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Travel Insurance Policy With Reimbursement System

Travel Insurance Policy With Reimbursement System
In the previous article, we've talked about travel insurance with a cashless system. Now we'll talk about the reimbursement system on travel insurance. The process of disbursing claims with a reimbursement system is quite complicated and convoluted when compared to a cashless system.

In the reimbursement system, you have to pay medical costs using personal money first. After that, the policyholder has the right to claim reimbursement of medical expenses that have been incurred before. But the reimbursement system also has its policies.

Here are some reimbursement system policies on travel insurance

1. Payment methods

Payment fees on the reimbursed system are recommended using cash, debit card, or credit card. To pay the medical costs of these three options is recommended by using cash or debit. Why? Because this procedure is easier and faster. While using a credit card will take time and convoluted process. And it can be detrimental because the payment will be adjusted to the currency exchange rate, it can cost the payment to be more expensive than it should be.

That's why you have to set up a large enough fund with the currency of the country you're visiting.

2.Include proof of payment letter

Using a specific reimbursement system only you must include proof of payment of the medical costs incurred. Abroad if you don't include proof of payment then the processor of travel insurance claims with the reimbursed system will be much more difficult. But if an overseas hospital does not provide payment receipts, you can make your own receipt containing detailed medical expenses including the payment method, the total pay, time, and date must also be listed.

3. Set up more money if you use travel insurance

Using the reimbursed system then the insurance claim is not paid upfront unless after your medical treatment process is complete. The policyholder can make a claim to the insurer concerned. So you have to prepare more money that may be large enough just in case something less than happy happens when you're on vacation abroad.

The amount of money you have to bring can be adjusted to the country you are going to visit. To change the currency better before you go on holiday abroad. Because if you just exchange money abroad then it will certainly become more expensive and detrimental for you.

After learning about the policy of this travel insurance system. Surely now you can find out which system works best for you. Travel insurance both with a cashless system and also reimbursement system has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Choose the type of insurance that suits your needs. Surely having travel insurance will certainly make you happier, safe, and protected when you go on a trip abroad.