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Google Play Music Services Changed To Youtube Music

Google Play Music Services Changed To Youtube Music

Google play music services stop - For android users who faithfully download all apps through the Google play store will certainly find different display changes in the last few weeks. This is because Google made massive changes and updates to the google play store display page, and is quite noticeable for android smartphone users.

Indeed, in the past changes in the Google play store have been informed by Google in the past month, which in that discussion will stop google play music services. Because by redesigning the Google play store then they will focus more on Youtube Music service.

For the "browse music" feature in the Google play store app has been removed and along with the Google Music service, they have stopped.

Surely for users can no longer buy music that they like through Google play music service. Users will then be directed to the Youtube music service and any music libraries they have purchased on Google play music are advised to move to the Youtube music service.

When trying to access Google play music, a "Music store is no longer available on Google Play" error message will appear. To continue listening to Play Music content, move your library to Youtube Music in You can also download your data through Google Takeout or delete the data through your Play Music account settings."

Google has officially suspended its Google play music service in September and all access will be permanently closed until the end of December 2020. To keep your music play data from being lost, Google recommends moving all your data to your official Youtube music account.

About the termination of google music service was informed a month ago and there are 3 messages that have been given to loyal users of Google play music.

The first Message, Youtube music service will replace the role of the Google play music app in December 2020. For users, it is recommended to move all data to the youtube music service.

The second Message, All users will not be able to access Google play music services gradually until the next few months. And Google will also make a lot of changes to the look of google play store pages.

In the third Message, Google will also guarantee that it will not delete data purchased by users while still using Google play music services. In order for users to still enjoy their data, it is necessary to transfer data to the youtube music service.