Don’t Let Your Phone Die on You: How to Conquer Slow Charging and Quick Battery Drain!


Why Is My Phone Charging Slow And Dying Fast

Why is my phone charging slowly and dying fast – quite a lot of questions about the issue of the phone’s long process of charging its batteries while on a charge.

Sometimes this problem can arise suddenly when we need a mobile phone to do activities such as calling or doing important tasks.

Not a few smartphone users complain about this. Previously the condition of the phone was very normal when charging the battery.

But when charging a mobile phone instead takes a long time to hours, then the condition of the battery can be fully charged.

In different cases, there are also mobile phones that are charged with even less battery power. Surely this can make the users of smartphone devices bother.

To solve the problem of phones charging slowly and dying fast, it is necessary to analyze them with simple steps first.

You should not rush to bring your Android smartphone or iPhone to the phone repair service, it may be that the problem of slow battery charging on the smartphone is caused by trivial things.

So in this article Mobilintec Team will try to share ways and solutions to overcome phone charging slow and dying fast.

5 Ways to fix phone charging slow and dying fast and mobile phone in charge even reduced battery power 

To solve the problem of slow battery charging and a phone that turns off quickly, you can do a simple repair analysis first

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1. USB Cable Not Well Connected

USB Cable Not Well Connected causes phone charging slow and dying fast

This is one of the things that can make your phone charge slow and die fast when the USB cable is not installed correctly.

You can check the condition of the USB cable attached to the charger adapter first, then return to charge the phone and notice the change.

2. Bad Quality USB Cable

Quite a lot circulating in the market types of USB charger cables for use in the process of charging mobile phone batteries.

And sometimes there is a poor quality of the cable, where the copper wire inside the cable is quite small. This can cause the current of electrical power flowing to the mobile phone battery is not maximal.

The solution is you buy a USB charger cable of good quality or use the original charger cable according to the type and brand of smartphone phone used.

3. Problems With Charger Adapter

Problems With Charger Adapter causes phone charging slow and dying fast

Aside from the USB charger cable used, it turns out that the trigger of the phone charging slow problem can also be caused by the use of a charger adapter.

There could be damage to the electronic components in the charger adapter, making the electrical voltage leading to the phone unstable.

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To be sure, you can try replacing the charger adapter with good quality. Or you can borrow a mobile phone charger adapter belonging to a friend or family member.

Also, use a charger adapter with a size of 1 ampere or above 2 amperes, this can help faster battery charging of smartphone phones.

4. USB Port On Dirty Or Damaged Mobile Phone

Aside from external factors such as USB cables and charger adapters, it turns out that phone charging problems can also be caused by USB ports on mobile phones that have problems.

For example, a dirty USB port can cover the connecting pin between the USB cable to the USB charger port on the phone.

To overcome this, you can try to clean up the dirt attached to the USB port, by gently prying it using a needle or tweezers.

Or clean it using a used toothbrush or a small brush given a little alcohol liquid, to facilitate the removal of dirt attached to the charger port on the phone.

In addition, damage to the USB port on the phone can also cause your phone to charge slowly and die fast, or it can also be the phone in charge of even reduced battery power.

To repair this damage, of course, special skills and support tools are needed in the repair process.

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If you find it difficult in the process of repair a damaged USB port then it should be submitted to a trusted mobile phone repair service only.

5. Damage To Charging Line On Mainboard Or IC Charger

In addition to the above 4 things, damage to the component line and also the IC charger can cause phone charging slow problems there is also the term fake charging.

When you do charge your phone’s battery, but it does not go charged and full, the opposite is getting reduced and the phone becomes dead.

If it turns out that the source of mobile phone battery charging problems is caused by damage to internal components such as IC chargers, then it is best to immediately make repairs by bringing it to people who are experts in the field of mobile phone repair.

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Such is the review of why is my phone charging slowly and dying fast. Hopefully, this information can help you to solve the problem of the phone charging slowly and dying fast. If you have any questions about the problem of mobile phone damage please leave a comment in the column below. Thanks

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