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Thermal Paste Type To The CPU Console Game PlayStation

Thermal paste type in applies to the CPU console game PlayStation - For fans of games by using consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, and PC computer, certainly already understand and know the name thermal paste, thermal pasta is a Hot-distributor media from the CPU, GPU or RSX in a console game such as PlayStation and Xbox.

Without getting any thermal paste heat from the CPU to the Heatsink, it will be a game console device or computer that will be shut down instantaneously leaving overheating on the CPU or RSX.

Nowadays, many thermal pasta products are sold in various stores and online. 
Because very many brands and alterations make us worry about sorting thermal paste that fit to be applied in the CPU as well as RSX on the game Consol feature PlayStation that we have.

Up to this opportunity Mobilintec Team is about to Discuss some suggestions of the appropriate thermal paste type in apply to the CPU console game PlayStation and Xbox


Arctic Silver 5 AS5-3.5G Thermal Compound
The Arctic Silver 5 is arguably the best thermal paste that fits the CPU and RSX on the game's console feature. This thermal compound is 99, 9% micronized silver which is not conducive sort of a majority of silver compounds. The use of the thermal paste is ensured not to harm the circuit state on the board game PCB Console


Noctua NT-H1
Thermal paste from Noctua is known for its quality. They use a unique mixture of microparticles – different microparticles in the filler.

The subject is attempted to share some possible best heat sinking.

The advantages of Noctua NT-H1 are good performance and durability.


IC Diamond "7 Carat"
IC or Innovation Cooling Diamond "7 Carat" is the best thermal paste that can work efficiently.

However, it is not mentioned what the raw material of this thermal paste filler is. Of course, there is a diamond powder that is counted as a large quality conductor.

The advantages of this thermal paste are that it has a 4, 5W/M-K thermal conductivity value, has a heat resistance of 25oC-cm2 per W, has a unique diamond filler, is durable, and is also efficient. The drawback itself is mentioned if IC Diamond 7 Carat has toxin and certainly wants to be difficult to make eliminate.


Thermaltake TG-7 Extreme Performance
This is one of the best thermal paste products from Thermaltake for your computer. The diamond powder in the filler shares a significant increase in its conductivity compared to other Thermaltake products. 

TG-7 Extreme Performance is a long-term thermal paste that can optimize the contact and minimize the gaps in the eve.


Wigbow Ice Mountain Number 1
This Thermal paste is one of the best heatsink solutions for the game's CPU console and PC. With an affordable price, you can find quality products with good performance for use on CPU, GPU as well as RSX.

What is the 5 best thermal paste that you can apply to the CPU of your game console device?

With a good CPU state that will protect the performance of game consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.

You can select one of the products from the 5 lists already shared.