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6 Main Reasons Never Buy iPhone Insurance

6 Main Reasons Never Buy iPhone Insurance
iPhone Insurance - Buying an iPhone smartphone will certainly cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars for a mobile device as well as a service fee each month. With that kind of money, it would be nice to buy an insurance service for your iPhone. 

Because indeed insurance can protect a mobile phone device from bad things like damage, theft, accidents, and just spend a few dollars for each month and not a big cost.

When you share information and plans from insurance do you really offer the right protection against the iPhone you have?

Below are 6 reasons not to use iPhone insurance. But it still returns to you to choose insurance services for iPhone Smartphones 

Monthly Add Up Fee
Buying iPhone insurance means you'll pay a monthly premium, as well as car and property insurance. And sometimes you don't pay attention to the details of the cost of insurance each month. The obscurity of the monthly fee can save you money for free. Then you should pay attention to the monthly premium bill for your iPhone insurance.

You Keep Paying for Repairs
The same as other types of insurance, when you make a claim, you also pay a deductible to get a repair or a replacement phone, or if the money is to be deducted from the cash settlement paid by the insurance company. Deductibles run between $25 as well as $300 per claim. 

This coverage can be a good convention when your phone is completely destroyed and you're required to buy a new one at full price, but if you just need a fix, the deduction you pay could be a significant percentage of the repair pay.

Replacement Phones Are thrift
Of all the "gotchas" hidden in many iPhone insurance policies, this is one of the worst. Let's say you have an incident and need a new phone. And you've paid a monthly premium and also you've paid the shortfall. But what you get is not a phone that's in a new state.
In fact, when an insurance company replaces your damaged phone with a phone that works properly. 

But in fact, insurance companies often provide a used phone or reconditioned results. Of course, with hundreds of dollars in premiums and also deductibles, it's like you're getting a phone with new conditions.

Poor Customer Service
Many customers are complaining about the insurance service for their iPhone. Often found employees with abusive behavior, missing documents, slow claims to get replacement phones, and the hassle of other things.

Limit on Number of Claims
Not everything applies to an insurer, and some insurers limit the number of claims during the policy period to between 1 and 2 years.
For example, some iPhone insurance policies limit you to making a claim no more than 2 times in 2 years. 

It could be that during that period bad luck happens to you back like damage to your stolen phone or mobile phone. But you have to keep paying premiums without getting anything.

No Technical Support
Indeed, insurance companies will cover losses, thefts, damages, and other bad things. But brands can't help if there's a problem with the software on your iPhone.
If you have any problems with the software and also have questions about how to use your iPhone. Then you have to find your own answer or go somewhere else.
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The best option to insure your iPhone smartphone

Your iPhone Insurance on AppleCare

Even with so many reasons to avoid iPhone insurance, you're not entirely alone in a world that's often dangerous to phones. Instead, you should seek help from the same place where you bought your Apple phone.

Apple's extended warranty program, AppleCare, is a great choice for people who want continuous coverage for their phones.

AppleCare has many insurance features— there's an upfront cost that's about the same as the cheapest insurance plan and then the cost per repair, as well as a limit of two fixes in two years — but it offers some benefits.

First, cracked screen replacements cost less than with most insurance plans. Second, AppleCare also includes direct phone and technology support. While AppleCare doesn't cover theft, it gives you direct access to support from experts at Apple.