Web Hosting : Understanding And 5 Steps Of Selection


5 Guidelines For Choosing The Right Web Hosting Serivces

How many of you just know the term web hosting or don’t even know it at all. Through this article, Mobilintec Team explains what a web hosting service is.

Hosting is a place to store your usual data on your computer. Hosting has a physical form called a server, the server works like a regular computer and has several parts such as hard disks, RAM, processors whose shape and size are adjusted to be stored on the server.

Web hosting servers should always be stored in data centers that certainly have electricity and backup electricity such as UPS. This hosting server is what website owners use to store their data.

Therefore it must be connected to a high-speed internet network so that it can be accessed simultaneously at any time and by anyone from all over the world.

You can use the web hosting service to store data to create a website or for email purposes. The necessary hosting for the Website is commonly referred to as website hosting. The server is equipped with an operating system and also its purpose to be able to run the website and can continue to operate without exception.

Here are 4 types of web hosting and their understanding

4 types of web hosting

1. Shared hosting

Where a person’s website is placed on the same server as many other websites the number of sites could be tens of hundreds or even thousands.

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Usually, all existing domains can share resources in general such as hard disk ram and processors. Because of its relatively cheap cost, most websites with less heavy traffic levels choose to run standard software obtained by this type of server processer. Shared hosting is also widely known as a cheap hosting option that is classified as entry-level because it is quite operated with minimalist technical knowledge.

2. Virtual private server hosting

This type of hosting is often also called VPS (virtual private server hosting) these various servers with several other users. Its users are allowed to have root access to their own virtual space.

3. Dedicated server hosting

Dedicated server hosting offers maximum control over web host servers stored on the user’s website. This type of hosting exclusively rents out all existing servers to be the only site stored on 1 server only.

4. Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting has unlimited capabilities in handling high website traffic or making traffic that can adversely impact website pages resulting in blog or website loading for a long time.

How does it work? Servers work together to generate groups of existing websites, allowing multiple computers to work together to handle high levels of traffic on websites visited. This technology is arguably the best for web hosting. The advantage of using cloud hosting is that users can access it anytime and anywhere cloud hosting servers will not be down.

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This is because if one of the virtual servers is off then the users can still access a website through another virtual path because the stored data is secured with the encryption system.

In the article above we have discussed the understanding of hosting as well as the types of Webhosting, here Mobilintec Team will share tips and tricks in choosing the hosting that suits you.

The right tips for choosing a web hosting service

1. Be selective in choosing a hosting

Look for hosting services that provide good server reliability with a stable network. Choose cloud hosting that uses SSD storage technology.

Because Cloud hosting that uses SSD storage technology has much faster performance compared to hosting that still uses SSD or Hard disk storage.

2. Choose the hosting with the best security features

Choose a web hosting or cloud hosting that can protect our personal data. Reliable features in cloud hosting such as security features such as immunity 360 and Acronis cloud backup that will secure your website or data from irresponsible party attacks.

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3. Hosting with the best customer support

Choose a web hosting service that has helpful customer service. Don’t let because the price of hosting is cheap but the service of customer service is not satisfactory.

Of course, you don’t want any problems or down servers on your website. Therefore still choose web hosting that has good customer service and quickly respond to problems that occur on the website you have.

4. Choose a certified Cloud hosting 

Looking at a track record of a web hosting service company, it can be seen from the certificate it has. By having an international certification, it can be ensured that the services of the hosting have internationally recognized professional standards.

5. View user reputation and testimonials

You can see web hosting providers have a good or bad reputation in a variety of ways. For this you can see from other consumer testimonials if many testimonials show a positive response, then it does not do any wrong to try the web hosting service.

Such is the explanation and a brief understanding of hosting. For those of you who plan to create a website or blog and have purchased a domain then it is recommended to choose the right web hosting service.

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