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Wiping Data on Android: The Ultimate Guide for Samsung, OPPO, VIVO, LG

How to hard reset / wipe data on Android Samsung, OPPO, VIVO, LG and others
How To Hard Reset / Wipe Data Android Phone - Do you hard reset the Android mobile or wipe data? maybe you have done it when your Android device has slowed down in performance.
Actually, a lot of functions and uses when we do a hard reset or wipe data on an Android mobile device.

But quite a lot of people also do not understand and know how to do a hard reset or even wipe data on an Android device. Though quite a lot of benefits can be obtained when doing a hard reset or even wiping data.

The benefits of doing a hard reset or wiping data on an Android device

1. Overcome the notification, unfortunately, the application has stopped

Maybe you never get these notifications on your Android device, but by a hard reset or wipe data it can be overcome.

2. Overcome Android phones that die themselves

Just do a hard reset or wipe data, hopefully, the constraints of mobile phones that die themselves can return to normal.

3. Restore the best performance of an Android device

If you have an Android device that feels slow, just do a hard reset or just wipe the data.

4. Eliminate viruses or bugs from system errors

Android is infected with a virus, maybe it rarely happens. But some cases occur when an Android device is exposed to a virus such as always appearing annoying advertisements when we activate internet data on an Android device. To overcome this, just do a hard reset or just wipe the data.

5. Overcome internal memory storage always full

Internal storage is always full even though the data or files stored on the Android device is not much, but there is always a notification of full internal storage, then simply resolve it with a hard reset or wipe data.

How to do hard swipe or wipe data on each brand of Android devices

1. Android Samsung Galaxy 

Make sure the battery is above 50% and turn off the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, then press the volume up button, and the home button, and power together, After entering the factory reset menu just select the factory reset/wipe data according to instructions on the Samsung Galaxy device, after the system reboots.

2. Android OPPO 

Turn off the Android OPPO device and then press the volume down button and the power button together until it enters the recovery menu on the Android OPPO, then twist the wipe data and cache. When finished, select reboot according to the instructions. OPPO android will return to normal and be used again.

3. Android VIVO 

Do a hard reset with battery conditions above 70%, then turn off the Android device. Press the volume down and the power button together, wait for the Android logo to appear on the Android VIVO device, and then release all the buttons that were pressed earlier. The recovery mode menu will appear then select wipe data/factory reset after finishing rebooting the Android VIVO system and back to normal.

4. Android LG 

In the first step press the Power button + Volume Down button and the position of the mobile phone dies, wait until the LG logo appears on the screen of your Android device. Then just release the Power button. The Factory Data Reset menu will appear on the LG Android phone.

Select Yes by using the volume down button to navigate and press the Power button to confirm the menu. Later it will be taken to the Erase All User Data menu and Restore Default Settings on LG Android devices. Select Yes by using the volume up or down navigation button and the menu confirmation button with the Power button. Then the reset process will take place and when it's finished, your LG Android is back to normal.

Note: Sometimes there are a few different types of mobile phones that do hard reset or wipe data, but in general the combinations listed above are often done to do hard reset or wipe data.
Enough information and tips that the Mobilintec Team can do about how to hard reset or wipe data on an Android mobile phone.