Fastboot Mode to EDL Mode with the Android smartphone screen indication only black and the red LED light indicator on, but it can also only bring up the black screen without any LED indicators on.
  • The android phone is already in the position of EDL mode

2. Using Custom Mapping Buttons

Some Android smartphones are also equipped with special Key Mapping capability to enter the mode already provided such as Fastboot Mode, only EDL Mode itself is very rarely provided shortcut by the smartphone vendor.

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The reason is certain because it is not for general use, it is only in some Android smartphones such as Xiaomi, you can enter the EDL Mode in a special way that is by pressing the Volume button (-) and (+) then Power together, then automatically when the smartphone boots, it will go directly to EDL Mode.

However, this only applies to the older Xiaomi smartphone series, for other brand smartphones, may feature a special Key like this and can only enter EDL Mode using Fastboot commands only.

For key combinations to enter EDL Mode you can try pressing the following Key Mapping combination:

  • Volume (-) and Power
  • Volume (+) and Power
  • Volume (+)(-) and Power
  • Volume (-), Power, and Home
  • Volume (+), Power, and Home
  • Volume (-)(+), Power, and Home
  • Power and Home

If no one can, then surely your Android smartphone is not supported with a special Shortcut to enter EDL Mode, the only way is to use the Command Fastboot method as I explained above only.

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Then how do I exit the EDL Mode android? Surely you will be confused if placed in this condition.

Since there is no navigation that you can do if you have entered and are in the EDL Mode, any writing or command does not exist, there is only a black LCD panel display as if the smartphone is off.

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However, you don’t have to worry because getting out of EDL Mode on Android is very easy for you to do.

The way is to simply press the Power Button for approximately 30 seconds, then your Android smartphone will perform Force Shutdown automatically.

After that, your Android smartphone will go into Normal Mode again, even if your Android smartphone is not in trouble like Bootloop or hard brick before.

Thus, you should already know exactly what EDL Mode means, what type of Android smartphone can use this EDL Mode, and most importantly you already understand how to get in and out of that Mode.

I think this kind of knowledge and science is very necessary for you to know and learn, because if you know that there is a better solution than Fastboot, then fixing an Android Smartphone that is already hard brick is not a difficult thing anymore, especially if the condition is hindered by the status of the Bootloader that is still locked.

By doing EDL, your problem will be resolved very easily and quickly, just because this method is vulnerable and prior.

It is certain that the workmanship must be careful, because if you do the EDL Mode android method the wrong way then surely your smartphone will suffer more damage.

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